Certainly Health - Marketplace to shop for doctors with upfront out-of-pocket costs

The Healthcare Revolution: How Certainly Health is Putting an End to Surprise Medical Bills

Are surprise medical bills keeping you up at night? Do you find yourself delaying much-needed medical care due to fear of unexpected expenses? If so, you're not alone. In this era of soaring healthcare costs, many Americans are grappling with the same concerns. But fear not, because Certainly Health is here to revolutionize the way you book doctor appointments and ensure you never face those nasty surprise bills again.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Certainly Health

Before we dive into the details of this game-changing startup, let's meet the masterminds who conceived and built Certainly Health from the ground up.

Kevin Chiu: Co-founder and CEO

Kevin Chiu, the Co-founder and CEO of Certainly Health, brings an impressive track record to the table. Prior to embarking on this transformative journey, Kevin spent seven years at Uber. Notably, he was a founding member of the Uber Health team, which achieved a remarkable milestone by reaching $100 million in gross bookings in just two short years. With this wealth of experience, Kevin is well-equipped to lead Certainly Health into the future.

Daryl Sew: Co-founder and CTO

Daryl Sew, the Co-founder and CTO of Certainly Health, is a true polymath. He is a price transparency enthusiast, a game designer, and a roboticist. Daryl's journey before Certainly Health involved building a fine dining delivery marketplace called Taste, working on self-driving cars, and contributing to product development at tech giants like Snap, Google X, and Tesla. Daryl's diverse skill set and passion for innovation make him a driving force behind Certainly Health's cutting-edge technology.

The Personal Connection - Why Certainly Health Matters

But what motivated Kevin and Daryl to embark on this healthcare venture? The answer is deeply personal. Both founders have experienced the nightmare of receiving surprise medical bills amounting to thousands of dollars. These encounters were not just financial shocks but also poignant reminders of the broken healthcare system. With these painful experiences as their driving force, Kevin and Daryl are determined to solve this pervasive problem and bring relief to countless individuals facing similar challenges.

The Problem: Unraveling the Healthcare Dilemma

To truly appreciate the significance of Certainly Health, we must first understand the magnitude of the problem it aims to solve. Here's a snapshot of the healthcare dilemma in the United States:

  • Fear and Delay: Shockingly, 38% of Americans delay seeking medical care because of the looming fear of receiving exorbitant bills. This fear-driven procrastination can have severe consequences for one's health.
  • Surprise Bills Galore: A staggering 57% of Americans have encountered surprise medical bills at some point in their lives. These unexpected invoices wreak havoc on people's finances and can lead to crippling debt.
  • Price Disparity: Healthcare prices vary dramatically, with some providers charging 2 to 10 times more than others for the same services. Unfortunately, patients lack the means to compare upfront prices and choose the most affordable options.
  • Rising Deductibles: In recent years, 56% of American workers have been enrolled in high-deductible health plans. This trend has been steadily increasing, up from just 30% in 2013. Consequently, more individuals are becoming financially responsible for a larger share of their healthcare bills.

Certainly Health's Innovative Solution

Certainly Health is not just identifying problems; it's delivering tangible solutions that can reshape the healthcare landscape. Here's how:

  • A Marketplace for Smart Decisions: Certainly Health is a groundbreaking marketplace that empowers patients to book doctor appointments with upfront out-of-pocket cost transparency. No more guessing games—know what you'll pay before you step into the doctor's office.
  • Insurance Integration: With Certainly Health, you simply enter your insurance details, and the platform leverages the power of machine learning to predict and guarantee your out-of-pocket costs for any healthcare provider. Say goodbye to those unwelcome billing surprises.
  • Price Comparison Made Easy: Certainly Health allows you to compare prices across different doctors, helping you make informed decisions based on your budget and preferences.
  • No More Fear of Bills: By using Certainly Health, you can book the best healthcare option for your needs without the constant worry of surprise bills lurking in the background.

How Does Certainly Health Work?

Certainly Health has cracked the code to make healthcare pricing transparent and predictable. Here's a glimpse of their innovative approach:

  • Data-Driven Predictions: The platform utilizes a combination of data sources to predict out-of-pocket costs accurately. This includes payer-published rates for procedures, patient eligibility and benefits information, and a sophisticated online learning model that accounts for the vast variance among thousands of insurance plans.
  • Unlocking Transparency: The magic behind Certainly Health's success is partially attributed to the July 2022 Transparency in Coverage Rule. This rule mandates health insurance companies to disclose their prices, allowing Certainly Health to access the necessary data to make precise cost predictions.

Where Can You Experience Certainly Health?

Certainly Health is on a mission to transform the healthcare experience, but as of now, it's primarily focused on serving a specific location. Currently, you can access the benefits of Certainly Health's revolutionary platform if you're in New York City. However, with the vision and drive of its founders, there's no doubt that the reach of Certainly Health will expand in the future to serve people far and wide.

Beyond Basic Healthcare Services

Certainly Health doesn't stop at revolutionizing the booking of standard doctor appointments. This forward-thinking startup is extending its services to cater to your cosmetic needs. You can now compare prices and book cosmetic procedures such as Botox and microneedling, all with the same level of transparency and confidence that Certainly Health provides for medical appointments.

The Future of Healthcare Booking

As Certainly Health continues to make waves in the healthcare industry, one can't help but wonder about the future. With its commitment to transparency, innovation, and addressing the real pain points in healthcare, the possibilities are endless. Could this startup be the catalyst for a broader shift towards price transparency in healthcare nationwide? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—Certainly Health is poised to make a significant impact on how we access and pay for healthcare services.


In a world where healthcare costs are soaring, and surprise medical bills are a common nightmare, Certainly Health shines as a beacon of hope. Founded by industry veterans with a personal mission to fix a broken system, this innovative startup is redefining the way we book doctor appointments and empowering patients with transparency and confidence. With its unique approach to predicting and guaranteeing out-of-pocket costs, Certainly Health is not just a game-changer—it's a lifesaver for your finances and peace of mind. So, if you're tired of healthcare uncertainty, embrace the future with Certainly Health, and say goodbye to surprise medical bills once and for all.