Cedana - Real-time save, move and resume for compute

Unlocking the Future of Compute: Cedana's Real-Time Compute Migration

In a world where the demand for computational power is ever-increasing, startups like Cedana are emerging as game-changers in the tech industry. But what exactly is Cedana, and how does it plan to revolutionize the way we approach compute jobs? Join us as we delve into the world of Cedana and explore how it aims to solve critical GPU performance and reliability issues, while also saving you time and money.

What Is Cedana?

Cedana, founded in the year 2023, is a startup with a mission to save, move, and resume compute jobs in real-time. This innovative company is based in the bustling tech hub of New York and boasts a team of four exceptional individuals who are poised to transform the way we think about computational workloads.

Meet the Founders

Neel Master: Neel serves as the CEO of Cedana and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Before co-founding Cedana, he held the role of CEO and co-founder at Engooden, a groundbreaking AI-powered chronic disease management company that achieved significant success with a Series B funding round. Neel has also worked as the VP of Corporate Development at Petra Systems, where he played a pivotal role in scaling the company's predictive smart grid and solar solutions. His expertise extends to large-scale, automated machine learning (ML) and computer vision systems, developed during his time at MIT CSAIL. With patents and publications in the field of AI and computer vision, Neel Master is a true visionary in the tech industry.

Niranjan Ravichandra: Niranjan is another key player in Cedana's success story. His track record includes hands-on experience in building real-world robotics and large-scale computer vision systems. Niranjan's journey has taken him to prominent organizations like 6 River Systems/Shopify and MIT. Notably, he has led the development and commercialization of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for clinical workflows, enhancing patient care. His expertise spans computer vision, computer graphics, robotics optimization, and spacecraft/aerospace controls, with a focus on AI applications for grid energy management, optimal battery control, and healthcare.

The Problem Cedana Aims to Solve

What are the critical challenges faced by organizations when it comes to compute jobs?

Before diving into Cedana's solution, it's crucial to understand the pain points that plague organizations reliant on compute-intensive tasks.

The Infra Dilemma

Imagine investing hours in a compute job, only to have it abruptly halted due to infrastructure issues. This scenario is all too familiar for many, resulting in valuable time and resources going down the drain.

Financial Stress

Poor utilization of resources leads to higher costs, which can be financially taxing. In the realm of GPU management, inefficient utilization translates to burning cash and missed opportunities for revenue generation, especially for companies managing vast clusters of GPUs.

Customer Satisfaction

For businesses offering compute solutions, cold start times can impact customer satisfaction and their willingness to rely on your services. Ensuring swift and seamless operation is vital to retaining clients.

GPU Accessibility

Locating and accessing GPUs can be a daunting task, often requiring significant time and effort to identify, evaluate, and adapt to different vendors. The scarcity of GPUs further compounds this challenge.

Cedana's Game-Changing Solution

How does Cedana plan to address these critical challenges?

Cedana has a clear and innovative solution: real-time migration for compute workloads. By automatically scheduling and moving these workloads across instances and vendors without disrupting operations, Cedana offers several significant benefits:

Maximizing Utilization

Cedana ensures that computational resources are maximized, minimizing idle time and reducing costs. This efficient utilization of resources is a key factor in Cedana's cost-saving capabilities.

Dynamic SLAs

Job-level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are dynamically allocated based on preferences. This means that compute resources are allocated to prioritize cost, latency, and performance, adapting to the specific needs of each job.

Fail-Safe Progress

No more restarting jobs from scratch due to infrastructure, pipeline, or memory failures. Cedana ensures that jobs can continue their progress even in the face of infrastructure failures or spot revocations.

Planet-Scale Compute

Cedana enables access to planet-scale compute resources through vendor aggregation, eliminating the challenges associated with limited GPU accessibility.

Eliminating Cold Start Problems

Cedana tackles the cold start problem by enabling fast auto-suspend-resume, ensuring that your compute jobs can resume swiftly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Automated Spot Management

With automated spot management, Cedana migrates and provisions new instances automatically upon revocation or failure, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

It's worth noting that giants like OpenAI, Meta, Microsoft, and Databricks have already embraced some of these methods internally, and Cedana is bringing these capabilities to everyone.

How Cedana Works

What's the technical nitty-gritty of Cedana's solution?

Cedana offers its services in two forms: as an open-source package and as a managed service. Here's how it operates:

  • Cedana requires no code modification and seamlessly works with Linux processes or containers.
  • Current use cases and customers span a wide range of industries, including AI Training and Inference, High-Performance Compute, DevTools, ML Ops platforms, and Computational Biology.
  • It automatically provisions and manages infrastructure using your existing credentials. If preferred, their managed service can leverage their vendor relationships to streamline operations.

The Stellar Team Behind Cedana's Success

Cedana's success wouldn't be possible without its dedicated team, which boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in various domains.

A Proven Track Record

The team at Cedana has hands-on experience in building real-world robotics and large-scale computer vision systems across different organizations. Notable stints at 6 River Systems/Shopify and MIT showcase their commitment to innovation.

Healthcare Transformation

Their journey also includes leading the development, commercialization, and scaling of NLP for clinical workflows. This transformation in healthcare workflows has had a tangible impact on patient care.

Wide Publication Portfolio

The team's diverse portfolio of publications spans computer vision, computer graphics, robotics optimization, and spacecraft/aerospace controls. Their work is not just theoretical; it's practical and aimed at solving real-world challenges.

AI Patents

Additionally, their expertise extends to AI use cases for grid energy management, optimal battery control, and healthcare, demonstrated by their patents in these areas.

In conclusion, Cedana is poised to revolutionize the world of compute jobs. With a visionary leadership team, innovative solutions, and a mission to eliminate the pain points associated with GPU performance, reliability, and cost, Cedana is on track to transform cloud compute into a real-time, arbitraged commodity. The future of compute is here, and it's powered by Cedana.