Advent - Video games that never end

Unleashing Creativity: The Advent of UGC-First Games

Can players be more than just participants in a game? Can they be the creators, the architects of the virtual worlds they inhabit? Advent Studios, a San Francisco-based startup founded in 2023, is answering these questions with gusto. In a gaming landscape that's evolving rapidly, Advent is pioneering the next generation of User-Generated Content (UGC) games, blurring the lines between players and creators.

The Genesis: Empowering Players Through UGC Gaming

In the heart of San Francisco, a duo of passionate gamers and creators, Jarrett Perkins and Eric Wang, embarked on a journey to redefine the gaming experience. With a shared history dating back to middle school, these best friends brought a unique blend of skills and vision to the table. Jarrett, a seasoned software engineer, had made his mark at Asana before diving into the world of UGC games. Eric, on the other hand, had honed his expertise in game development and marketing during his tenure at Amazon Games, contributing to the launch of titles that left an indelible mark on the gaming industry.

Advent Studios was their brainchild, an incubator of ideas where gaming and creativity intertwine seamlessly. The core philosophy of Advent hinges on the belief that gamers are natural creators. With the power of generative AI, players could be elevated from mere participants to storytellers, world builders, and character sculptors.

Advent's Ambition – Forever Evolving Games

The gaming industry is colossal, with a market value of over $250 billion in 2022. However, the landscape has been dominated by cyclical releases of games that often lead to stagnation. Advent recognized this gap and saw an opportunity to leverage UGC to maintain thriving player bases over extended periods. The success of platforms like Roblox, where UGC thrives, serves as a testament to the demand for interactive creativity.

What if players could shape the games they adore? What if their imagination wasn't confined by the boundaries set by developers? Advent's answer to these questions is its innovative UGC-first approach. By blending AI with gamers' creative prowess, the studio aims to create games that evolve perpetually, where players contribute as much as they consume.

The Marriage of AI and UGC – Crafting Endless Adventures

Imagine a game where players aren't limited to predefined stories, characters, or worlds. Imagine a game that morphs and expands based on players' whims. Advent Studios is turning this vision into reality through its pioneering use of generative AI.

Advent's games are designed to empower players in multifaceted ways:

AI Narrative Storytelling: Crafting Stories Together
Storytelling is at the core of every great game. With Advent's AI-driven narrative tools, players can actively shape the storyline. Whether it's a fantastical journey or a sci-fi saga, players' choices and actions contribute to a living narrative that transcends the conventional boundaries of pre-scripted plots.

Generative Agent NPCs: Characters of Infinite Potential
Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) are the backbone of in-game worlds. Advent's generative AI enables players to create their own NPCs, each with distinct personalities, motives, and behaviors. These agents interact with players, adapt to their decisions, and ensure that every encounter is unique.

Customized, Generated Gaming Assets: Shaping the In-Game Universe
Creativity knows no bounds, especially when players can shape the very assets that populate their favorite games. Advent's AI tools allow players to design and generate gaming assets, from landscapes to objects, fostering a sense of ownership and creative expression.

AI-Enabled Game Mechanics: Transforming Gameplay Dynamics
Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all gameplay mechanics. With AI integration, Advent's games can adapt gameplay mechanics in response to players' preferences and strategies, offering tailored challenges and experiences.

User-Generated Worlds: Forging Boundless Realms
What's a game without its world? Through Advent's UGC approach, players transcend from being explorers to architects. They can design, modify, and expand the game world, creating landscapes that resonate with their imagination.

The Advent Team – Where Passion Meets Expertise

Behind every revolutionary idea lies a dedicated team of visionaries. Advent Studios is no exception. Jarrett Perkins and Eric Wang, the dynamic co-founders, bring their unique backgrounds and shared passion to the helm.

Jarrett Perkins, the CEO of Advent Studios, boasts a history in software engineering and innovation. His experience in refining search relevance and driving substantial revenue growth at Asana showcases his ability to bridge technology and business.

Eric Wang, the co-founder, adds his expertise in game development and marketing to the mix. His time at Amazon Games, contributing to the launch of New World and Lost Ark, serves as a testament to his prowess in navigating the intricate world of game design and market dynamics.

However, their journey began long before their professional careers. Meeting in middle school and bonding over their mutual love for gaming, Jarrett and Eric's friendship laid the foundation for Advent's harmonious collaboration.

The Inspiration – Minecraft's Unforgettable Magic

Gaming milestones often serve as catalysts for groundbreaking ideas. For Jarrett and Eric, the transformative experience of playing Minecraft was a defining moment. They immersed themselves in the limitless world of blocks, where creativity knew no boundaries. This experience left an indelible mark, planting the seed that would later blossom into Advent Studios.

Eric's tenure at Amazon Games revealed the industry's struggle to integrate robust UGC elements into games. This limitation was the spark that ignited the duo's mission – to usher in the era of UGC-first games, fueled by the liberating power of AI.

In the words of the co-founders: "Now that AI empowers every player to be a creator, we’re on a mission to build the next generation of UGC-first games so every gamer can feel how we felt the first time we played Minecraft."

Gaming's New Frontier – The Advent Promise

As the gaming industry evolves, Advent Studios stands at the forefront of innovation, poised to redefine how players experience games. With AI as their ally, players become authors, artists, and architects, crafting worlds and stories that are as diverse as their imagination.

Advent's journey is a testament to the power of friendship, the fusion of expertise, and the unrelenting pursuit of a creative vision. The games of tomorrow are no longer confined by the boundaries of today. With Advent, the adventure is boundless, the creativity endless, and the future of gaming brighter than ever.