Alacrity - AI Based Account Takeover Prevention Platform

The Future of Fraud Prevention: Alacrity's AI-Driven Approach to Securing Online Accounts

What is Alacrity?

In the bustling tech hub of San Francisco, a new startup named Alacrity is making waves in the cybersecurity industry. Founded in 2024 by Omar Draz and Anderthan Hsieh, Alacrity is an AI-based platform designed to prevent account takeovers (ATOs). Despite the team size of just two active founders, the company's mission is ambitious: to create a safer internet by providing robust fraud prevention and identity tools. Their experience at DoorDash, where they tackled fraud on a massive scale, uniquely positions them to address this critical issue. Partnered with Pete Koomen, Alacrity is poised to revolutionize the way companies handle account security.

Why Are Account Takeovers Still a Problem?

In today's digital age, account takeovers remain a pervasive problem. Even with the widespread adoption of two-factor authentication (2FA) and numerous fraud prevention platforms, the issue persists. Alacrity's founders, who have extensive backgrounds in combating fraud at major companies, understand the complexity and persistence of this problem. In 2023, attacks facilitated by generative AI increased by a staggering 354%, underscoring the growing sophistication of cyber threats. Traditional methods like SMS 2FA are becoming increasingly ineffective, as they are vulnerable to social engineering, phishing, and SS7 attacks.

The growing number of account takeovers can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the technological landscape is constantly evolving, providing new tools and methods for cybercriminals to exploit. Secondly, while large tech companies can invest in advanced fraud prevention solutions, smaller companies often lack the resources or expertise to implement similar measures. This disparity leaves a significant portion of the market vulnerable to account takeovers.

How Do Companies Currently Address Fraud?

To understand the significance of Alacrity's solution, it is essential to examine how companies currently address fraud. Large tech companies often invest heavily in advanced fraud prevention technologies, such as passkeys and intelligent device/session management systems. These solutions provide robust security but require substantial resources and expertise to implement effectively.

In contrast, many companies rely on simpler solutions like SMS 2FA. While this method adds an extra layer of security, it is far from foolproof. SMS codes can be intercepted through social engineering, phishing, or SS7 attacks, rendering them ineffective against sophisticated cyber threats. Despite the widespread adoption of SMS 2FA, account takeovers continue to rise, highlighting the need for more advanced and accessible solutions.

What Solution Does Alacrity Offer?

Alacrity aims to bridge the gap in fraud prevention by offering an accessible yet robust solution designed for companies of all sizes. Their platform includes a suite of authentication solutions, such as push 2FA, passkeys, voice, and SMS 2FA. This diverse range of options ensures that companies can choose the most suitable method for their specific needs.

A standout feature of Alacrity's platform is its no-code rule engine combined with an identity graph. This innovative tool helps detect and surface potential threats, allowing companies to respond proactively. The no-code aspect ensures that even companies without extensive technical expertise can implement and benefit from Alacrity's advanced fraud prevention tools.

Additionally, Alacrity provides comprehensive tools for fraud operations and customer support teams. These tools enhance the ability to respond to and mitigate suspicious activities, improving overall security and customer satisfaction. One notable feature is Alacrity's proactive voice agent, which can call customers if a suspicious action is detected, adding an extra layer of security and assurance.

Who Are the Founders of Alacrity?

The driving force behind Alacrity are its two active founders, Omar Draz and Anderthan Hsieh. Both founders bring a wealth of experience from their tenure at DoorDash, where they played crucial roles in establishing the company's fraud and identity organization. Anderthan served as a Senior Director of Engineering, while Omar led the Fraud Strategy & Operations team. Their combined expertise in combating fraud and developing security solutions positions them uniquely to tackle the challenges of account takeovers.

Omar Draz's background in fraud, growth, and logistics, combined with Anderthan Hsieh's experience in engineering and founding the fraud and identity organization at DoorDash, gives Alacrity a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. This extensive experience in handling fraud at a large scale provides them with a deep understanding of the challenges and solutions needed to effectively prevent account takeovers.

What Motivates Alacrity's Mission?

Alacrity's mission to build a safer internet is driven by the founders' firsthand experiences with fraud prevention at large companies. They have seen the limitations of existing solutions and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats. Their goal is to create enterprise-level fraud prevention tools that are accessible to all companies, regardless of size. By democratizing access to advanced security measures, Alacrity aims to empower businesses to protect their customers effectively.

