Bluebirds - Resell to past customers who switched jobs

Bluebirds: The Future of Reselling to Past Customers Who Switched Jobs

Outbound sales is becoming increasingly challenging, with conversion rates plummeting due to the same technology stack being used by every sales team to bombard buyers with emails. This has put pressure on sales leaders to grow efficiently, and most outbound sales processes are not efficient at all. However, there is one sales play that works exceptionally well: reselling to past customers who have already switched jobs. These leads, also known as "blue birds," are favored by sales teams, as they are easy wins, but also difficult to track at scale. This is where Bluebirds comes in, a San Francisco-based start-up that helps outbound teams resell to past customers who switched jobs.

In this article, we'll explore how Bluebirds works, why existing solutions don't work, and what sets Bluebirds apart from its competitors.

The Problem and Why Existing Solutions Don't Work

The outbound sales process is not as efficient as it used to be. Conversion rates have decreased, and sales teams are under pressure from their CEOs and boards to grow efficiently. Fortunately, one sales play works exceptionally well, which is reselling to past customers who have already established trust with your company and switched jobs. These leads, commonly referred to as "blue birds," are the sales teams' favorite, but it can be challenging to track them at scale.

Existing solutions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator are not deeply connected to your CRM, and they do not know who your customers are or what your ICP (ideal customer profile) is. They rely on manual or brittle filters that break down once you have over 100 customers. As a result, most sales reps are not tracking customer job changes. However, 10% to 20% of your CRM contacts have already switched jobs, and 1 to 2% switch every month.

Solution: How Bluebirds Works

Bluebirds has developed an AI-powered system that automates the entire process of reselling to past customers who switched jobs. What used to take reps hours to hack in Sales Navigator now happens automatically with two clicks and runs continuously in the background.

Here's how Bluebirds works:

Sign Up: Anyone can sign up on the Bluebirds website and log in via SFDC secure authentication, including founders, VPs, managers, AEs, SDRs, and sales ops.

Find Champions: Bluebirds algorithms will find which contacts in your CRM are likely to buy your product again.

Match Identities: Bluebirds will match your sparse contacts to public identities (i.e., john@hotmail is John Smith at Airtable) and check if they've switched jobs.

Deliver Leads: Finally, Bluebirds will rank all the leads based on similarity to your ICP and send them to you, along with monthly updates with any fresh job changes.

What sets Bluebirds apart from its competitors is that it's deeply integrated with your CRM, making it more effective and efficient than existing solutions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Meet the Founders

Bluebirds was founded in 2022 by two experienced entrepreneurs with a background in contact data and building AI systems to solve sales problems. Rohan Punamia and Kunal Punera have a proven track record of success in the tech industry.

Rohan started his career at LinkedIn in Sales Operations, where he built an automated quota setting engine for a $1B+ business and 500 reps using Machine Learning and LinkedIn's Knowledge Graph. Later, he became a zero-to-one Product Manager, where he built enterprise products for LinkedIn's Talent business, once again using Machine Learning and the Knowledge Graph.

Kunal, on the other hand, has held leadership positions at LinkedIn and Google. Most recently, he was a Director of AI at LinkedIn, where he ran AI teams for the Recruiter, Premium, and Learning products, accounting for many billions in revenue. In 2014, Kunal co-founded Bento Labs, and prior to that, he was a founding engineer at RelateIQ (sold to Salesforce for ~$400M) where he built their entire ML stack. Kunal has a PhD in ML from the University of Texas at Austin and worked at Yahoo! Research on NLP and Generative Models.

With their combined expertise and experience in the tech industry, Rohan and Kunal saw a gap in the market for a solution that could help outbound sales teams resell to past customers who switched jobs more efficiently. Thus, Bluebirds was born.

Why Choose Bluebirds

There are several reasons why Bluebirds is the go-to solution for reselling to past customers who switched jobs. Here are a few of them:

Efficient Reselling: Bluebirds enables sales teams to efficiently resell to their past customers who have switched jobs, saving them time and resources. Instead of spending hours manually tracking job changes, reps can focus on building relationships with the identified champions and closing deals.

Accurate Machine Learning: Bluebirds uses advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately identify champions and job changes. This ensures that sales teams are presented with the most relevant and up-to-date leads, increasing their chances of success.

Seamless Integration: Bluebirds seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, making it easy for reps to access and manage leads. The platform automatically matches sparse contacts to public identities and checks for job changes, providing reps with a continuous stream of warm leads.

Free to Get Started: Bluebirds is free to get started, which means that sales teams can start reselling to their past customers without any upfront costs. This is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses that are looking to maximize their sales efforts while keeping costs low.


Bluebirds is a game-changer for outbound sales teams who are looking to resell to their past customers who have switched jobs. With its advanced machine learning algorithms, seamless integration with existing CRMs, and free-to-get-started model, Bluebirds provides sales teams with an efficient and effective way to generate warm leads and close deals. The expertise and experience of its founders in contact data and building AI systems to solve sales problems are also a plus. If you're looking to take your outbound sales to the next level, Bluebirds is definitely worth checking out.