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Revolutionizing Telecom Construction: Clad's Software for Faster Internet Infrastructure

In the ever-expanding world of telecommunications, the demand for high-speed internet is reaching unprecedented levels. As the industry continues to grow, telecom companies are faced with the challenge of finding and managing skilled subcontractors efficiently. This is where Clad, a New York-based start-up founded in 2022, steps in with its groundbreaking contractor management software. With a mission to streamline the construction process and eliminate outdated practices, Clad aims to transform the way telcos build and expand their networks. This article explores the innovative solutions offered by Clad and its visionary founder, Jason Rudin, as they strive to revolutionize the telecom construction industry.

The Challenge of Telecom Construction

The rapid expansion of networks driven by remote work and increased investment has led to a surge in demand for high-speed internet. Telecom companies heavily rely on subcontractors to undertake construction projects efficiently. However, the conventional methods of managing subcontractors, such as spreadsheets and phone calls, have proven to be inefficient and error-prone. These outdated practices pose significant challenges, including difficulties in finding qualified contractors, budget overruns, and delays in project completion.

Introducing Clad's Innovative Solution

Clad has emerged as a subcontractor management platform designed explicitly for the telecom construction industry. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools, Clad aims to streamline every aspect of the construction process, from bidding and qualification to progress tracking and invoicing. By eliminating time-consuming back-office functions, Clad enables telecom companies to bid, manage, and pay their construction subcontractors seamlessly. This integration of various functionalities into a single system simplifies workflows, saves time and money, and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Unveiling Clad's Features and Benefits

Clad's software provides a range of features tailored to address the pain points of telecom construction. It allows telecom companies to efficiently bid out and qualify subcontractors, ensuring that only qualified professionals are hired for the job. Moreover, Clad's platform facilitates streamlined progress tracking, providing real-time visibility into project milestones and potential roadblocks. The system also simplifies the creation, approval, and payment of invoices, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional methods. By automating these processes, Clad empowers telecom companies to focus on the core aspects of construction, reducing administrative burden and accelerating project timelines.

Founder Spotlight - Jason Rudin

Jason Rudin, the founder and CEO of Clad, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the company's mission of revolutionizing telecom construction. Prior to establishing Clad, Jason served as a Product Manager at Instagram and worked as a consultant at McKinsey. With a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen, Jason recognized the urgent need to address the inefficiencies plaguing the subcontractor management process. Inspired by his mother's experiences working in the telco industry, he embarked on a journey to transform the status quo and create a better future for construction projects.

Clad's Expansion Plans and the Road Ahead

While Clad's initial focus is on enhancing telecom construction processes, the start-up has grand ambitions for the future. By building a data moat that powers the industry's spending, Clad envisions an opportunity worth over $3 billion. The ultimate goal is to expand beyond internet infrastructure and empower the construction of all critical infrastructure projects. By optimizing the construction of essential networks, Clad aims to accelerate the development of the backbone that supports our modern world.

Clad's Impact on the Telecom Industry

Transforming Telecom Construction:
Clad's innovative software has the potential to revolutionize the telecom construction industry by addressing the inherent challenges and inefficiencies that have persisted for decades. By streamlining the management of subcontractors, Clad enables telecom companies to lay fiber faster, reduce costs, and mitigate project risks.

Accelerating Project Timelines:
One of the primary advantages of using Clad's software is the significant reduction in project timelines. By digitizing and automating various construction processes, telecom companies can eliminate the bottlenecks caused by manual paperwork and communication gaps. Real-time progress tracking, streamlined communication channels, and automated workflows ensure that projects progress smoothly and efficiently. This acceleration in project timelines allows telecom companies to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet while staying ahead of the competition.

Cost Savings and Budget Optimization:
Traditional subcontractor management methods often lead to budget overruns and unexpected expenses. Clad's software helps address this issue by providing transparent and accurate cost estimations, streamlining payment processes, and minimizing errors in invoicing. By optimizing budget allocation and reducing unnecessary expenditures, telecom companies can achieve significant cost savings, enhancing their financial stability and profitability.

Improved Contractor Quality and Retention:
Finding and retaining high-quality contractors has been a persistent challenge for telecom companies. Clad's platform offers tools to simplify the qualification and vetting process, ensuring that only qualified and reliable subcontractors are selected for projects. The ability to track performance and access historical data on subcontractors further assists in making informed decisions when assigning future projects. By fostering better contractor relationships and maintaining a reliable network of subcontractors, telecom companies can enhance the overall quality of their construction projects.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication:
Clad's software serves as a centralized platform that facilitates seamless collaboration and communication between telecom companies and subcontractors. By replacing fragmented email threads and spreadsheets, Clad offers a unified system that enables real-time information sharing, task assignments, and document management. This improved collaboration ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page, reducing miscommunications and errors that can lead to project delays or rework. The enhanced transparency and clarity fostered by Clad's platform help build trust and strengthen relationships among project participants.

Driving Industry Standards and Innovation:
Clad's dedication to transforming the telecom construction industry extends beyond its immediate impact on individual projects. By introducing modern and efficient practices, Clad is driving industry-wide standards and encouraging other players to adopt similar approaches. This shift towards digitization and automation has the potential to unlock further innovation and advancements in construction methodologies. As more telecom companies embrace Clad's software, the industry as a whole will experience improved efficiency, accelerated growth, and a higher quality of infrastructure development.


Clad, a pioneering start-up based in New York, is making waves in the telecom construction industry with its innovative subcontractor management software. By addressing the challenges associated with traditional construction practices, Clad is empowering telecom companies to build the internet faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. With its comprehensive suite of tools, Clad streamlines bidding, qualification, progress tracking, and invoicing, eliminating the time-consuming back-office functions that hinder project timelines. Led by founder Jason Rudin's vision, Clad aims to expand its impact beyond internet infrastructure and revolutionize the construction of critical infrastructure projects. As Clad continues to disrupt the industry, it is driving the adoption of modern practices, fostering collaboration, and fueling innovation in the telecom construction space. With Clad's software, the future of telecom construction looks promising, enabling the rapid development of the backbone that supports our increasingly connected world.