Cardinal - Enabling product teams to build measurable features

Cardinal: Empowering Product Teams to Build Measurable Features

In today's fast-paced and data-driven business landscape, product teams face numerous challenges when it comes to building and shipping impactful features. From product discovery and prioritization to alignment, measurements, and learnings, the process can be overwhelming. However, Cardinal, a revolutionary start-up founded in 2023, aims to address these challenges and enable product teams to build the right things and achieve data-driven goals. This article will explore Cardinal's mission, its founders, and how the platform revolutionizes product management.

Revolutionizing Product Management: Cardinal Empowers Product Teams to Build Measurable Features

Cardinal's core objective is to serve as the system of record for product teams, providing them with the tools and capabilities to build measurable features. By integrating strategy, goals, specifications, and live data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Cardinal ensures consistency across teams and projects. With Cardinal, product teams can streamline their workflow and focus on delivering impactful features that drive business growth.

Founders: The Visionaries Behind Cardinal

Wiz - Entrepreneur. Father. Geek.
Nadav Weizmann, also known as Wiz, is one of the visionary founders of Cardinal. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a love for coffee, Wiz brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the team. His experience in product development and strategy serves as the driving force behind Cardinal's mission to empower product teams.

Mor Sela - CTO at Cardinal. Product Builder Extraordinaire.
Mor Sela, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Cardinal, is a product builder at heart and a professional code whisperer. With a strong background in managing engineering teams and organizations, Mor has played instrumental roles in successful companies like Docady, Houseparty (acquired by Epic Games), and most recently, Epic Games itself. Mor's expertise ensures that Cardinal's platform is robust, scalable, and meets the ever-evolving needs of product teams.

Cardinal's Value Proposition: Why Choose Them?

Cardinal stands out from the competition due to the founders' extensive experience and diverse backgrounds. Their collective achievements include:

Leadership roles in Epic Games and Houseparty
As Directors of product and engineering at Epic Games, the founders have experienced the challenges of managing large-scale products firsthand. Their insights from leading product development in high-growth companies equip them with the knowledge to create a platform that solves real-world problems faced by product teams.

Entrepreneurial Background and Startup Experience
The founders' involvement with startups like Docady and Onavo (acquired by META) demonstrates their ability to navigate the unique challenges faced by early-stage companies. This experience positions Cardinal as a start-up that truly understands the needs and pain points of emerging businesses.

Deep Tech Expertise from 8200 (Israeli NSA)
The founders' leadership experience within 8200, the elite Israeli Intelligence Unit, brings a unique blend of technical prowess and strategic thinking to Cardinal. This deep tech expertise ensures that the platform is built with a strong focus on data security, privacy, and cutting-edge technology.

Longstanding Collaboration and Internal Tools
Having worked together for 15 years, the founders understand the importance of seamless collaboration and communication within product teams. They have developed internal tools that document strategies, track progress, and measure results. This firsthand experience with the limitations of existing tools motivated them to create Cardinal and provide a comprehensive solution.

Addressing the Problem: Simplifying Product Management

The product management process is complex, involving various stages and stakeholders. Cardinal addresses these challenges by offering the following solutions:

Managing Strategy
Cardinal provides a framework for product teams to define and manage their strategies effectively. Through time tracking, alignment with initiatives and stakeholders, product teams can ensure that their efforts are aligned with the overall business objectives. By centralizing strategy management within the Cardinal platform, teams can track progress, make data-driven decisions, and adapt their strategies as needed.

Methodology for Alignment
One of the key hurdles in product management is achieving alignment across multiple teams. Cardinal's methodology ensures that all teams work in a consistent and collaborative manner. By providing a standardized approach to product discovery, spec-ing, prioritization, and measurements, Cardinal minimizes miscommunication and maximizes efficiency. With Cardinal, product teams can eliminate silos, streamline workflows, and foster a culture of alignment.

