Arini - AI receptionist for dentists

Arini: The AI Innovation Reshaping Dental Clinic Reception Desks

What is Arini and Why Does It Matter?

Arini is an innovative start-up that has developed an AI receptionist specifically designed for dental clinics. Founded in 2024, this San Francisco-based company aims to revolutionize the way dental practices manage their front desk operations. The company is the brainchild of Abdul Jamjoom and Rami Rustom, two computer science graduates from Harvard and MIT, respectively. Both founders previously worked as engineers at Threads, an enterprise communication tool, where they focused on search and AI products. Their combined experience and technical prowess have culminated in the creation of Arini, an AI voice agent that answers phone calls and schedules appointments for dental clinics.

How Did Arini Identify the Problem in Dental Clinics?

The inspiration for Arini came from a thorough examination of the daily operations within dental clinics. Abdul and Rami shadowed dental staff and observed that front desk operations were a significant bottleneck in managing patient bookings. Despite the availability of online scheduling forms in 80% of dental clinics, most appointments are still made over the phone. Front desk staff spend approximately 80% of their time on the phone yet miss about 35% of incoming calls. This inefficiency results in a 15% loss in revenue for dental practices. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated staffing shortages, making it increasingly difficult for clinics to find, train, and retain administrative staff.

What Solution Does Arini Offer?

Arini's solution is a sophisticated AI voice agent that seamlessly integrates with the existing software used by dental clinics. This AI receptionist answers phone calls, schedules appointments, and handles inquiries about insurance, billing, and other patient needs. By ensuring that 100% of calls are answered around the clock, Arini helps dental practices increase their revenue and reduce operating costs. The AI system alleviates the burden on overworked receptionists, allowing clinics to operate more efficiently with fewer administrative staff.

Why Focus on the Dental Market?

The dental industry is undergoing significant changes, with private equity investments driving the acquisition of thousands of clinics by large dental groups. These groups are rapidly expanding and are projected to constitute 40% of the US dental market within two years. This consolidation has led to standardized technology stacks across many clinics, making them ideal customers for Arini's AI solution. By targeting these large dental groups, Arini can efficiently scale its operations and make a substantial impact on the industry.

Who are the Founders of Arini?

Abdul Jamjoom and Rami Rustom, the co-founders of Arini, bring a wealth of experience and technical expertise to the company. Abdul, a Harvard graduate, was an early engineer at Threads, where he led the development of search and AI products. Rami, an MIT graduate, joined Threads later and contributed to the AI team's efforts in automating various aspects of customer support and communication. Their shared background and collaborative spirit were key in identifying the pain points in dental clinic operations and developing an AI-driven solution to address them.

How Does Arini Improve Dental Clinic Operations?

Arini's AI receptionist significantly enhances the efficiency of dental clinic operations. By answering all incoming calls and scheduling appointments, the AI system ensures that no potential patient is missed. This 24/7 availability is crucial in an industry where missed calls equate to lost revenue. Additionally, by automating routine inquiries about insurance and billing, Arini frees up receptionists to focus on more complex and personalized tasks. This not only improves the patient experience but also boosts the overall productivity of the clinic.

What is the Impact of Arini on Revenue and Costs?

The implementation of Arini's AI receptionist leads to tangible financial benefits for dental clinics. By reducing the number of missed calls, clinics can book more appointments, directly increasing their revenue. Furthermore, the need for fewer receptionists translates to lower recruitment, training, and retention costs. The AI system also helps clinics manage peak times more effectively, preventing the backlog of calls and ensuring a smoother operation. Overall, Arini enables dental practices to operate more efficiently and profitably.

How Did Abdul and Rami Develop Arini?

The journey to developing Arini began with Abdul and Rami's high school friendship in Jordan. Their shared passion for technology and problem-solving led them to co-found a start-up two years ago. Drawing on their experience at Threads, they recognized the potential of AI to streamline communication and administrative tasks. Their decision to focus on the dental industry was driven by firsthand observations of the challenges faced by dental clinics. Through diligent research, shadowing dental staff, and iterating on their AI model, they created a solution that addresses a critical need in the market.

What Are the Future Plans for Arini?

While Arini's initial focus is on dental clinics, the founders have a broader vision for their AI receptionist technology. They believe that the principles and functionalities of Arini can be applied to other sectors facing similar administrative challenges. By proving their concept in the dental industry, they aim to expand into other areas of healthcare and beyond. The scalability of their AI solution positions Arini to become a leader in AI-driven administrative support across various industries.

How Can Dental Clinics Adopt Arini?

Adopting Arini's AI receptionist is a straightforward process for dental clinics. The system integrates seamlessly with the existing software used by clinics, minimizing the need for additional training or infrastructure changes. Dental practices interested in Arini can reach out to the company for a demonstration and consultation. The team at Arini works closely with each clinic to ensure a smooth implementation and to tailor the AI system to meet their specific needs.

What is the Potential Impact of Arini on the Healthcare Industry?

Arini has the potential to revolutionize not only dental clinic operations but also the broader healthcare industry. By addressing the staffing shortages and inefficiencies that plague many healthcare facilities, Arini's AI technology can significantly improve patient care and operational efficiency. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, innovations like Arini will play a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare administration.


Arini represents a significant advancement in the application of AI to solve real-world problems. By focusing on the dental industry, Abdul Jamjoom and Rami Rustom have identified a critical need and developed an innovative solution that improves efficiency, reduces costs, and increases revenue for dental clinics. Their AI receptionist, Arini, is poised to transform the way dental practices operate, setting the stage for broader applications in healthcare and beyond. As Arini continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the industries it serves.