Your Guide to Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

Your Guide to Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

Building a tech team is a complicated endeavor. In light of the fierce competition for tech talent, hiring a Ruby on Rails developer can be challenging. In this post, we analyze what a Ruby developer is in terms of roles and responsibilities, Ruby developers’ salaries, and common ways to hire Ruby on Rails developers.

Why should you hire Ruby on Rails developers for your project?

Hiring an expert Ruby on Rails developer has some clear benefits for your project. Let's review them.

  • Improved speed of development

Ruby is known as a formidable competitor to other programming languages in terms of speed, including Python and PHP. Ruby in Rails is a framework that focuses on the speed of development, so when you hire Ruby on Rails developers, you can expect that the time-to-code will be lower than with other technologies. Thus, with Ruby on Rails developers, you can get a solid app within tight time frames.

  • Scalability  

Growing projects tend to crave scalability. So, if you have plans to expand to new markets, you need to scale up effectively. Failure to do so on time may lead to losing clients, as your app won't be able to handle increasing requests. In fact, many Ruby on Rails developers appreciate this technology for the scalability it provides.

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  • Adaptability

Ruby on Rails developers rely on a vast network of experts that strengthens and evolves the technology on a regular basis. The community has developed a huge number of libraries (also known as Gems) and tools to create a modern, robust solution with rich functionality.

  • Security

Every business nowadays should prioritize security. Not only do your customers count on a high-quality service but also want their data to be protected. With that in mind, you need to select a secure technology, and luckily Ruby on Rails is one of the most secure frameworks out there. It enables Ruby on Rails developers to ensure the highest levels of security using default tools, without adding extra layers of data protection.

What is a Ruby developer: Key roles

A Ruby on Rails developer is an expert in Ruby, a programming language used to create web applications. In this part of our guide, we will go over the roles to which Ruby on Rails developers may contribute.

Ruby developers typically have multiple responsibilities. A junior Ruby on Rails developer should have a working knowledge of databases and tools applied within the framework. Besides, teamwork should be a well-developed muscle with every Ruby on Rails developer. Below, we review the key roles you may need to cover when you hire a Ruby on Rails developer.

Actual Ruby on Rails developers. Ruby developers are engaged in the entire SDLC, writing code and creating software using Ruby and its frameworks.

Quality Assurance specialists. QA is an essential step of the SDLC. As such, when you hire a Ruby on Rails developer, it's best to ensure they have experience with tools and environments of automated testing, as well as being able to apply commonly used modular testing environments.

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UX/UI. When you hire a Ruby on Rails web developer, design experience should be a part of their portfolio. This skill lets them have a say in designing an interface and ensuring it’s at its best. Thus, Ruby on Rails developers’ involvement in the design process is beneficial for the quality of the end product.

A Ruby developer: Responsibilities

Despite Ruby on Rails being an in-demand skill nowadays, there's a lot of dispute around responsibilities for someone working with this framework. When you hire a Ruby on Rails developer, you should define their area of responsibility before interviewing candidates.

  • Writing code. When you hire a Ruby on Rails web developer, their key responsibility will be to create web applications within the Ruby on Rails environment. They will write code for both the server and client sides as well as deal with database management.
  • Application of Object-Oriented Programming. Ruby on Rails developers should have a solid knowledge of the Object-Oriented Programming approach, which is essential for creating a modern product.
  • Security. Ruby on Rails developers should handle the matter of data protection and need to comply with existing regulations when it comes to the confidentiality of personal data.
  • Teamwork. Ruby on Rails developers should work jointly with other team members across organizations to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.
  • Testing. A Ruby on Rails developer is a part of the Quality Assurance process, which assumes finding and fixing bugs and straightening up imperfections.
  • Tech documentation. Ruby on Rails developers should be able to write clear tech specifications, describing how elements of the web applications work.

What is a Ruby developer's salary?

Ruby isn't a mainstream programming language, which causes a smaller pool of talent as compared to more popular languages. The scarcity of talent tends to increase the price tag, which is why Ruby is one of the most expensive skills.

A popular question is what is a Ruby developer's salary in the USA? If you plan to hire Ruby on Rails developers in the States, the price is going to be higher than in other parts of the world. According to, the average salary of a Ruby on Rails developer is $125,122 per year. Translated into an hourly rate, it makes $60.15 per hour. A junior Ruby on Rails developer earns $104,904 per year as per the same source. More senior Ruby on Rails developers can charge from $75 to $250 per hour for their service. Moreover, if you go with an in-house team in the USA, you should know that it's not down to salary. Additional expenses can be higher due to other aspects associated with in-house teams: infrastructure, supporting staff, overhead, and administration.

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Here is a rundown of Ruby on Rails developers’ salaries in other parts of the world so you can compare:

the United States

$60 per hour

the United Kingdom

$70 per hour


$65 per hour

Eastern Europe

$38 per hour

Hiring a dedicated Ruby on Rails developer through HireTop is a great way to keep the expenses at bay. We source talent from Eastern Europe where the average salary for a Ruby on Rails developer is lower than in the US, the UK, and Western Europe.

How to find a Ruby on Rails developer for hire?

If you aim to hire a Ruby on Rails developer, you can pick among 3 options, including an in-house team, remote developers, or a dedicated team through a vendor. Below we will review all of these ways to find a Ruby on Rails developer for hire, their benefits, and downsides, so you can make an informed decision.

An in-house team

Adding local Ruby on Rails developers for hire is the most costly option. However, it lets you build a team you will see face-to-face on a daily basis. The major downside of this approach is that the salaries of local Ruby on Rails developers tend to be high. Also, there are added expenses associated with in-house employees, including employee bonuses, HR, recruitment, and more. Also, due to the scarcity of Ruby on Rails experts, it may take some time to find Ruby on Rails developers for hire locally.

Remote developers

This approach to hiring Ruby on Rails developers helps companies reduce the cost of building in-house teams. Remote developers typically work in low-cost corners of the world. For example, Eastern Europe is known as a skilled hub to hire technologists. With this approach, you should consider the time difference and management aspects of working with remote developers. If you're located in Western Europe, Eastern Europe is a perfect nearshore location to build your remote team. For US-based companies, it's possible to set up the process effectively within an offshore squad to work during a convenient time.  

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Hire a dedicated Ruby on Rails developer with HireTop

A dedicated model is the best approach to integrating remote teams into your operations. It allows you to source skilled Ruby on Rails developers for hire and effectively merge remote teams and local teams. We at HireTop provide Ruby developers in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries on a dedicated model. The developers you hire through us will work for you as if they were part of your local team: 5 days per week, 8 hours per day, staying dedicated to your project. By hiring dedicated Ruby on Rails developers with us, you will run the team as you see fit while we handle candidate sourcing for you. If you want to know more about Ruby developers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, don’t hesitate to send us a message.