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How Mirio is Revolutionizing Sales Demos for API Companies

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are relying more on application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect their systems and create seamless user experiences. However, selling API products can be challenging, as decision-makers often struggle to visualize the impact of APIs on their business and product. This is where Mirio comes in – a sales enablement platform for API companies that empowers sales teams to create personalized demos in minutes, without needing help from engineering.

In this article, we’ll explore Mirio's unique approach to sales demos, and how it can help API companies scale their go-to-market efforts. We'll also dive into the company's background, including its founders, launch, and mission.

What is Mirio, and How Does it Work?

Mirio is a demo platform for sales teams at API companies. Instead of relying on engineers to build custom demos or screen-sharing documentation, sales teams can use Mirio's no-code platform to clone, deploy, and personalize demo apps in minutes. By connecting demo apps to Mirio, the platform helps set them up for customization, and from the Mirio dashboard, account executives and sales development representatives (SDRs) can easily clone and deploy demo apps in one click. They can then personalize branding, content, and more using Mirio's no-code editor.

These personalized demos can be used in live meetings, SDR outreach, website embeds, leave-behinds, and more. Sales teams can also track demo engagement from their dashboard, enabling them to better understand how prospects are interacting with their product.

Why Mirio?

Mirio's approach to sales demos was born out of a need identified by the company's founders, David Correa Orozco and Eric Li. As early employees of Bread Financial, the two saw firsthand the challenges of creating custom demos for the developer-facing product. Personalized, interactive demos had a significant impact on closing deals, but they were time-consuming and painful to create. The pair wanted to find a way to streamline the process, allowing sales teams to create personalized demos quickly and easily, without requiring help from engineering.

In addition to their experience at Bread, both David and Eric have built software, designed products, and led teams at companies like Google, Microsoft, Uber, and Vareto. Their diverse backgrounds have given them a unique perspective on the challenges faced by API companies, and how best to overcome them.

What Problems Does Mirio Solve?

Mirio solves a range of problems faced by API companies. In speaking with account executives and SDRs at API companies, David and Eric discovered that developers are generally okay with documentation, but decision-makers want to visualize the impact of APIs on their business and product. This creates a disconnect between the technical and non-technical teams, making it challenging to effectively communicate the value of APIs.

Sales teams also frequently struggle to convince engineers and designers to create custom demos, which are often time-consuming and expensive to produce. As a result, personalized demos are typically only created for top prospects, while most customers receive the same documentation and code, which often fails to land.

Mirio empowers sales teams to overcome these challenges by providing them with a no-code editor that allows them to create personalized demos in minutes. This reduces the time and resources needed to create demos, enabling sales teams to scale their efforts and better communicate the value of their product to prospects.

How Can Mirio Help API Companies Scale Their Sales Efforts?

Mirio can help API companies scale their sales efforts in several ways. Here are some of the key benefits of using Mirio for your API company:

Personalized Demos
One of the biggest challenges for API companies is creating personalized demos for their products. Sales teams often have to rely on engineers or designers to create custom demos, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. With Mirio, sales teams can create personalized demos in minutes using our no-code editor. This means that every customer can see a demo that is tailored to their specific needs and use cases.

Streamlined Onboarding
API companies often struggle with onboarding new customers. This is because APIs can be complex and difficult to understand, especially for non-technical users. Mirio can help streamline the onboarding process by providing personalized demos and training materials that are tailored to each customer's needs. This can help reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales Training
Sales teams at API companies often need training on how to sell complex technical products. Mirio can help provide sales training materials that are tailored to each salesperson's needs. This can help sales teams become more effective at selling API products and increase their confidence in the product.

Demo Analytics
Mirio provides demo analytics that can help sales teams understand how customers are engaging with their demos. This can help sales teams identify areas where they need to improve their demos and training materials. It can also help sales teams identify which customers are most engaged with their product and are more likely to convert to paying customers.

Faster Sales Cycles
By providing personalized demos and training materials, Mirio can help accelerate the sales cycle for API companies. This is because customers can see the value of the product more quickly and are more likely to make a purchase. This can help API companies close more deals and increase their revenue.


In conclusion, Mirio is a game-changing platform that can help API companies to scale their sales efforts and drive more revenue. By empowering sales teams to create personalized and interactive demo apps in minutes, without the need for engineering support, Mirio solves a critical problem that many API companies face. With Mirio, sales teams can showcase the value of their product to potential customers more effectively, which can lead to higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles.

Moreover, Mirio's suite of tools for go-to-market teams, including pre-sales content, sales training, and customer onboarding, can help API companies to streamline their sales process and improve their overall customer experience. This can result in increased customer retention rates and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The team behind Mirio comprises experienced professionals who have worked at some of the biggest tech companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google, Uber, and Vareto. This wealth of expertise enables them to deliver a high-quality product that meets the needs of API companies.

Overall, if you're looking to take your API company's sales efforts to the next level, Mirio is definitely worth exploring. With its user-friendly platform, customizable demo apps, and robust suite of sales enablement tools, Mirio can help you to drive more revenue, improve your sales process, and create a better customer experience.