BiteSight - The video-based food delivery app. Imagine TikTok meets DoorDash.

BiteSight: The Start-Up Bringing Fun Back to Food Delivery

What is BiteSight and How Did It Begin?

BiteSight, the innovative video-based food delivery app, is revolutionizing the way people discover and order food. Imagine a blend of TikTok's engaging video content and DoorDash's efficient delivery system, and you'll get a sense of what BiteSight offers. Founded in 2023 by Zac Schulwolf and Lucious McDaniel IV, this New York-based startup is quickly making waves in the food delivery industry.

The genesis of BiteSight can be traced back to the University of Texas at Austin, where Zac and Lucious first met. Zac, a computer science and AI research enthusiast, and Lucious, a prodigious entrepreneur who built his first $1M ARR product at just 19, shared a mutual passion for food and technology. This common interest laid the foundation for their startup journey.

How Does BiteSight Work?

BiteSight distinguishes itself from traditional food delivery apps by focusing on the visual appeal of food. Users are presented with enticing videos of dishes from nearby restaurants, making the discovery process both fun and engaging. This approach is designed to cater to users' cravings by showing them what they might like based on their preferences and viewing habits.

The app operates by leveraging high-quality, full-screen videos to showcase dishes. This method not only helps in discovering new restaurants but also allows users to see exactly what they are ordering, adding a layer of transparency and excitement. The personalized food feed is tailored to individual tastes, making it easier for users to find exactly what they want, whether it's a specific dish like "Burritos" or a broader category like "Healthy Lunch."

What Problem is BiteSight Solving?

The existing food delivery landscape, dominated by giants like UberEats and DoorDash, often falls short when it comes to user experience. These platforms are cluttered with generic stock images and inflated ratings, making it difficult for users to discover new dishes or restaurants. This impersonal approach can be frustrating for those looking to explore and enjoy new culinary experiences.

BiteSight addresses this problem by making the discovery process visual and intuitive. By showcasing real videos of food, the app helps users make more informed choices, thus enhancing their overall food ordering experience. The focus on user experience and personalized recommendations sets BiteSight apart from its competitors.

What is the Vision Behind BiteSight?

The vision of BiteSight is to create a more engaging and personalized food discovery and delivery experience. By combining the appeal of social media with the convenience of food delivery, BiteSight aims to transform the way people think about ordering food. The app's innovative approach has the potential to tap into the $30B opportunity created by the demand for a more customer-centric delivery service.

Lucious McDaniel IV, the Co-founder and Chief Eating Officer, brings a wealth of experience from his previous ventures, including building a treasury management company and working as an analyst at General Atlantic covering restaurant tech. His deep understanding of the food and tech industries fuels BiteSight's strategic direction.

Zac Schulwolf, the Chief Tasting Officer, complements Lucious's expertise with his strong background in computer science and AI. A UT Austin Turing Scholar and a researcher in time-series transformers, Zac's technical prowess ensures that BiteSight remains at the cutting edge of technology.

How Has BiteSight Performed Since Its Launch?

Since launching its beta version in February, BiteSight has achieved impressive milestones. The app has onboarded 274 restaurants in San Francisco and handled 211 orders, with its user base growing by more than 50% each week, all through organic means. This rapid growth indicates a strong market demand for BiteSight's unique offering and validates the founders' vision.

The initial success of BiteSight can be attributed to its innovative approach and the active involvement of its founders. Both Lucious and Zac are deeply committed to the startup, bringing their diverse skills and experiences to the table. Their hands-on approach ensures that the app continuously evolves to meet user needs and preferences.

What Features Make BiteSight Unique?

Several features make BiteSight stand out in the crowded food delivery market:

  1. Full-Screen Video Scroll: Users can browse through full-screen videos of mouthwatering dishes from the best restaurants in their area. This visual approach makes it easier to discover new favorites.
  2. Personalized Food Feed: BiteSight's AI-driven recommendations show users exactly what they are craving, enhancing the discovery process.
  3. Flexible Search Options: Whether users are looking for something specific or just exploring, BiteSight's search functionality is designed to cater to all needs.
  4. Bookmarking for Later: Users can save dishes that catch their eye for future orders, ensuring they don't miss out on anything they find appealing.
  5. Social Integration (Coming Soon): BiteSight plans to introduce a feature that allows users to see what their friends are ordering and try their top recommendations, adding a social dimension to the food discovery process.

What is the Future of BiteSight?

The future of BiteSight looks promising as it continues to innovate and expand its offerings. The planned introduction of social features will further enhance user engagement and create a community around food discovery. By leveraging the power of social proof and trusted recommendations, BiteSight aims to build a loyal user base.

Additionally, the founders' commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation will likely lead to new features and enhancements that keep the app relevant and exciting. As BiteSight grows, it will explore new markets and expand its reach, bringing its unique approach to more users.

Why Should Users Choose BiteSight?

Users should choose BiteSight for its unparalleled focus on user experience and personalized recommendations. Unlike traditional food delivery apps, BiteSight makes the discovery process enjoyable and engaging. The use of high-quality videos adds a layer of transparency and excitement, allowing users to see exactly what they are ordering.

Moreover, BiteSight's personalized food feed ensures that users are always presented with options that match their preferences, making it easier to find something they will love. The upcoming social features will also add a new dimension to the app, making it not just a food delivery service but a platform for food enthusiasts to connect and share their experiences.


BiteSight is poised to disrupt the food delivery market with its innovative approach and commitment to user experience. By combining the best elements of social media and food delivery, BiteSight offers a unique and engaging way to discover and order food. As the app continues to grow and evolve, it promises to make food discovery more fun, personal, and social. With founders like Lucious McDaniel IV and Zac Schulwolf at the helm, BiteSight is well-positioned to become a leader in the industry, redefining how people think about food delivery.