The founders' passion for combating fraud and improving digital security is evident in their dedication to developing innovative solutions. They understand the frustration and damage that account takeovers can cause for both companies and their customers. By providing robust, easy-to-implement tools, Alacrity aims to mitigate these risks and contribute to a safer digital environment.

How Does Alacrity Stand Out in the Industry?

In a crowded cybersecurity market, Alacrity distinguishes itself through its innovative use of AI and its commitment to accessibility. Unlike many existing platforms that require significant resources and technical expertise to implement, Alacrity offers a user-friendly, no-code rule engine. This approach democratizes access to advanced fraud prevention tools, enabling even small businesses to safeguard their customers' accounts effectively.

Furthermore, Alacrity's comprehensive suite of authentication solutions provides a level of flexibility and customization that is often lacking in other platforms. Companies can choose the most appropriate methods for their specific needs, ensuring that they can provide both security and a seamless user experience. This combination of advanced technology, accessibility, and flexibility sets Alacrity apart in the cybersecurity industry.

What Are the Challenges Faced by Alacrity?

As a startup, Alacrity faces several challenges, including the need to scale its operations and compete with established players in the cybersecurity market. Building awareness and trust among potential customers is crucial for their growth. Additionally, they must continuously evolve their platform to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of cyber threats.

One of the primary challenges is convincing companies to adopt a new solution. Many businesses are hesitant to change their existing security measures, even if they are aware of their limitations. Alacrity must demonstrate the effectiveness and ease of use of their platform to overcome this resistance and gain widespread adoption.

How Is Alacrity Addressing the Market Needs?

Alacrity addresses market needs by providing a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention tools that are both effective and easy to implement. By focusing on user experience and accessibility, they ensure that companies can deploy robust security measures without needing extensive technical expertise. This approach not only protects businesses from account takeovers but also enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Alacrity's proactive approach to fraud prevention, including features like the voice agent that can call customers if suspicious activity is detected, adds an extra layer of security and reassurance. This proactive stance, combined with the flexibility and customization of their platform, ensures that companies can meet their specific security needs while providing a positive experience for their customers.

What Are Alacrity's Future Plans?

Looking ahead, Alacrity plans to expand its platform's capabilities and reach. They aim to incorporate more advanced AI-driven features and improve their identity graph to provide even more accurate threat detection. Additionally, they plan to grow their team and establish partnerships with other tech companies to further enhance their platform's effectiveness and integration.

Alacrity also aims to increase its presence in the market by participating in industry events, publishing thought leadership content, and engaging with potential customers through various channels. By building a strong brand and demonstrating their expertise, they hope to attract more companies to their platform and contribute to a safer digital environment on a larger scale.

Why Should Companies Choose Alacrity?

Companies should choose Alacrity for their commitment to building a safer internet through innovative and accessible fraud prevention tools. With their founders' deep expertise and hands-on experience in combating fraud, Alacrity offers a unique blend of advanced technology and practical solutions. By choosing Alacrity, companies can protect their customers' accounts more effectively and build a reputation for robust security.

Alacrity's platform not only provides advanced security measures but also enhances the overall user experience. By offering flexible authentication options and a no-code rule engine, Alacrity ensures that companies can implement robust security without sacrificing convenience. This combination of security and user experience makes Alacrity an attractive choice for businesses looking to enhance their fraud prevention efforts.

How Can Companies Get Started with Alacrity?

Companies interested in enhancing their account takeover prevention measures can get started with Alacrity by visiting their website and requesting a demo. Alacrity offers personalized consultations to understand each company's specific needs and provide tailored solutions. With their easy-to-implement platform, companies can quickly enhance their security posture and protect their customers from the growing threat of account takeovers.

Getting started with Alacrity is a straightforward process. After an initial consultation to assess the company's needs, Alacrity provides a tailored solution that can be easily integrated into existing systems. Their team offers ongoing support to ensure that the platform is effectively implemented and continuously updated to address new threats. By choosing Alacrity, companies can take a proactive approach to fraud prevention and ensure that their customers' accounts are well-protected.


Alacrity is poised to make a significant impact in the cybersecurity industry with its AI-based account takeover prevention platform. By addressing the limitations of existing solutions and providing accessible, enterprise-level tools, Alacrity empowers companies of all sizes to protect their customers effectively. With a strong foundation built on the founders' extensive experience and a clear mission to create a safer internet, Alacrity is a startup to watch in the coming years. Their innovative approach, commitment to accessibility, and focus on user experience position them uniquely to tackle the growing problem of account takeovers and contribute