Capi Money - International payments for importers in Africa

Revolutionizing International Business Transactions in Africa: Capi Money's Journey

In a world that's increasingly interconnected, international trade is the lifeblood of economies, providing businesses with access to a global marketplace. However, for businesses in Africa, paying their international suppliers has often been a complex and expensive process. Enter Capi Money, a dynamic start-up founded in 2023 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs. This article delves into the story of Capi Money, exploring how it aims to transform the landscape of international payments for African businesses.

How Capi Money is Reshaping African Business Transactions

Capi Money has embarked on a transformative mission – to empower businesses in Africa by simplifying and accelerating their international payments. The current scenario is less than ideal: African importers face up to a staggering 10% cost to settle invoices from international suppliers and endure weeks of waiting for payments to be processed. This stark contrast to the swift and cost-effective transactions experienced in more developed regions has long posed a challenge to African entrepreneurs.

The start-up's goal is clear: offer African businesses the same efficiency and cost-effectiveness they'd expect in the US or Europe. By bridging this gap, Capi Money aims to unleash the full potential of African entrepreneurs, enabling them to focus on growth instead of grappling with the intricacies of cross-border transactions.

The Genesis of Capi Money: Founders and Vision

Every impactful venture starts with a vision, and Capi Money is no exception. The company was co-founded by three dynamic individuals, each bringing their unique expertise to the table.

Mitch Riley - Co-founder and CEO: With a remarkable background as the COO/CFO/GC of Taptap Send, a unicorn remittance company, Mitch possesses a wealth of experience in driving financial operations in emerging markets. His successful venture into Africa and LatAm markets and his legal acumen have positioned him as a driving force behind Capi Money's mission.

Scott Liddle - Co-founder: Scott's impressive journey from being the CRO/CMO at Taptap Send to founding SpareHand, a volunteer platform that delivered over a million meals during the Covid pandemic, highlights his commitment to impactful ventures. His deep understanding of international development and extensive linguistic capabilities make him a strategic asset in Capi Money's expansion.

Tom Watson - Co-founder and CTO: Tom's tech-savvy background as a serial entrepreneur is pivotal in Capi Money's technological foundation. With previous ventures like Hubble, an office space marketplace, and P4SD, a successful web3 NFT company, Tom's knack for innovation and creating user-centric solutions is instrumental in the company's operations.

Empowering African Entrepreneurs: Capi Money's Impact

Capi Money's impact is best illustrated through its commitment to resolving real-world challenges faced by African businesses. The start-up's recent launch in Senegal has already seen remarkable results. In just two weeks, they've facilitated over $1.5 million in payments. By providing a seamless platform that offers competitive exchange rates and rapid transactions, Capi Money has brought a ray of hope to businesses that have long grappled with currency conversion fees and delayed payments.

With Cameroon as their next target, Capi Money's expansion showcases its dedication to transforming not only transactions but also the economic landscape of the entire continent.

Solving the First Customer's Problem: Real-Life Testimony

Capi Money's journey isn't just about business plans; it's about addressing concrete challenges faced by entrepreneurs. A pivotal moment for the company was the encounter with their first customer in Senegal, a bookshop, and an industrial soap-maker.

The bookshop's story is emblematic of the broader issue. While their revenue was in local currency, their invoices were in Euros. Traditional banks couldn't meet their foreign exchange needs, and resorting to brokers meant shelling out hefty fees. Moreover, the time lag in payments risked souring their relationships with suppliers due to delayed transactions.

Capi Money's solution was ingenious: it tapped into the demand for local currency within Senegal and facilitated seamless transactions between businesses and organizations looking to trade currencies. The simplicity of the platform made it akin to using popular platforms like Wise or Payoneer, but with the added advantage of being tailored for African entrepreneurs.

Capi Money's Founders: A Confluence of Expertise and Vision

Within the heart of Capi Money lies a trio of founders whose combined expertise, innovative prowess, and unwavering dedication form a symphony of capabilities. Mitch Riley, in his capacity as Co-founder and CEO, brings a profound comprehension of intricate financial operations to the table. His prior role as COO/CFO/GC at Taptap Send, a unicorn remittance company, endowed him with invaluable insights into navigating complex financial landscapes.

Complementing Mitch's financial acumen is Scott Liddle, another crucial Co-founder. His strategic insights into international development, honed during his tenure as CRO/CMO at Taptap Send, breathe life into Capi Money's overarching vision. Moreover, Scott's role in founding SpareHand, a volunteer platform that mobilized efforts to deliver over a million meals during the height of the Covid pandemic, exemplifies his commitment to driving impactful change.

Completing this triumvirate of innovators is Tom Watson, the Co-founder and CTO. Tom's tech-driven journey, spanning multiple start-ups, underlines his position as a creative force behind Capi Money's technological prowess. With ventures like Hubble and P4SD under his belt, Tom's knack for transforming ideas into tangible solutions has been instrumental in shaping Capi Money's tech-centric approach.

Together, this dynamic trio amalgamates diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills, constructing a solid foundation on which Capi Money thrives. Their collective prowess transforms the company into much more than a mere transaction platform; it evolves into a hub of innovation, empathy, and technological excellence.

Pioneering Change: Catalyzing Transformation Through Expansion

Capi Money's trajectory traverses uncharted territories, and its inaugural journey commences with the launch in Senegal, a cornerstone in the start-up's odyssey to reshape the African business landscape. This milestone signifies not only a successful entry into the market but a herald of transformation that reverberates far beyond transactional boundaries.

As the company casts its gaze towards Cameroon, a poignant truth emerges: Capi Money's influence is boundless. The anticipated impact of their expansion extends beyond the realms of mere business transactions. Instead, it seeks to infuse a spirit of empowerment into African entrepreneurs, equipping them with the essential tools required to engage confidently on a global platform. This empowerment isn't confined to just financial transactions; it encapsulates a profound shift in mindset and approach.

Capi Money's platform transcends the limitations of conventional payment processes, opening up new vistas of opportunity. By liberating entrepreneurs from the shackles of arduous cross-border transactions, the start-up becomes an enabler of economic growth and innovation. This empowerment has the potential to spark a self-sustaining cycle, wherein empowered entrepreneurs foster localized progress that ultimately reverberates across the continent.

Conclusion: Capi Money's Path Forward

In a world driven by technology and interconnectedness, Capi Money stands as a beacon of hope for African businesses seeking to break free from the shackles of inefficient cross-border transactions. With a visionary leadership team and a platform that simplifies international payments, the start-up is poised to revolutionize the way business is conducted in Africa.

As Capi Money continues its journey, one can't help but wonder about the impact it will have on not only individual businesses but the continent as a whole. The story of Capi Money is more than just about payments; it's about unlocking potential, fostering growth, and contributing to the emergence of Africa as a powerful player in the global economy.