Hiring a Node.js Developer

Hiring a Node.js Developer: A Complete Guide to Rates, CVs, and Lifehacks

The popularity of Node.js has been growing ever since it saw the light of day back in 2009. Today, this technology comes 6th in the category of most popular technologies among software developers, according to StackOverflow's report. Although Node.js is appreciated by many, hiring a Node.js developer for your business can be problematic. As a company that specializes in Node.js staffing, we've compiled this guide to give you an idea about the key things you should know when adding this kind of talent to your team, including common Node.js salaries, resumes, and useful tips.

Why hire a Node.js developer for your business?

Businesses tend to hire Node.js talent for many reasons. It's no wonder - according to the report from Node.js.org, this technology has had a significant impact on businesses. So, here're the key reasons why businesses choose to hire Node experts:

  • Companies using Node.js reported increased developer productivity by 68%;
  • Some businesses were able to lower their software development budget by 56% due to hiring Node talent.
  • With Node.js, companies have seen a rise in customer satisfaction by 13%

Thus, you can see that hiring a Node.js developer can make a difference for a business. Below are more reasons why you should consider this strategy as well.

Simplicity. By hiring Node talent, you can go from an idea to a ready product quickly. If you already have experts in JavaScript, chances are high that they will get a firm grasp on Node.js speedily and start working on your application soon, as this technology has no steep learning curve. This works well if you have an in-house development team. If you have no such unit, you may want to hire Node experts remotely using a provider, for example, HireTop.

Shorter time-to-market. As we've mentioned before, Node.js can be a valuable tool for startup founders looking to save time. It may be critical for you to develop the first versions of your application fast, then put it to the test and improve it. By hiring Node talent, you can count on the shorter cycle of development as Node.js allows you to synchronize the development of the front-end and back-end, freeing up ample time for other business aspects, for example, app promotion.

Cost-efficiency. Such benefits as simplicity and reduced development time let you cut back significantly on application development expenses. Instead of hiring a team with frontend and backend skills, you can hire Node specialists with unified expertise and deep knowledge of the technology to take care of all these aspects.

A high level of scalability. Scalability is the centerpiece of Node.js development. If you hire Node experts, you can count on the quick delivery of a lightweight and nimble application with endless opportunities for scaling in the future. Liftweightness also guarantees shorter delivery times. Moreover, Node.js is an excellent choice for microservice architecture, so your app will be easily integrated with newly added modules which you can scale separately, without affecting other modules.

Given the long list of benefits you can get when you hire Node talent, it's easy to believe that some of the biggest companies are proponents of this technology, including Netflix, Paypal, LinkedIn, Trello, Uber, and Twitter.

Hire Node.js developers: Salaries

Another important aspect businesses are looking to find out before hiring Node.js developers concerns a Node.js salary. To answer this question, we should consider such perspectives as the location of a Node.js developer, their experience, the technologies they use, and their seniority level. Let's approach the question of Node developer salary based on several aspects.

A Node developer salary: Based on location

When defining your software development budget, you should take into account where you are planning to hire a Node js developer. Given that the cost of living is different in different corners of the world, the average Nodejs salary varies. For example, a Node js developer's salary in the USA is $120,000 per year on average, according to a popular job search platform Talent.com. Below, we will go over Node.js developer salaries in different countries to give you some perspective.


Node.js average salary per year

The United States


The United Kingdom










Sources: talent.com, glassdoor.com

Please note that the numbers are approximate and have been submitted by the users of respective platforms and may not include taxes and other fees. Besides that, there are other factors that may influence a Node.js developer salary. You may want to add Node.js developers with experience in other popular JavaScript technologies, for example, hire Next.js developers (a React-based framework used for app development) or hire Nest.js developers (a framework used in server-side Node.js development). The rates for specialists of this kind can be higher.

When looking at Node.js developer salaries, we can see that specialists tend to charge more in the USA and the EU. But if you tap into such pools of tech talent as Ukraine, you can cut the price tag by up to 50% and still hire a Node js developer with confident English and solid experience working in global companies. So this can be a winning strategy if you aim to reduce your budget. HireTop can help you with that.

Node.js average salary: Based on CVs  

As we've mentioned before, the key factors affecting the Node js developer salary are their location and experience in Node.js development. But reviewing the CVs of developers, you may notice that some Node.js developers tend to charge more than others. So, here's a rundown of indicators of more expensive, seasoned Node.js engineers:

  • Years of Node.js experience and expertise in supporting development tools and frameworks;
  • A firm grasp on frontend and full-stack programming;
  • Proficiency in complex API communications and integrations;
  • Comprehension of authorization processes;
  • Ability to manage software scaling;
  • Proven experience in working in an Agile environment;
  • Team or project management experience.

Thus, we can say that a Node.js developer salary depends on many factors, but if you're looking to save when adding this kind of specialist to your team, HireTop knows how you can do it.

To give you an idea of the kind of Node.js engineers we can help you add to your team, here're a few CVs you can download.

Paul: A senior-level software engineer with vast experience in Node.js

Mykola: A senior-level software engineer with Blockchain expertise

Hire a Node developer with a lifehack from HireTop

When looking for a Node js developer for hire, we recommend partnering with companies like HireTop. Not only can we provide you with pre-screened top tech talent from Ukraine and Eastern Europe but can also match you with Node.js engineers at a much lower cost than in the USA or the EU. We have access to a pool of skilled Node.js development talent well-versed in the needed technologies to meet your goals.

We help businesses access Node js developers for hire on a dedicated remote model, which lets you save on team administration, employee bonuses, overhead, and other in-house-related expenses while still having a motivated tech team dedicated to your goals.

Here's how we can help you find Node js developers for hire and add them to your team:

  • We discuss your project needs with you and dive into the Ukrainian pool of tech talent to find the best Node js developers for hire.
  • We have a strict internal interviewing process so you can work with the best talent, including English screening, tech skills, and company culture tests.
  • We shortlist candidates that suit you in the best way possible and pass them on to you for a round of interviews.
  • If you decide to hire a Node.js developer we provided, we make an official offer and add them to your team on a remote dedicated basis.
  • The Node.js programmer(s) joins your unit on a full-time basis and stays dedicated to your project throughout the product lifecycle.
  • You will have direct access to the engineers we provide and manage them as you see fit.
  • We help with integrating your hired Node.js developer into your team. We arrange their workspace, onboard them, facilitate communication processes, and take care of their comfort.

HireTop ensures you find a Node.js developer for hire quickly and launch your cooperation easily. With us, you can cross out the recruitment process from your agenda and access skilled Node.js development experts. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We may be ready to send you some CVs today.