Chatter - Dead simple LLM testing and iteration

Unlocking the Future of AI Testing: Chatter - Your Ultimate LLM Testing Companion

In a world driven by rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the potential of Language Models (LLMs) has taken center stage. Companies and developers are harnessing the power of LLMs to create innovative applications that understand and interact with human language. However, as with any revolutionary technology, challenges arise, and one startup is on a mission to tackle a critical aspect of this domain - LLM testing and iteration. Enter Chatter, the Postman for LLMs, revolutionizing how companies and developers ensure the accuracy and performance of their LLM-powered applications.

Unveiling Chatter: Shaping the LLM Testing Landscape

Founded by Visionaries: Anish Agrawal and Kasyap Chakra

At the heart of Chatter's journey are two brilliant minds, Anish Agrawal and Kasyap Chakra. Anish, the Co-founder and CEO, boasts a strong background in AI/ML and robotics, having pursued his studies in Computer Science and Robotics at UPenn. Prior to Chatter, Anish contributed his expertise as a Software Engineer at prominent companies like Autodesk and Mojo Vision. Kasyap Chakra, driven by a passion to revolutionize LLM testing, joins Anish in this endeavor, working tirelessly to help companies achieve unparalleled accuracy and performance in their LLM applications.

Addressing a Growing Need: The Birth of Chatter

The Chatter journey commenced with a serendipitous meeting between Anish and Kasyap at UPenn. Deep diving into the world of Language Models, they embarked on projects that illuminated a pressing issue - the need for efficient and comprehensive LLM testing. As LLMs began to permeate various industries, the importance of accurate responses and the potential pitfalls of hallucinations became paramount. Recognizing the challenges, Anish and Kasyap channeled their collective expertise to build Chatter, a platform designed to empower developers and companies in their quest for LLM perfection.

Unraveling Chatter: Pioneering LLM Testing Like Never Before

For Whom the Chatter Resounds: Catering to Developers and Companies

Chatter's resonance is far-reaching, catering to a diverse audience united by their dedication to harnessing the capabilities of LLMs. If you're a developer or a company invested in crafting LLM-powered applications, refining prompts, and meticulously evaluating accuracy and performance, Chatter is poised to become your ultimate testing ally.

Decoding Chatter's Inner Workings: A Symphony of Innovation

Build / Iterate Fast, with all the features you need
Chatter empowers users to create and refine with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The platform offers a plethora of features that facilitate the iterative process without requiring a single line of code. From multiple foundation models to LLM chaining, formatted responses to Jinja2 prompt templating, and parameter tuning to name a few, Chatter equips you with an arsenal of tools to sculpt your LLMs to perfection.

Test on hundreds of inputs, with automatic evaluation
A comprehensive testing suite is at the heart of LLM excellence, and Chatter ensures that no stone is left unturned. Building a test suite of any magnitude is effortlessly achieved, and a single click sets the evaluation process in motion. Asserting accuracy and performance is streamlined, with automatic evaluation employing a spectrum of methodologies, from regular expressions to LLM-powered techniques. Every aspect is meticulously tracked and versioned, consolidating the evaluation process for seamless comparison.

Collaborate: Where Collective Brilliance Meets LLM Perfection
The power of collaboration is harnessed to its fullest potential with Chatter. Domain experts, customer success teams, and stakeholders can seamlessly join forces, engaging in shared workspaces where collective brilliance fuels the refinement process. Results are scrutinized, user feedback is incorporated, and the end product emerges as a testament to collaborative ingenuity.

Elevating LLM Testing: The Chatter Way

As the curtains rise on the Chatter experience, users are greeted by a platform that bridges the gap between innovation and precision. Whether you're a startup aiming to disrupt an industry or an established enterprise seeking to optimize customer interactions, Chatter offers an array of benefits that redefine LLM testing:

Efficiency Amplified: Rapid Prototyping and Iteration

Chatter's feature-rich environment obliterates traditional barriers, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration. Say goodbye to intricate coding and complex configurations. Chatter brings efficiency to the forefront, allowing developers to focus on refining their LLMs without getting bogged down by technical intricacies.

Confidence in Accuracy: Thorough and Systematic Testing

Accuracy is the cornerstone of LLM success, and Chatter ensures no compromise. With the ability to construct comprehensive test suites and employ automatic evaluation mechanisms, developers and companies gain confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their LLM-powered applications.

Collaborative Genius: Nurturing Excellence Through Shared Insights

Chatter embraces the power of collaboration as a driving force behind LLM excellence. By seamlessly integrating domain experts, QA teams, and other stakeholders, Chatter transforms testing into a collective endeavor, where insights are shared, and innovative solutions emerge.

Joining the Chatter Movement: A Step Towards LLM Excellence

Embrace the Future with Chatter

As Chatter unfurls its wings and takes flight, the world of LLM testing undergoes a transformative evolution. Developers and companies no longer need to grapple with the complexities of LLM accuracy and performance in isolation. Chatter emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the path to LLM excellence with its intuitive platform, collaborative prowess, and innovative approach to testing and iteration.

Start Your Chatter Journey Today

Embark on your journey toward LLM perfection with Chatter by your side. Whether you're a startup seeking to make a lasting impact or an established enterprise aiming to refine your LLM-powered applications, Chatter's comprehensive suite of features, seamless collaboration capabilities, and commitment to accuracy will propel you towards success.

In a world where LLMs redefine human-computer interactions, Chatter paves the way for a future where testing and iteration are seamless, accurate, and collaborative. Join the Chatter movement today and unlock the true potential of your LLM-powered applications.


Chatter, the brainchild of visionaries Anish Agrawal and Kasyap Chakra, is poised to revolutionize the landscape of LLM testing and iteration. With a dedication to accuracy, performance, and collaboration, Chatter empowers developers and companies to navigate the complexities of LLM-powered applications with unparalleled confidence. As the AI and ML domain continues to evolve, Chatter stands as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence in the world of Language Models. Embark on your Chatter journey today and embark on a path to LLM perfection like never before.