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Hire PHP Developers in Raleigh, NC

Hire the Best PHP Developers in Raleigh, NC


If you're looking for the best PHP developers in Raleigh, NC, we can help. We have worked with many companies in the area and know that hiring the right team is one of the most important decisions you'll make. So if you want to build an app or improve your current website, contact us today!

Why Hire PHP Developers in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina is a great place to live and work. The city has a low cost of living, it's growing quickly as a tech hub, and many talented developers have made the city their home.

The city was recently ranked as one of the best cities for jobs in 2019 by Forbes magazine. Raleigh boasts an excellent quality of life with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking or paddling around Lake Wheeler Park. It also has some excellent dining options including local faves like Chef & the Farmer (the restaurant serves seasonal dishes from local farmers) or The Pit Authentic Barbecue (try the brisket!).

How to Hire PHP Developers in Raleigh, NC

As a business owner, you know that hiring the best PHP developer in Raleigh, NC is imperative to your company’s success. Hiring a PHP developer who doesn’t have the skills necessary to build your website could mean that it takes longer than expected, which costs you time and money.

The good news is there are plenty of companies out there offering services to help businesses find the right person for each job. One such company is Hiretop, and it offers a free service for employers looking for qualified candidates for their open positions.

If you want to hire the best developers in Raleigh, NC, then PHP is a language worth considering. It's particularly popular with web developers because of its ease of use and wide range of features.

If you're looking for top-tier PHP developers, we can help! Contact us today to get started on a project.

Need a talented PHP development team? Hiretop can help.

If you're looking to build a web or mobile application that includes PHP, Hiretop can help. Our team is comprised of some of the most talented data and technology professionals in Raleigh, NC.

As a leading software development company, we offer a full range of services for each stage of your project: design, development and testing. We also provide support services such as hosting and maintenance after the completion of your project so that you have one less thing on your plate!

One thing we pride ourselves on at Hiretop is having a talented team who have been working together for years. Our managers all come from an entrepreneurial background with experience in human resources management so you can trust us to deliver results time after time!

What You Need to Know About PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. PHP code can be embedded into HTML source, or it can stand alone. PHP code is intended to be processed by a web server, which will output the resulting content to the browser as HTML.

PHP has been around since 1994 and is currently used on more than 240 million websites, making it one of the most popular languages in use today.

PHP Features

In this section, you'll learn about some of the main features of PHP.

  • PHP is a server-side scripting language that allows you to embed small snippets of code into HTML documents. These snippets allow you to capture information from users and perform calculations on it.
  • PHP is an open source language, meaning that anyone can view and contribute to the source code online. The most popular repository for viewing or contributing to PHP's source code resides on GitHub at https://github.com/php/.

Your Guide to Hiring Top PHP Developers in Raleigh, NC

As you're looking to hire top PHP developers in Raleigh, NC, there are a few things you should expect from them.

When hiring the best PHP developers, look for candidates who:

  • Have proven experience with web-based applications and systems. Ideally, they've built at least one large e-commerce site or application that has been successfully deployed in production.
  • Have experience with modern frameworks like Laravel or Symfony 4 (or similar). These frameworks make it easier for developers to create robust applications quickly and securely—and make it easy for clients to find talent with this skill set when it comes time for maintenance work down the road!

There are many reasons you should be hiring a locally based PHP developer for your project.

There are many reasons you should be hiring a locally based PHP developer for your project.

  • Local developers are more likely to understand the culture of your business and its needs, which is why they can do their best work developing solutions that will meet those needs. If they don’t know anything about your business or industry, they won’t be able to produce a solution that fits with your organization's culture.
  • They're also more likely to be able to collaborate effectively with existing team members because they'll understand how everyone works together and what their roles are in the company. This makes it easier for them to integrate themselves into their new environment with minimal disruption and get started working on projects right away—which means saving time and money on training expenses!

Hiring the best PHP developers will benefit your company in so many ways.

Hiring the best PHP developers is important to your business. A Raleigh, NC-based development team can help you build the best website or application for your needs and budget. There are many benefits to hiring locally, including:

  • You can meet with them face-to-face when needed
  • They will understand your industry better than someone outside of it
  • They will be able to recommend other local businesses who may be able to offer valuable services
  • If something goes wrong, you’re only a phone call away from getting it fixed


PHP is a robust programming language that has been around for over 20 years. It continues to be one of the most popular coding languages used today and is frequently used by large companies like Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. This means there are many talented PHP developers available in Raleigh, NC who can help you with your next project.