Agentic Labs - AI system design tools for dev teams

AI-First Approach to Software Engineering: The Vision of Agentic Labs

What is Agentic Labs?

Agentic Labs is a promising start-up founded in 2023, situated in the bustling tech hub of New York City. With a small but dynamic team of two active founders, Maksim Ivanov and Robert McKnight, the company is on a mission to revolutionize the software design and architecture process for development teams. Under the guidance of Group Partner Tom Blomfield, Agentic Labs aims to bridge the gap between efficient code creation and meticulous system design through their innovative AI-driven tools.

Why was Agentic Labs Founded?

The inception of Agentic Labs stems from a critical pain point in software engineering: the arduous and manual process of designing systems that integrate code. While developers have access to a plethora of tools for generating code snippets instantly, the integration and system design aspects remain complex and time-consuming. Maksim Ivanov and Robert McKnight, with their extensive backgrounds in machine learning, self-driving technology, and consulting, recognized this gap and set out to address it.

Who are the Founders of Agentic Labs?

Maksim Ivanov and Robert McKnight are the driving forces behind Agentic Labs. Maksim, who has previously worked in hedge funds and conducted ML research, is passionate about building self-assembling software. Robert brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Tesla and John Deere, where he worked on self-driving technologies. Additionally, Robert's academic background includes degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, along with an MBA from Harvard Business School. Together, they bring a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to Agentic Labs.

What Problem is Agentic Labs Solving?

At the core of Agentic Labs' mission is the problem of balancing fast-paced development with the need for robust technical design. In many companies, especially start-ups, developers often face a dilemma: either spend significant time crafting a detailed design or quickly build and risk being overwhelmed by the complexity of unplanned code. This issue is exacerbated in environments where reliable and maintainable software is crucial, such as at Bridgewater or SpaceX, where both founders have professional experience.

The challenge lies in creating a good technical design that can make the implementation process ten times easier. However, this process is slow and manual, leading to a compromise between thorough design and rapid development. Agentic Labs aims to eliminate this compromise by providing tools that streamline the design process without sacrificing speed.

What is Glide?

Glide is the flagship product of Agentic Labs, an AI-first editor specifically designed for writing technical design documents. Glide integrates seamlessly with a developer's codebase, facilitating the triage, planning, and implementation of complex code changes. This innovative tool is set to transform how engineering teams approach technical design, making the process faster, more efficient, and less painful.

How Does Glide Work?

Glide operates through a series of intuitive steps designed to enhance the workflow of development teams:

  1. Get Started by Adding a Repo, Setting the Goal, and Attaching Code: Developers begin by integrating their repository with Glide, setting their project goals, and attaching relevant code snippets.
  2. Triage the Task in One Click: Glide jump-starts the thinking process by providing an initial triage of the task. Developers can refine and edit this triage directly within the tool.
  3. Triage to Plan: Based on the triage, Glide generates a step-by-step plan for the project, ensuring a clear and structured approach to the task at hand.
  4. Plan to Implement: Once the plan is finalized, Glide generates detailed code edits, facilitating the implementation phase.
  5. Send to VSCode to Complete the Change: Developers can then send the generated code edits to their preferred code editor, such as VSCode, to complete the implementation. Automatic pull requests (PRs) are also on the roadmap for future updates.

Throughout this process, developers have access to a fully-informed AI assistant, ready to provide insights and support at any stage.

What Makes Glide Unique?

Glide stands out in the crowded landscape of development tools for several reasons. First, its AI-first approach to technical design documentation is a game-changer, automating many of the labor-intensive aspects of system design. By connecting directly to the codebase, Glide ensures that design documents are always in sync with the actual code, reducing discrepancies and enhancing accuracy.

Moreover, Glide's ability to generate actionable plans from initial triage and then translate those plans into detailed code edits significantly shortens the development cycle. This not only saves time but also ensures that the codebase remains organized and maintainable.

Why is Agentic Labs Important for the Future of Software Development?

As software systems become increasingly complex, the need for efficient and reliable design tools becomes more critical. Agentic Labs addresses this need by providing solutions that streamline the design process, allowing developers to focus on innovation and problem-solving rather than getting bogged down by manual tasks.

The integration of AI into the design process represents a significant advancement, promising to enhance productivity and reduce the margin for error. By automating routine tasks and providing intelligent insights, Agentic Labs is poised to lead a transformation in how development teams approach system design.

How Does Agentic Labs Benefit Development Teams?

Development teams using Agentic Labs' tools, particularly Glide, can expect several key benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: By automating the design documentation process, Glide frees up valuable time for developers, allowing them to focus on coding and problem-solving.
  • Improved Accuracy: Glide ensures that design documents are always aligned with the codebase, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: With a fully-informed AI assistant available at all times, team members can easily collaborate and share insights, improving overall project coordination.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: By streamlining the design and implementation process, development teams can accelerate their project timelines, bringing products to market faster.

What is the Vision for Agentic Labs?

Looking ahead, Agentic Labs envisions a future where AI-driven tools are an integral part of the software development lifecycle. Their goal is to make system design and architecture more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for developers of all skill levels.

The company's commitment to innovation is evident in their roadmap, which includes features like automatic pull requests and further enhancements to the AI assistant. By continually refining their tools and expanding their capabilities, Agentic Labs aims to stay at the forefront of the software development industry.


Agentic Labs is on a mission to transform the way development teams approach system design and architecture. With their AI-first editor, Glide, they are addressing a critical pain point in the software engineering process, making it faster and more efficient to create robust technical designs. Led by experienced founders Maksim Ivanov and Robert McKnight, and supported by Group Partner Tom Blomfield, Agentic Labs is poised to make a significant impact in the tech industry. As they continue to innovate and expand their offerings, Agentic Labs is set to lead the way in AI-driven development tools, shaping the future of software engineering.