Ecliptor - Unlocking revenue for devtools by finding product champions with AI.

Ecliptor's AI Magic: Converting Free Tier Users to Enterprise Clients

What is Ecliptor and How Did It Start?

Ecliptor, a cutting-edge startup founded in 2023, is revolutionizing the way devtools identify and engage with potential buyers. Based in San Francisco, this innovative company was co-founded by Andre Fu and Nanki Grewal, two former ML engineers from Twitch who saw a significant gap in the market. They realized that modern sales tools were not effectively capturing product-led growth (PLG) and bottoms-up engagement across various touchpoints. This realization led them to create Ecliptor, which unifies and de-anonymizes developer profiles across platforms like GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter, integrating this data with product usage to surface highly engaged product champions.

How Did Ecliptor's Founders Come Together?

Andre Fu and Nanki Grewal, the active founders of Ecliptor, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Andre, the CEO, has a background in Machine Intelligence from the University of Toronto, where he published several papers in prestigious conferences such as CVPR, ICCV, and NeurIPS. Before starting Ecliptor, he worked on product development at Microsoft and machine learning at Twitch. Known for his diverse interests, Andre is also a former pilot and a top Tetris player.

Nanki, the CTO, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from the University of Michigan, where he focused on machine learning and system design. His professional journey includes roles as an ML engineer on Twitch's Recommendations team, product internships at Nutanix, and IoT engineering at GE. Outside of work, Nanki enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring new recipes.

Their combined experience in machine learning, product design, and devtools, along with their shared challenges in selling devtools, inspired them to create Ecliptor.

What Problems Does Ecliptor Solve?

Ecliptor addresses several key challenges faced by devtool companies, particularly in understanding and optimizing the buyer's journey. Traditional sales tools often fall short in capturing the nuanced engagement of developers across multiple touchpoints, leading to missed opportunities and inefficient sales efforts. Here are some specific problems Ecliptor aims to solve:

Why is the Devtool Buying Journey Dark?

One of the main issues devtool companies face is the lack of visibility into their users' buying journey. Without clear insights into where users are coming from, how they are discovering the product, and their engagement level, it becomes difficult to optimize the sales funnel effectively. Ecliptor solves this problem by unifying data from various interaction sources, providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

How Do Free Tiers Complicate Enterprise Conversion?

Many devtools offer a free tier to attract developers, but converting these users into paying enterprise customers can be challenging. The anonymous nature of user interactions and the difficulty in identifying high-intent users within the free tier often result in missed conversion opportunities. Ecliptor de-anonymizes these interactions, surfaces enterprise prospects based on their actions, and helps companies reach out to the right users at the right time.

Why Do Traditional Outbound Efforts Fail?

Sending cold sales emails that don't resonate with the recipient is a common pain point. These generic emails rarely lead to opens, replies, or booked calls, wasting time and resources. Ecliptor hyper-personalizes outbound messages using profile and interaction data, ensuring that only qualified leads receive emails tailored to their specific interests and behaviors.

How Does Ecliptor Work?

Ecliptor leverages artificial intelligence to identify and engage with high-intent developer leads across various touchpoints. The process involves several key steps:

How Does Ecliptor Unify and De-anonymize Profiles?

Ecliptor integrates data from multiple platforms such as GitHub, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, and website documentation visits. By unifying this data, Ecliptor creates detailed profiles of developers, de-anonymizing their interactions and providing a clear picture of their engagement with the devtool. This comprehensive view helps identify which users are genuinely interested and likely to convert.

What Role Does Interaction Data Play?

Interaction data is crucial in determining user intent. Ecliptor parses this data to identify the highest intent companies and users. By analyzing how developers interact with the product, Ecliptor can surface those who show significant interest and are likely to be valuable leads. This data-driven approach ensures that companies focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.

How Does Hyper-Personalization Improve Outbound Messaging?

Ecliptor uses the rich profile and interaction data to hyper-personalize outbound messages. These messages are not generic sales pitches but tailored communications that resonate with the recipient's interests and needs. By integrating with the company's CRM, Ecliptor ensures that these personalized messages are delivered to the right prospects at the right time, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Who Are the Active Founders Behind Ecliptor?

Who is Andre Fu?

Andre Fu, the co-founder and CEO of Ecliptor, has a distinguished background in machine learning and product development. His academic journey in Machine Intelligence at the University of Toronto, coupled with his experience at Microsoft and Twitch, has equipped him with the skills to lead Ecliptor. Andre's passion for technology and innovation is matched by his diverse interests, including piloting and competitive gaming.

Who is Nanki Grewal?

Nanki Grewal, the co-founder and CTO of Ecliptor, brings a wealth of knowledge in machine learning, system design, and product development. His academic background from the University of Michigan and professional experience at Twitch, Nutanix, and GE have shaped his expertise. Outside of his technical pursuits, Nanki enjoys outdoor activities and exploring culinary adventures.

What Has Ecliptor Achieved So Far?

What Was Ecliptor's Launch Like?

Since its launch, Ecliptor has made significant strides in helping devtool companies increase their enterprise conversions. By identifying and engaging with high-intent developer leads, Ecliptor has enabled companies to optimize their sales processes and achieve better results. The startup's innovative approach has garnered attention and praise from the industry, positioning it as a game-changer in the devtool space.

How Has Ecliptor Impacted Enterprise Conversions?

Ecliptor's ability to surface ready-to-buy enterprise developer prospects with AI has led to a notable increase in conversions for its clients. By providing a unified view of the customer journey and personalizing outbound messages, Ecliptor has helped devtool companies close more deals and achieve their sales goals. This impact is a testament to the effectiveness of Ecliptor's approach and the value it brings to the table.

What Are the Future Plans for Ecliptor?

Looking ahead, Ecliptor aims to continue innovating and expanding its capabilities. The company plans to further refine its AI algorithms, enhance its data integration capabilities, and explore new ways to support devtool companies in their sales efforts. With a strong foundation and a clear vision, Ecliptor is well-positioned to lead the charge in transforming how devtools engage with their prospects and drive conversions.


Ecliptor is a pioneering startup that addresses a critical need in the devtool industry. By unifying and de-anonymizing developer profiles across various touchpoints and leveraging AI to surface high-intent leads, Ecliptor provides devtool companies with the insights and tools they need to optimize their sales processes. With experienced founders Andre Fu and Nanki Grewal at the helm, Ecliptor is poised for continued success and innovation in the years to come.