Floworks - Close more deals with CRM on Slack

Floworks: Close More Deals with CRM on Slack

Sales teams are always looking for ways to streamline their workflow, save time, and close more deals. However, managing CRM updates, follow-ups, and administrative tasks can take up to 20% of a salesperson's time. This is where Floworks comes in - a startup that helps sales teams close more deals and stay on top of leads by bringing their CRMs over Slack.

In this article, we will explore what Floworks is, who the founders are, the problem they solve, and the benefits for sales teams and salespersons.

What is Floworks?

Floworks is a startup founded in 2022 by Sudipta Biswas and Sarthak Shrivastava. The team size is currently three, and they are located in San Francisco. Floworks helps sales teams close more deals and stay on top of leads by letting reps send CRM updates, schedule follow-ups, send emails, get reports, and more - all from Slack. With Floworks, sales teams can set up customized flows that notify about critical tasks like customer follow-ups, stuck deals, escalations, etc. It integrates with existing CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive with your Slack workspace, bringing your entire CRM on top of Slack.

Who are the Founders?

Sudipta Biswas and Sarthak Shrivastava are the co-founders of Floworks. Sudipta is a startup junkie who loves to build things. He is passionate about physics and technology and previously built an AI referee, holds a patent and journal publication. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kgp) and started his career at Goldman Sachs as a Quantitative Strat. His first startup was Engphile Labs, where he utilized AI to solve umpiring errors in live sports. He has also built multiple tax filing products for India's businesses at Cleartax. Sarthak is an entrepreneur and problem solver with experience in the e-commerce, logistics, and financial services industries of India, Singapore, and Philippines markets. He has built and scaled multiple business verticals in now unicorn startups in India with annual revenues of over US$30M.

What is the Problem Floworks Solves?

Sales teams spend a lot of time doing CRM updates, follow-ups, and administrative tasks. This time could have been spent doing actual sales. Even after investing such time and effort in CRM, many crucial follow-ups may have been missed, valuable contacts never converted into opportunities, and lucrative deals slipped through the cracks because of neglected logs and updates. Floworks helps solve these problems by integrating existing CRMs with Slack.

Who is Floworks for?

Floworks is for every B2B company starting with a two-person sales team (like founder-led sales) to 100 and beyond. It is suitable for any sales team that wants to streamline its workflow, save time, and close more deals.

What are the Benefits for Salespersons?

Salespersons are the lifeblood of any business. They are responsible for generating revenue and bringing in new clients. However, their time is often consumed by administrative tasks, such as updating CRMs, logging meeting notes, and following up with leads. Floworks helps salespersons save time and streamline their workflow by allowing them to perform all these tasks directly from Slack.

With Floworks, salespersons can easily add contacts, accounts, and deals without the need to navigate through multiple applications. They can quickly search and update deal status and information, log meeting notes, seek approval, or escalate issues. By giving natural language commands directly from Slack, salespersons can save 45 minutes to 1 hour every day, previously spent on manual CRM updates.

Another benefit of using Floworks is that there are no more delays related to HubSpot or Salesforce updates. Salespersons no longer need to wait for their managers to follow up and ensure that CRMs are updated. With Floworks, they have all the necessary tools and resources at their fingertips, allowing them to focus on what really matters - closing deals.

Customer Success Stories

Floworks has been receiving positive feedback from their customers. Many have reported that they are closing 15-25% more deals every month since using Floworks. Here are some of the favorite features of their customers:

Getting set up in minutes with pre-built automations off the block: Floworks makes it easy for sales teams to get started by offering pre-built automations that can be customized based on their needs. This saves teams a lot of time and hassle, allowing them to focus on what they do best - selling.

Getting reminded of pending tasks every morning for each deal: Sales teams can get automated reminders about pending tasks, ensuring that no important follow-ups are missed. This helps teams stay on top of their leads, ensuring that they never miss out on a valuable opportunity.

Getting reminded of stuck deals in custom Slack channels: Floworks can be customized to send alerts about stuck deals to specific Slack channels. This allows teams to quickly identify and address any issues that may be preventing deals from closing.

Adding contacts and accounts into CRM on the go - directly from Slack: Salespersons can quickly add contacts and accounts into the CRM while on the go. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving valuable time and effort.


Floworks is an innovative CRM tool that enables sales teams to work more efficiently and effectively by bringing their entire CRM on top of Slack. By automating tedious tasks and providing natural language commands, Floworks allows salespersons to save time and focus on what really matters - closing deals.

With its customizable flows, automated reminders, and bi-directional Slack alerts, Floworks ensures that sales teams never miss an important follow-up or a valuable opportunity. Its pre-built automations make it easy for teams to get started quickly, and its user-friendly interface ensures that everyone can use it with ease.

Floworks is suitable for any B2B company with a sales team of two or more people. It is an ideal solution for founder-led sales teams and for companies that want to streamline their sales process and increase revenue. If you're looking for a CRM tool that can help your sales team close more deals and stay on top of leads, Floworks is definitely worth a try.