Bujeti - corporate cards and expenses management platform for African businesses

Bujeti: Streamlining Corporate Card and Expense Management for African Businesses

As a business owner or manager, you know that tracking expenses and managing budgets is an essential part of keeping your company financially healthy. But for businesses in Africa, this process can be particularly challenging due to low bank card penetration and limited access to corporate cards. That's where Bujeti comes in - a corporate card and expense management platform specifically designed for African businesses.

What is Bujeti?

Bujeti is an all-in-one solution that helps African businesses issue corporate cards to their employees, control and manage expenses, and keep track of their finances. Founded by Samy Chiba and Achille Arouko, Bujeti is tailored to the needs of businesses in industries such as healthcare, logistics, agriculture, and construction, who may not have access to the same financial resources as their counterparts in other regions.

Who are the Founders of Bujeti?

Samy Chiba and Achille Arouko are the two co-founders behind Bujeti. Samy's background in business administration and experience in compliance and operations make him an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring that Bujeti operates smoothly and within legal requirements. Achille, on the other hand, is a seasoned engineer and serial entrepreneur with a passion for fintech and AI. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table to help African businesses streamline their financial processes.

Why is it Hard to Get a Corporate Card in Africa?

In many developed countries, corporate cards are a common tool for businesses to manage expenses and delegate spending authority to employees. However, in Africa, bank card penetration is still relatively low, which can make it difficult for businesses to obtain corporate cards in the first place. This is particularly challenging for businesses in industries that are not traditionally tech-heavy, as they may lack the necessary infrastructure to support multiple cards and track spending effectively.

How Does Bujeti Help African Businesses?

Bujeti offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help African businesses manage their expenses and streamline their financial processes. Here are just a few of the features they offer:

Corporate card issuance: Bujeti allows businesses to issue corporate cards to their employees and contractors, enabling them to make purchases on behalf of the company.

Expense control and management: Bujeti provides businesses with tools to set spending limits, restrictions, and approval flows, ensuring that resources are used effectively and creating value.

Budgeting: Bujeti helps businesses budget their expenditures to keep their finances on track and avoid overspending.

Receipt tracking and collection: Bujeti makes it easy for employees to track and submit receipts, simplifying the expense reporting process.

Accounts payable and receivable automation: Bujeti automates many of the tasks associated with managing accounts payable and receivable, freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses.

Out-of-pocket expense reimbursement: Bujeti streamlines the process of reimbursing employees for out-of-pocket expenses, ensuring that they are fairly compensated for any expenses they incur on behalf of the company.

Payroll: Bujeti helps businesses manage their payroll processes, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Accounting software integration: Bujeti integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero, making it easy for businesses to keep their financial records up to date.

How Did Bujeti Get Started?

Achille and Samy's expertise in fintech and business management made them realize that African businesses were in dire need of a solution to manage their finances more efficiently. However, the process of building Bujeti was not a walk in the park. In an interview with Techawkng, Achille revealed that the team had to go through an iterative process to find the right product-market fit.

They started by conducting market research and surveys to understand the pain points of African businesses in different sectors. This research helped them identify the common challenges that businesses faced when it came to financial management, and the gaps in the existing solutions in the market. From there, they developed a prototype of the Bujeti platform and tested it with early adopters.

After several iterations and refinements, they launched the final product in 2020. Today, Bujeti has grown to serve businesses across different sectors, with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping African businesses improve their financial management and operations.

Why Choose Bujeti?

As an African business owner or manager, you might be wondering why you should choose Bujeti over other financial management solutions. Here are some of the reasons why Bujeti stands out:

Tailored to African Businesses: Bujeti was created specifically to meet the unique needs of African businesses in different sectors. The platform is designed to address the challenges that businesses face when it comes to financial management, such as the difficulty of obtaining corporate cards and managing expenses in a cost-effective manner.

Comprehensive Financial Management: Bujeti offers a complete suite of financial management tools, from corporate card issuance to budgeting, tracking, and reporting. This allows businesses to consolidate their financial management processes into a single platform, which saves time, reduces errors, and improves efficiency.

Security and Control: Bujeti's platform is designed to provide businesses with complete security and control over their financial operations. The platform offers features such as spending limits, approval flows, and automated account payables and receivables, which help businesses maintain control over their finances and reduce the risk of fraud and misuse.

Expert Support: Bujeti's team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their financial management processes. The team provides expert support and guidance to help businesses get the most out of the platform and improve their financial operations.


Bujeti is a game-changer for African businesses looking to streamline their financial management processes. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of financial management tools, tailored to meet the unique needs of African businesses in different sectors. With Bujeti, businesses can issue corporate cards to their employees, manage expenses, track finances, and automate accounting processes. The platform provides complete security and control over financial operations, and comes with expert support from a team of experienced professionals.

If you're an African business owner or manager looking to improve your financial management processes, consider giving Bujeti a try. The platform has already helped hundreds of businesses across different sectors achieve greater efficiency and control over their finances, and it could do the same for yours.