Campfire - Revenue management for Series A+ tech companies

Is Campfire the Modern Solution for Revenue Management?

In the fast-paced world of technology startups, where innovation drives success, the need for efficient financial management is more critical than ever. Meet Campfire, a startup that aims to revolutionize revenue management for Series A+ tech companies. In this article, we'll explore Campfire's journey, its founders, and how they are addressing a long-standing problem in the industry.

Who Are the Visionaries Behind Campfire?

Campfire was founded in 2023 by two individuals with diverse but complementary backgrounds:

John Glasgow: A Seasoned Business Leader

John Glasgow, the CEO and Co-founder of Campfire, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Prior to Campfire, he served as the VP of Business Development and Partnerships at, where he reported directly to the CFO. His journey to Campfire began when Invoice2go, a company he led as an executive, was acquired for a staggering $625 million. At Invoice2go, John led corporate development and partnerships, reporting directly to the CEO.

Fernando San Martin: The Engineer with a Financial Twist

Fernando San Martin, the other Co-founder, is an electrical engineer who hails from Spain. He embarked on a journey to San Francisco to launch his career. Over the years, Fernando has worked at the intersection of finance, software, and data at esteemed organizations like Capital One, Zippi (YC S19), and Trovata.

These two visionary individuals, with their diverse skill sets and extensive experience, joined forces to tackle a problem that has plagued tech startups for decades.

What Problem Does Campfire Address?

The Challenge of Revenue Management

In the world of Series A+ tech companies, the finance and accounting teams often find themselves drowning in spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are used to manage critical financial aspects, including revenue recognition and key performance indicators (KPIs) like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), churn rate, and revenue attribution. This manual and error-prone process can consume an inordinate amount of time and resources.

Campfire recognized this pressing issue and set out to provide a solution that streamlines revenue management for tech startups. But how do they plan to do it?

The Birth of Campfire: A Game-Changer for Revenue Management

Campfire: Redefining Revenue Management

Campfire's mission is clear: to empower finance and accounting teams at Series A+ companies by simplifying and automating revenue management. They offer revenue recognition and revenue KPI reporting that covers critical metrics such as MRR, churn, and revenue waterfalls, all tailored to individual customers and products.

But the real magic lies in their ability to migrate revenue databases out of cumbersome spreadsheets. By importing customer contracts and revenue data (e.g., from Stripe), Campfire automates the entire process from contract to cash. This not only saves accounting and finance teams a substantial amount of time but also reduces the risk of errors creeping into financial data.

A Solution for All Business Models

One of Campfire's standout features is its flexibility. Whether your business operates on a subscription model, relies on usage-based revenue, or thrives in a marketplace ecosystem, Campfire has you covered. They simplify the entire process, from data ingestion to revenue recognition and KPI reporting, for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Moreover, Campfire is offering a limited-time promotion: data migration at no cost for new customers until the end of August. This is a clear indication of their commitment to helping companies transition from the age-old spreadsheet approach to modern, automated revenue management.

Why Campfire Believes in Its Mission

The Founders' Insight

John Glasgow and Fernando San Martin's backgrounds provide valuable insights into why Campfire is so passionate about solving this problem. John's experience at Invoice2go highlighted the challenges of outgrowing QuickBooks and the impracticality of migrating to NetSuite due to cost and resource constraints. After his tenure at Invoice2go, he witnessed innovation in accounting-related areas but noticed that core accounting software, like NetSuite, had stagnated for over two decades.

Fernando, on the other hand, had seen the opportunity to bring enterprise-grade automation to mid-size companies during his tenure at Trovata, a treasury software provider for companies like Square and Etsy.

Together, John and Fernando realized that they could make a significant impact in an area that had long been neglected.

How Campfire Is Transforming Revenue Management

The Core Solution: Revenue Management

Campfire's primary solution is Revenue Management, a powerful tool designed to liberate accounting and finance teams from the clutches of spreadsheets. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Campfire ingests customer contracts and computes revenue recognition and KPIs like Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and churn. The result? A dramatic improvement in accuracy, coupled with a significant reduction in time and costs.

Early customers of Campfire have reported saving up to 90% of the time previously spent on revenue management tasks. This newfound efficiency allows finance teams to shift their focus from manual spreadsheet tasks to high-impact, value-driven work.

Real-World Success Stories

Jenny Jao's Testimonial

The impact of Campfire's solution can best be illustrated through the experiences of its users. Jenny Jao, Head of Finance at Sprig (a Series B company), expressed her satisfaction, saying, "Our time-to-value with Campfire was really fast. We're moving our revenue and invoice management out of spreadsheets and into Campfire to automate everything. It's a big win for us."

This testimonial underscores Campfire's ability to deliver tangible results swiftly, a testament to its efficacy in transforming financial operations.

Campfire: The Ideal Solution for All Business Models

A Versatile Solution

Whether you manage a marketplace with hundreds of thousands of monthly transactions in a database or operate an enterprise subscription software business with contracts managed in spreadsheets, Campfire seamlessly integrates into your workflow. The automation of revenue KPIs for investor and executive updates, along with monthly journal entries compatible with accounting software like QuickBooks and NetSuite, makes Campfire an ideal choice for businesses of all types.

The Future of Revenue Management Is Here

In conclusion, Campfire has emerged as a beacon of hope for Series A+ tech companies grappling with the complexities of revenue management. With a talented and experienced team led by John Glasgow and Fernando San Martin, Campfire has not only identified a long-standing problem but has also provided a practical and efficient solution.

As the startup continues to gain traction and assist more companies in transitioning from manual spreadsheet management to automated, AI-powered solutions, it's safe to say that the future of revenue management looks brighter than ever. With Campfire, your financial operations can be streamlined, errors can be minimized, and your team can focus on what truly matters—driving your business forward in the ever-evolving world of tech startups.