Double - Background research on sales prospects by searching the web with LLMs

Unleashing the Power of AI: Double - Revolutionizing Sales Prospect Research

Revolutionizing Sales Prospect Research

Are you exhausted by the relentless hours spent poring over sales prospects, combing through a labyrinth of news articles, LinkedIn profiles, and corporate websites? Imagine a world where this painstaking process is no longer a burden. Introducing Double, a trailblazing start-up that's rewriting the rules for sales teams. Founded in the transformative year of 2022 by the visionary minds of Wesley Yue and Gonzalo Espinoza Graham, Double emerges as a beacon of innovation. This dynamic venture harnesses the extraordinary capabilities of Language Models (LLMs) to craft verifiable responses to hyper-focused, qualifying inquiries about potential prospects. In this comprehensive exploration, we immerse ourselves in the realm of Double, uncovering its profound influence on simplifying background research for sales professionals. Moreover, we delve into the reasons behind its poised disruption of traditional prospect analysis methodologies.

Genesis of Innovation in Redwood City

Nestled in the bustling heart of Redwood City, California, the seeds of Double were sown. This brainchild of Wesley Yue and Gonzalo Espinoza Graham was conceived with an audacious mission: to revolutionize the way sales teams access intelligence about their prospects. A mere two individuals constitute the foundation of Double's pioneering journey, yet the transformative potential of their venture defies the conventional boundaries of team size. Diving into the background of Double's founders unveils an impressive tapestry of innovation. Wesley Yue, a luminary in his own right, boasts a resumé enriched by his co-founding role in Ninja—an avant-garde last-mile robotics enterprise that seamlessly evolved into a comprehensive, full-stack grocery delivery service. Furthermore, Yue's involvement with esteemed robotics teams, such as Waymo, Kodiak, and Kitty Hawk, solidifies his position as a trailblazer in the realm of technology. Gonzalo Espinoza Graham, an integral part of this dynamic duo, contributes a wealth of expertise cultivated through diverse entrepreneurial ventures, enhancing the foundation of Double's genesis.

The Power of Double: Redefining Prospect Analysis

At the heart of Double's innovative prowess lies a transformative solution, one that equips sales teams with the tools to surmount a pervasive challenge—efficiently researching and qualifying prospects. The landscape of traditional prospect analysis often unfurls a tedious narrative of manual Googling, extensive reading, and intricate formatting. This labyrinthine process not only consumes valuable time but also adds a layer of complexity that can impede the fluidity of the sales cycle. Enter Double, a revolutionary approach that reimagines this landscape entirely.

Central to Double's paradigm shift is the strategic integration of Language Models (LLMs) into the prospect analysis ecosystem. Unlike conventional methods that are susceptible to human errors and the limitations of time, Double employs LLMs to navigate the expanse of the web. By doing so, it compiles verifiable answers laden with citations, an ingenious feature that establishes Double as a pinnacle of accuracy and reliability. This unique blend of cutting-edge technology and precision positions Double as a beacon of innovation in the realm of sales prospect research.

Effortless Prospect Research with Double

For sales professionals, the art of securing clients hinges on the ability to amass precise and up-to-the-minute information about potential leads. The traditional avenues of sourcing this data are fraught with challenges—limited search capabilities, the overwhelming volume of data to sift through, and the ever-present risk of overlooking critical details. Here's where Double emerges as a game-changing ally.

Double's approach to prospect research is nothing short of revolutionary. Leveraging the prowess of Language Models (LLMs), Double transcends the confines of traditional research methodologies. It traverses diverse sources with unparalleled efficiency, spanning news articles, LinkedIn profiles, company websites, financial disclosures, press releases, and more. In a world where manual, one-by-one research can grind the sales process to a halt, Double offers a panoramic view, collating answers and insights in bulk. This monumental shift in approach translates into a cascade of benefits for sales teams—hours of saved time, increased accuracy, and the agility to navigate a competitive landscape with unparalleled finesse.

Double's impact goes beyond mere time savings. It elevates the quality of prospect research, allowing sales professionals to unlock a deeper understanding of potential clients. Armed with meticulously curated data, sales teams can craft personalized pitches that resonate with the distinct needs and aspirations of each prospect. This shift from quantity to quality inherently enhances conversion rates and solidifies relationships with clients, underpinning the pivotal role that Double plays in shaping the trajectory of sales operations.

Targeting Hyper-Focused Questions

Double's capabilities shine particularly when it comes to answering hyper-focused qualifying questions. Let's take an example: Imagine you're selling tools for remote work and your target is remote-first companies. Traditional platforms like Crunchbase and LinkedIn might lack filters for such specific criteria. This leaves sales teams with two suboptimal options: broadly targeting companies with the hope of finding remote-first ones (leading to poor conversion rates), or tediously Googling each company individually. Double presents an innovative third option – leveraging LLMs to search the web and compile verifiable answers with citations. This not only improves conversion rates but also enhances the overall prospecting process.

Repeat Founders, Proven Success

Wesley Yue and Gonzalo Espinoza Graham bring a wealth of experience to the table. Their journey started at Waterloo, where they studied engineering. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for their subsequent accomplishments. They went on to work on autonomous vehicles at industry giants like Waymo and Tesla, gaining invaluable insights into cutting-edge technology. The success story continued with the creation of Ninja, Canada's pioneering 10-minute delivery service. Ninja managed to raise $2 million in funding and established a presence in two cities with a team of over 80 couriers before being acquired in 2022.


Double is not just a start-up; it's a game-changer for the sales industry. By harnessing the power of Language Models and combining it with the experience of its visionary founders, Double streamlines prospect research, saving time, increasing accuracy, and enhancing conversion rates. Sales teams can now say goodbye to hours of manual research and hello to a future where hyper-focused questions are answered with the click of a button. As Double continues to make waves in the sales tech landscape, it's clear that the prospect research paradigm is undergoing a transformation – and Double is leading the charge.