Artie - real-time data streaming for databases

Unlocking Real-Time Insights with Artie: Revolutionizing Data Streaming for Better Decision Making

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time data is crucial. Data-driven insights can provide a competitive edge, enabling companies to respond swiftly to market changes and customer demands. However, traditional methods of syncing data from databases to data warehouses often result in significant latency, hindering timely analysis. This is where Artie comes into play – a revolutionary startup that is transforming the data streaming landscape.

The Artie Story - Pioneering Real-Time Data Accessibility

Can Real-Time Data Streaming Be Effortless and Accessible?

In the year 2023, two visionary minds, Jacqueline Cheong and Robin Tang, embarked on a groundbreaking venture that would reshape the landscape of data streaming. Their brainchild, Artie, is more than just a startup; it's a catalyst for change, aimed at democratizing real-time data streaming for businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

At its core, Artie is driven by a powerful mission – to dismantle the shackles of data latency and empower companies to base their decisions on the freshest, most accurate insights. The founders recognized that traditional methods of data synchronization were holding back businesses, leading to missed opportunities and delayed analyses. Thus, Artie was born with the aspiration to revolutionize the way data is streamed and accessed.

Jacqueline Cheong: The Visionary Leader

Jacqueline Cheong, the Co-founder and CEO of Artie, brings with her a wealth of experience and a track record of success in the software investment landscape. Her background involves orchestrating a significant software portfolio worth approximately $300 million within a larger TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) portfolio. Now, with Artie, Jacqueline is channeling her expertise and knowledge to tackle one of the most pressing challenges in modern data-driven decision-making – real-time data accessibility.

Jacqueline's leadership is pivotal in driving Artie's mission forward. Her ability to navigate the complexities of the software industry and her unwavering commitment to innovation positions Artie as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of real-time data streaming.

Robin Tang: The Technical Dynamo

Behind every great idea is a brilliant mind that turns vision into reality. For Artie, that mind is Robin Tang, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who brings a rich background in software engineering and system design to the table. Robin's expertise in distributed systems and his knack for designing solutions that prioritize high throughput and low latency make him an invaluable asset to the Artie team.

Robin's journey in the tech industry has been marked by notable contributions to projects that have left a lasting impact. From playing a pivotal role in the consumer and growth departments at Opendoor to building the innovative Sunshine CRM at Zendesk, Robin's technical prowess has consistently pushed boundaries. His role as a lead engineer at Outbound, a standout participant in Y Combinator's W15 batch, further solidifies his reputation as a trailblazer.

Revolutionizing Data Streaming - The Artie Advantage

What Sets Artie Apart?

Artie's flagship product, Artie Transfer, stands as a testament to the startup's commitment to redefining the data streaming landscape. With a relentless focus on real-time data replication, Artie Transfer is a seamless conduit that bridges the gap between transactional databases and data warehouses. The backbone of this innovation is the ingenious utilization of change data capture (CDC) technology, enabling Artie Transfer to perpetually stream data changes.

Unlike the conventional methods of batched data processing that contribute to data latency, Artie Transfer achieves an impressive feat – sub-minute data latency. The delay between data creation and its availability for analysis is virtually eliminated, with typical latency ranging between a mere 10 to 20 seconds. The result is a state of near-instantaneous data access, where analytics and insights are not just current – they're practically in real-time.

Empowering Data Integrity and Reliability

Artie Transfer is more than a conduit; it's a fortress of data integrity. Equipped with a comprehensive array of features, Artie Transfer ensures that data remains accurate, consistent, and reliable. Automatic retries and idempotency mechanisms guarantee the seamless flow of data even in the face of network disruptions or unforeseen hiccups. The support for schema evolution ensures that changes in data structure are smoothly accommodated, eliminating any risk of downstream disruptions.

Telemetry, a cornerstone of Artie Transfer's design, provides businesses with vital insights into the health and performance of their data streaming processes. This level of transparency empowers companies to optimize their operations and make informed decisions to enhance their data strategies.

The Data Latency Dilemma - Unraveling the Challenge

Why Is Data Latency a Barrier?

In an era where instantaneous communication and real-time interactions are the norm, the prevalence of data latency presents a glaring paradox. For years, businesses have grappled with the irksome gap between data creation and its availability for analysis. Traditional data synchronization methods, often relying on scheduled batch processing, perpetuate this delay, resulting in insights that are lagging and opportunities that are missed.

Artie's emergence as a solution to the data latency dilemma is a response to the growing demand for immediacy in decision-making. The startup recognizes that in today's data-driven landscape, waiting hours or even days for access to fresh, actionable data is not just impractical – it's detrimental to a company's ability to remain competitive.

Robin Tang's Journey: Catalyst for Change

Robin Tang, Artie's CTO, possesses a unique perspective on the significance of overcoming data latency. His firsthand experience with the challenges posed by delayed data access spurred the realization that a transformative solution was essential. Fueled by the absence of accessible, user-friendly real-time data streaming options, Robin's vision for Artie began to crystallize.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to solving complex problems, Robin embarked on a mission to create a platform that would liberate businesses from the clutches of data latency. His expertise in designing systems for high throughput and low latency, combined with his track record of engineering excellence, laid the foundation for Artie's revolutionary approach to data streaming.

The Artie Solution

How Does Artie Solve the Data Latency Problem?

Artie's approach is elegantly simple yet profoundly effective. By harnessing the power of change data capture (CDC) and stream processing, Artie Transfer achieves data replication in a matter of seconds. Instead of transferring entire datasets, Artie Transfer only streams the changes, making it significantly more efficient compared to traditional ETL processes.

Implementing Artie Transfer requires no programming expertise. The setup process is streamlined, and companies can have their connectors up and running within minutes. Once the initial snapshot is taken, any subsequent changes in the database are automatically reflected in the data warehouse, ensuring a constant stream of fresh insights.

Who Needs Artie?

Is Artie Right for Your Business?

Artie is a game-changer for a variety of businesses and professionals:

Engineers in Need of Simplified Solutions: Artie is a lifeline for engineers who have struggled with complex data pipelines and tools like Airflow, AWS Glue, and Apache Spark. With Artie, the need for stitching together multiple solutions vanishes, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Companies Embracing Real-Time Insights: Businesses relying on traditional ETL processes or batched data syncing can transition seamlessly to real-time data streaming with Artie. Once the taste of real-time insights is savored, there's no going back.

Cost-Conscious Organizations: Artie's CDC streaming capabilities can significantly reduce data warehouse costs, making it an attractive proposition for companies aiming to optimize expenses.

Artie's Vision

What Lies Ahead for Artie?

Artie's journey has only just begun. While the startup currently focuses on high-quality connectors for databases and data warehouses, their roadmap includes expanding to cover a diverse array of data sources and destinations. This expansion will further solidify Artie's position as a comprehensive real-time data streaming solution.

By continuously innovating and enhancing their product offerings, Artie aims to democratize real-time data streaming, ensuring that even small businesses can access and leverage the power of fresh insights.


In the realm of data-driven decision-making, time is of the essence. Artie's emergence as a real-time data streaming pioneer couldn't have come at a better time. With an unwavering commitment to simplifying data streaming, reducing latency, and providing accessible solutions, Artie is set to reshape the way companies harness the power of their data. As the startup's journey unfolds, it's clear that the era of data latency is drawing to a close, making way for a future where insights are as fresh as the moment they're needed most.