Documentation & Knowledge Management
Knowledge management is crucial for sustainable growth and continuous improvement. Cardinal offers robust documentation and knowledge management features that empower teams to capture and leverage their collective wisdom. By providing easy access to historical data, past decisions, and lessons learned, Cardinal enables teams to build upon their previous successes and avoid repeating mistakes. This knowledge-centric approach promotes efficiency, and productivity, and fosters a learning culture within the organization.

Data & Insights-driven Decision Making
Cardinal understands the power of data in driving successful product development. By integrating with various systems and data sources, Cardinal enables product teams to set real-time, live goals and track their progress through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This data-driven approach ensures that product decisions are based on accurate insights, resulting in more informed and impactful feature releases. With Cardinal, teams can optimize their product strategies, measure their performance, and iterate based on real-time feedback.

Cardinal's Platform Features

Strategy Planning and Execution
Cardinal provides a comprehensive platform for product teams to plan, execute, and track their strategies. From setting long-term goals to break them down into actionable steps, Cardinal offers a seamless workflow that aligns teams and keeps everyone on the same page. The platform enables teams to prioritize initiatives, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress, ensuring that strategy execution remains on track.

Collaboration and Communication
Effective collaboration is at the heart of Cardinal's platform. The platform offers a centralized space for teams to communicate, share ideas, and collaborate on features. With features such as task management, document sharing, and real-time updates, Cardinal facilitates seamless teamwork and eliminates communication gaps. By fostering a collaborative environment, Cardinal empowers teams to work together efficiently and deliver high-quality features.

Metrics and Analytics
Cardinal understands the importance of measuring the impact of features and tracking key metrics. The platform provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that enable product teams to gain valuable insights into feature performance. By visualizing data trends, analyzing user behavior, and monitoring KPIs, teams can make data-driven decisions and iterate their features for maximum impact.

Integrations and Customizability
To cater to diverse workflows and existing systems, Cardinal offers integrations with popular tools and platforms. Whether it's project management software, customer feedback tools, or analytics platforms, Cardinal seamlessly connects with these systems, allowing teams to leverage their existing infrastructure. Furthermore, Cardinal provides customizable features and workflows, ensuring that product teams can tailor the platform to their specific needs and processes.

Cardinal's Vision for the Future

As Cardinal continues to evolve, the founders envision a future where product teams can thrive in a data-driven and collaborative environment. They aspire to be the go-to platform for product teams worldwide, empowering them to build measurable features and achieve their goals effectively. By leveraging emerging technologies, incorporating user feedback, and staying agile, Cardinal aims to continuously innovate and improve its platform to meet the evolving needs of product teams in a rapidly changing market.


Cardinal is a trailblazing start-up that is revolutionizing the way product teams build and ship features. By providing a comprehensive platform that enables strategy management, aligns teams, and promotes data-driven decision-making, Cardinal empowers product teams to overcome the challenges of product management. With a team of experienced founders who have navigated the complexities of leading product and engineering in successful companies, Cardinal brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to its platform.

Through Cardinal, product teams can manage their strategies, break them down into actionable goals, and track progress using real-time data and KPIs. The platform promotes alignment, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, ensuring that teams work cohesively towards common objectives. By integrating with various systems and offering robust analytics capabilities, Cardinal enables teams to make informed decisions based on accurate insights, ultimately leading to the development of impactful features.

Moving forward, Cardinal aims to expand its reach and become the industry standard for product teams worldwide. The founders envision a future where product management is simplified, collaboration is seamless, and data-driven decision-making is the norm. By continually innovating and adapting to the changing needs of product teams, Cardinal is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of product development.

In conclusion, Cardinal is a game-changer for product teams, providing them with the tools and capabilities they need to build measurable features and achieve data-driven goals. With its comprehensive platform, experienced founders, and commitment to innovation, Cardinal is well-positioned to revolutionize the way product teams operate. As the demands of the industry continue to evolve, Cardinal will remain at the forefront, empowering product teams to thrive and succeed in today's competitive landscape.