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Tech Professionals' New Best Friend: How Alai Simplifies Presentation Design

What is Alai?

Alai is an innovative start-up founded in 2023 with a mission to revolutionize the way tech professionals create presentations. Based in San Francisco, Alai was established by Anmol Sood and Krishna Gupta, two individuals with a wealth of experience in the tech industry. The start-up operates with the support of Group Partner Michael Seibel and boasts a small but powerful team of two founders. Alai's primary goal is to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly expedite the presentation creation process, ensuring high-quality outcomes without requiring users to have extensive design skills. With its cutting-edge approach, Alai aims to address a significant pain point for tech professionals and establish itself as a key player in the industry.

Who Are the Active Founders of Alai?

The success of Alai can be attributed to its dynamic founders, Anmol Sood and Krishna Gupta. Anmol, who previously served as a staff software engineer at Meta, brings a wealth of experience in developing presentation software and other innovative projects. His background in working on VR presentation software at Meta equips him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the presentation creation space. Krishna Gupta, on the other hand, was an early engineer at Replicant AI, where he played a crucial role in building the core experience as the company grew beyond $10 million in revenue. Krishna's expertise in developing core technologies and scaling products complements Anmol's experience, making them a formidable team. Together, they combine their technical prowess, industry insights, and shared vision to create a tool that addresses a significant pain point for tech professionals.

What Problem Does Alai Address?

Creating presentations is an essential yet often daunting task for many professionals. Every day, over 30 million presentations are made worldwide, playing a crucial role in decision-making processes within companies. Despite their importance, creating effective presentations is time-consuming and often frustrating. Alai identifies three main issues that contribute to this challenge:

The “Blank Page” Problem

One of the most significant hurdles in creating presentations is the “blank page” problem. Starting from scratch can be intimidating, especially when faced with an empty deck. Even when all the necessary information is available in other documents or tools, assembling it into a cohesive presentation takes considerable time and effort. This initial barrier often leads to procrastination and reduces productivity.


A substantial amount of time is wasted on busywork, such as finding the right slide templates, fitting content into them, and adjusting design details. These tasks, though seemingly minor, add up and consume a significant portion of the presentation creation process. Simple changes, such as splitting a slide into multiple slides or rearranging content, can be particularly cumbersome and frustrating.

Text-Heavy Presentations

Creating engaging visuals is challenging for many professionals, leading to text-heavy presentations that fail to effectively communicate the message. Visuals play a crucial role in making presentations more engaging and easier to understand. However, coming up with the right visual concepts and executing them can be daunting. As a result, many presentations end up being text-heavy, which can make them less impactful and harder to follow.

How Does Alai Provide a Solution?

Alai offers an AI-first approach to presentation creation, designed to address the aforementioned challenges and streamline the process. The platform allows users to input plain text and receive multiple high-quality slide options. This feature eliminates the initial hurdle of starting from a blank page and significantly reduces the time spent on design work. Key aspects of Alai’s solution include:

Multiple Slide Options

One of the standout features of Alai is its ability to generate multiple slide options based on the text input. Users can simply input their content in plain text, and Alai will instantly provide several high-quality slide designs to choose from. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that users have a variety of design options, making it easier to find one that suits their needs and preferences.

Built-in Iteration Loop with AI

Alai enables users to iterate on complex design elements using natural language, making it easy to refine slides. The AI considers any manual edits made by the user and incorporates them into its suggestions, continuously improving the quality of the slides. This built-in iteration loop ensures that users can quickly make adjustments and achieve the desired look and feel for their presentations without spending hours on design work.

Enhanced Visuals and Reduced Busywork

By automating the design aspects and providing high-quality visuals, Alai addresses the issue of text-heavy presentations. The platform makes it easy to create visually appealing slides that effectively convey the message, reducing the reliance on text. Additionally, Alai minimizes busywork by offering ready-to-use slide templates and design elements, allowing users to focus on the content and messaging of their presentations.

How is Alai Different from Other AI Presentation Tools?

Many existing AI presentation tools attempt to generate entire presentations in one go. While this approach may seem convenient, it often results in low-quality slides that still require significant polishing. Alai takes a different approach by focusing on creating high-quality individual slides that users can easily integrate into their presentations. This iterative process ensures that the final product is polished and professional. Alai's focus on providing multiple design options and incorporating user feedback sets it apart from other tools that may not offer the same level of customization and refinement.

What is Alai Launching Today?

Alai is excited to announce the launch of its first tool, which specializes in creating and editing funnel slides from text. This tool allows users to generate high-quality funnel slides quickly and export them to Google Slides with a single click. Funnel slides are a critical component of many presentations, as they help visualize processes, sales funnels, and other step-by-step information. With Alai’s new tool, users can streamline the creation of these important slides, saving time and ensuring professional results. This functionality enhances productivity for tech professionals and allows them to create compelling presentations with ease.

Who Are Krishna and Anmol?

Krishna Gupta and Anmol Sood have been best friends since middle school, sharing a close bond for over 17 years. Their longstanding friendship and complementary skills have laid a strong foundation for Alai. Anmol’s experience at Meta, where he worked on VR presentation software, and Krishna’s role at Replicant AI, where he contributed to the company’s growth beyond $10 million in revenue, make them a formidable team. Their shared vision and passion for solving real-world problems through technology drive their work at Alai. Together, they bring a unique blend of technical expertise, industry insights, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by tech professionals.

How Can Alai Transform the Presentation Creation Process?

Alai’s AI-driven approach has the potential to significantly transform how tech professionals create presentations. By automating the design process and providing high-quality slide options, Alai allows users to focus on the content and messaging of their presentations rather than getting bogged down by design details. This shift not only saves time but also results in more effective and engaging presentations. With Alai, users can easily create visually appealing slides that enhance their message and make a lasting impact on their audience.

What Are the Future Plans for Alai?

While Alai’s current focus is on funnel slides, the company has ambitious plans to expand its toolset to cover a broader range of presentation needs. The founders envision a comprehensive platform that can handle various types of slides and presentation styles, further enhancing the productivity and creativity of tech professionals. Future developments may include tools for creating different types of visuals, integrating with more presentation software, and adding features that cater to specific industries and use cases. By continuously innovating and expanding its offerings, Alai aims to become the go-to platform for presentation creation in the tech industry.

Why Should Tech Professionals Choose Alai?

Tech professionals should choose Alai because it addresses a significant pain point in the presentation creation process. The AI-first approach ensures high-quality results quickly, saving valuable time and reducing frustration. By leveraging AI to handle the design aspects, users can create professional presentations without needing advanced design skills. Additionally, the ability to export slides directly to Google Slides adds convenience and compatibility with widely used tools. Alai’s focus on user-friendly design, multiple slide options, and built-in iteration loops makes it a powerful tool for tech professionals looking to enhance their presentation creation process.

How Can You Get Started with Alai?

Getting started with Alai is simple and straightforward. Users can visit the Alai website and sign up to access the AI-driven presentation tool. The platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for tech professionals to create high-quality presentations quickly. With intuitive features and a focus on enhancing productivity, Alai offers a seamless experience for users. By joining Alai, users can experience the future of presentation creation and take their productivity to new heights. Whether you're a product manager, engineer, or any tech professional, Alai provides the tools you need to create compelling and effective presentations effortlessly.