Deekard - Instant answers from your database with AI

Revolutionizing Data Analytics: Deekard's AI-Powered Database Insights

In an era where data drives decision-making, businesses strive to harness the power of their databases for valuable insights. However, many enterprises face common challenges - long waits for data requests, SQL complexities, and a lack of database documentation. Deekard, a Berlin-based startup founded in 2022, aims to tackle these issues head-on with its cutting-edge AI-powered data analytics platform. In this article, we'll dive deep into Deekard, exploring its founders, the problems it addresses, and the innovative solutions it offers.

Who Are the Visionaries Behind Deekard?

Deekard's journey begins with the vision and expertise of its two co-founders, Tammo Rukat and Dustin Lange.

Tammo Rukat: A Visionary in Applied Science

Tammo Rukat, co-founder of Deekard, boasts an impressive background as an Applied Science Manager at Amazon. During his tenure, he led a team of Scientists and Engineers focused on enhancing the product search experience through algorithm development. Tammo's journey also includes work as an Applied Scientist, with a particular emphasis on Machine Learning (ML) for data quality. With a PhD in Statistical Machine Learning from the University of Oxford and a research background in Medical Physics, Tammo brings a wealth of knowledge to Deekard's AI-driven mission.

Dustin Lange: A Pioneer in Database Systems

Dustin Lange, the other co-founder, brings 8.5 years of invaluable industry experience at Amazon to the table. His roles as a Machine Learning Scientist and Applied Science Manager were marked by groundbreaking achievements. Dustin founded a team that developed tools for data quality measurement and cleaning, including Deequ, a project that garnered over 2.4k stars on GitHub. Moreover, his contributions extended to owning data products that powered Amazon's product search page, catering to millions of daily users. Dustin's educational background includes a PhD in database systems from the prestigious Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany.

What Problem Does Deekard Address?

Deekard identifies the pain points that data-driven businesses commonly encounter and offers a robust solution.

The Waiting Game:

One of the most significant issues Deekard addresses is the agonizing wait for data requests. Many businesses find themselves in a queue, relying on data teams that are often overwhelmed with requests. This leads to delays in updating critical dashboards or addressing ad-hoc data inquiries.

No Time to Write SQL:

Running database queries shouldn't be a complex and time-consuming task. Deekard recognizes that business leaders have their plates full with strategic decisions and don't have the luxury to become SQL experts. Yet, understanding and utilizing databases should be straightforward, not a guessing game.

Documentation Woes:

Data is only valuable if you understand it, and Deekard acknowledges the common absence of documentation in data warehouses. This lack of clarity makes it difficult to discern the contents of columns, leaving users unsure if they're extracting the data they actually need.

How Does Deekard Provide the Solution?

Deekard leverages the power of AI to offer a transformative data analytics experience. Here's how it works:

Requests in Plain English:

Deekard simplifies the process of querying databases. Users can start with their requests in natural language, and Deekard's AI engine seamlessly translates these requests into a database query. This approach eliminates the need for users to become SQL experts. For those who prefer more control, Deekard offers a graphical query builder. Additionally, users can switch to SQL mode and back at their convenience, offering flexibility in querying.

Explore Your Database:

Understanding what's inside your database is crucial, and Deekard recognizes this by automatically profiling your data. This process not only provides clarity but also creates documentation where it's lacking. With a comprehensive understanding of your data, you can craft queries that yield accurate results.

Team Collaboration:

Deekard isn't just for individuals; it's designed for team collaboration. The AI-powered query editor can be shared with your entire team, breaking down data silos. Team members can instantly reuse database connections and pose their own questions, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Why Deekard Stands Out

Deekard's approach to data analytics distinguishes it from the competition.

The Power of AI:

Deekard's AI capabilities are at the core of its effectiveness. By allowing users to express their queries in plain English and automatically generating database queries, Deekard democratizes data access. This AI-driven approach empowers users at all levels of technical expertise to harness the full potential of their data.

Data Profiling and Documentation:

The automatic data profiling and documentation creation set Deekard apart. In a world where data understanding is paramount, Deekard ensures that you not only query your data but truly comprehend it. This leads to more accurate insights and informed decision-making.


Deekard recognizes that data analysis is seldom a solitary endeavor. Collaboration is key, and Deekard's ability to facilitate team-wide data exploration and sharing is a game-changer. It streamlines communication, reduces bottlenecks, and accelerates the decision-making process.

How to Get Started with Deekard

Getting started with Deekard is a breeze, and here's a simple guide to kickstart your data-driven journey:

Sign Up:

Visit the Deekard website and sign up for an account. You'll need to provide some basic information to create your profile.

Connect Your Database:

Once you're logged in, connect your database to Deekard. The platform supports various database systems, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

Ask Your Questions:

Now comes the fun part. Start asking your burning questions in plain English. Deekard's AI engine will translate your queries into database actions, making the process effortless.

Explore Your Data:

Take advantage of Deekard's automatic data profiling to gain insights into your database. This step will help you refine your queries and understand your data better.

Share with Your Team:

Don't keep the insights to yourself. Share the AI-powered query editor with your team members. They can instantly access the database connection and contribute their own queries and insights.

Deekard's Future Vision

As Deekard continues to evolve, its founders have a clear vision for the future.

Enhanced AI Capabilities:

Deekard plans to further enhance its AI capabilities, making the platform even more intuitive and user-friendly. The goal is to make data analysis accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background.

Integration with More Data Sources:

The platform aims to expand its compatibility with various data sources, ensuring that users can connect and analyze data from a wide range of systems seamlessly.

Advanced Collaboration Tools:

Deekard is committed to strengthening its collaboration features, making it the go-to tool for teams looking to harness the power of their data collectively.


In a data-driven world, Deekard emerges as a beacon of hope for businesses seeking rapid, accurate, and collaborative data analysis. Founded by visionaries with deep expertise in AI, data science, and database systems, Deekard redefines how we interact with our data. By addressing the common challenges of waiting times, SQL complexities, and documentation gaps, Deekard paves the way for a future where data insights are accessible to all. As this Berlin-based startup continues its journey, its fusion of AI and database analytics promises to reshape industries and empower decision-makers across the globe.