Constant - private credit investment platform

Unlocking the Power of Private Credit: Constant Puts Investors in Control

Private credit, a $1.4 trillion asset class, has long been the domain of institutions and ultra-wealthy individuals. However, Constant, a pioneering start-up founded in 2023, is changing the game by providing financial advisors and high-net-worth individuals with access to top private credit funds. With their innovative platform, Constant aims to democratize private credit investments, allowing a wider range of investors to benefit from this lucrative asset class. In this article, we will explore Constant's mission, delve into the background of its founder, and examine the problem it solves for investors.

Meet the Visionary Behind Constant

Ben Sender, the mastermind behind Constant, has an impressive background in the investment industry. With experience at renowned institutions such as Silver Point, J.P. Morgan, Blackstone, and T. Rowe Price, Ben possesses a deep understanding of the power of private credit. Inspired by his time in the industry, Ben recognized the untapped potential of private credit and set out to make it accessible to a wider audience. Armed with a Summa Cum Laude degree in economics and computer science from Princeton, Ben is well-equipped to navigate the intersection of finance and technology.

The Launch of Constant

Constant burst onto the scene with a bold proposition: to offer investors the opportunity to earn 10%+ yields by investing in top-tier private credit funds. By creating a private credit investment platform specifically designed for financial advisors and high-net-worth individuals, Constant aims to bridge the gap between these investors and the world of private credit. With their curated selection of high-quality funds and user-friendly technology, Constant empowers investors to navigate the complexities of private credit with ease.

The Problem: Limited Access to Private Credit

While private credit presents an attractive investment opportunity, the majority of investors have been unable to participate in this asset class. Several challenges have contributed to the limited access:

Lack of expertise and relationships: Many investors lack the necessary knowledge and connections to identify and invest in the best private credit funds. Constant recognizes this gap and provides users with a carefully curated selection of high-quality funds.

Time-consuming administrative work: Managing investments in private credit can be a time-consuming process, often involving extensive paperwork and administrative tasks. Constant's platform streamlines this process, allowing investors to focus on making informed allocation decisions without being burdened by administrative complexities.

High minimum investment requirements: Private credit funds typically impose high minimum investment thresholds, often reaching millions of dollars. This poses a significant barrier for individual investors who may not have the capital to meet these requirements. Constant addresses this challenge by pooling client capital, enabling smaller investors to access funds they would otherwise be unable to invest in.

The Constant Solution: Democratizing Private Credit Investments

Constant's platform offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by investors seeking exposure to private credit. By harnessing the power of technology and their expertise in the field, Constant provides a user-friendly interface that guides investors through the complexities of private credit funds. Even those with zero experience in this asset class can make informed allocation decisions confidently.

One of the key advantages of Constant's platform is its ability to pool client capital, effectively reducing the minimum investment requirements. By aggregating investments, Constant empowers smaller investors to access funds that were previously out of reach. This democratization of private credit investments opens the door to a broader range of investors, unlocking the potential for higher returns and diversification.

Unlocking the Potential of Private Credit

Private credit offers compelling benefits that investors can now unlock through Constant's platform. Let's explore some of these advantages:

Strong risk-adjusted returns: Over the last 20 years, private credit has demonstrated an annual return of approximately 10%, outperforming public loans, which averaged around 6% annually. What makes private credit particularly attractive is that it has achieved higher returns while maintaining lower risk and experiencing fewer loan losses. By including private credit in their portfolios, investors can enhance their risk-adjusted returns and potentially achieve their financial goals more effectively.

Hedge against market volatility: Private credit has a low correlation with other asset classes such as stocks and bonds. This low correlation provides strong diversification benefits, allowing private credit to act as a hedge against market volatility. When traditional asset classes experience downturns, private credit has historically shown resilience, making it an excellent option for investors seeking to reduce the overall risk in their portfolios.

Hedge against inflation: Interest rates for private credit loans automatically adjust with broader inflation and interest rates. This inherent feature of private credit investments provides protection against macroeconomic changes and inflationary pressures. As inflation rises, private credit investments can adapt, ensuring that investors' returns remain in line with the prevailing economic conditions.

Durable return premium: Private credit is known for its relative illiquidity compared to traditional asset classes. However, investors are compensated for this illiquidity through higher returns. This creates a durable return premium that can contribute to long-term outperformance. By allocating a portion of their portfolios to private credit, investors can benefit from this persistent return premium, further enhancing their overall investment performance.

Recognized by institutions and ultra-wealthy investors: The private credit industry has experienced remarkable growth, expanding by over 350% since 2010. This growth can be attributed to the recognition of the benefits and potential of private credit by institutional investors and ultra-wealthy individuals. These seasoned investors have long understood the value of private credit in diversifying their portfolios and generating attractive risk-adjusted returns. With Constant's platform, individual investors now have the opportunity to tap into the same asset class and enjoy similar benefits.

Conclusion: Empowering Investors with Constant

Constant is revolutionizing the investment landscape by democratizing access to private credit. With their private credit investment platform, Constant enables financial advisors and high-net-worth individuals to invest in top-tier private credit funds, unlocking the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns, diversification, inflation protection, and a durable return premium.

By leveraging their curated selection of high-quality funds and user-friendly technology, Constant addresses the challenges faced by investors, such as limited expertise, administrative burdens, and high minimum investment requirements. Their platform empowers investors to navigate the complexities of private credit with confidence, regardless of their prior experience in this asset class.

As private credit continues to gain recognition as a valuable component of a well-diversified portfolio, Constant stands at the forefront, facilitating the inclusion of this asset class in investment strategies. With their innovative approach and commitment to empowering investors, Constant is poised to reshape the investment landscape and open doors to a wider range of opportunities.

As the investment world evolves, Constant remains dedicated to providing investors with the tools, knowledge, and access they need to navigate the private credit market successfully. Through Constant, investors can take control of their financial future, unlock the potential of private credit, and achieve their investment goals with confidence.