EdgeBit - Secure your software supply chain

Securing Your Software Supply Chain: An In-Depth Look at EdgeBit

In an era where software is the backbone of virtually every industry, ensuring the security of your software supply chain is paramount. With dependencies for software products growing exponentially, it's becoming increasingly challenging to maintain control and security over these digital assets. Enter EdgeBit, a dynamic security platform that's revolutionizing the way we protect our software supply chains. In this article, we'll explore what EdgeBit is, who's behind it, the problem it aims to solve, and how it can benefit your organization.

Who Are the Visionaries Behind EdgeBit?

Before delving into the intricacies of EdgeBit, let's meet the minds behind this groundbreaking startup:

Rob Szumski: CEO and Co-founder

Rob Szumski, the CEO of EdgeBit, is a seasoned professional with an impressive track record in the tech industry. His journey began as an early employee at CoreOS, where he played a pivotal role in popularizing the concept of immutable operating systems and driving the adoption of Kubernetes and container technology. In 2018, CoreOS was acquired by Red Hat, where Rob served as a Director of Product. His experience and vision are instrumental in shaping EdgeBit's future.

Russell Haering: CTO and Co-founder

As the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of EdgeBit, Russell Haering brings over a decade of experience in infrastructure and security to the table. Prior to his involvement with EdgeBit, Russell co-founded ScaleFT, where he developed the industry's first Zero Trust access management platform. ScaleFT's success culminated in its acquisition by Okta in 2018. Russell's expertise in security infrastructure is a driving force behind EdgeBit's mission.

Eugene Yakubovich: The Chief Architect

Eugene Yakubovich, also a Co-founder, is a true hacker at heart, known for his work at the intersection of applications and operating systems. He has contributed significantly to various tech domains, from designing foundational layers for high-frequency trading to working on container runtimes. Eugene's recent focus on securing workloads is a pivotal element of EdgeBit's journey to tackle the challenge of software supply chain vulnerabilities.

Together, Rob, Russell, and Eugene form the visionary team that is dedicated to making software secure by default, and their platform, EdgeBit, is a testament to that commitment.

What Is EdgeBit and How Does It Work?

EdgeBit's Mission: Secure Your Software Supply Chain

EdgeBit is more than just another security platform. It's a comprehensive solution designed to secure your software supply chain, ensuring that your applications are resilient against vulnerabilities and threats. But what sets EdgeBit apart from other security solutions?

Real-Time Supply Chain Analysis: EdgeBit goes beyond traditional static supply chain checks. It constantly monitors your build pipelines and server fleet, cross-referencing them with multiple data sources. This real-time analysis provides insights into your live inventory and actual risk, ensuring you stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Empowering Security Teams: One of the primary challenges in the realm of cybersecurity is the gap between security teams and software engineers. EdgeBit bridges this gap by automating inventory management, trust verification, and vulnerability monitoring. This empowers security teams to prioritize investigations based on real risks, eliminating the need to inundate engineers with a barrage of vulnerabilities to investigate.

Compliance and Efficiency: EdgeBit doesn't just stop at security; it also aids organizations in meeting compliance requirements related to software libraries and packages. For engineers, it streamlines vulnerability investigation and patching processes, enabling them to focus on what they do best—writing code.

The Problem: Throwing Security Problems Over the Wall

Securing software in today's complex landscape often feels like throwing problems over a wall. Security teams grapple with the daunting task of complying with an ever-evolving maze of rules while contending with a constantly shifting landscape of dependencies, frameworks, and deployment platforms.

Automation is crucial, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Security teams typically resort to a workflow that involves opening tickets for any vulnerability found. This workflow is like a firehose for application teams, inundating them with tickets that lack the context needed for swift investigation.

Moreover, the real threat lies in attacks via software dependencies. Securing a single library is a complex process involving downloading, integration, signing, and verification. When you multiply this process across hundreds of dependencies across multiple applications, the complexity becomes overwhelming. Large enterprises can utilize up to 40,000 open-source software packages, each bringing a plethora of dependencies. Stopping these attacks requires an end-to-end system that covers the entire software development and deployment lifecycle.

EdgeBit: Mapping Your Supply Chain in Real Time

EdgeBit takes a holistic approach by mapping your software supply chain in real time, from the build phase to production. But how does it work in practice?

Installation: EdgeBit seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. It can be installed into your build pipeline and your server fleet or Kubernetes cluster via a tiny agent. This immediate deployment enables teams to gain control over vulnerabilities.

Security: EdgeBit tracks workload signatures and provenance, preventing malicious modifications. It's a robust defense against tampering or unauthorized changes to your software.

Compliance: For compliance purposes, EdgeBit builds a real-time inventory that can be traced back to the software's bill of materials (SBOM). This capability helps organizations meet compliance requirements regarding libraries and packages in their products.

Engineering: Engineers benefit from EdgeBit's deep context-based prioritization for vulnerability investigations. With a clear understanding of the context, engineers can efficiently address vulnerabilities, reducing downtime and security risks.

Enterprise-Level Tracking: In the ever-evolving landscape of software vulnerabilities, EdgeBit helps enterprises track patching efforts across teams. This proactive approach ensures that your organization is prepared for the next major vulnerability, such as the infamous log4j incident.

EdgeBit: Transforming Software Security

EdgeBit is not just a security platform; it's a transformational force in the world of software security. By addressing the core challenges in securing software supply chains, EdgeBit empowers organizations to protect their digital assets comprehensively. With a visionary team and innovative technology, EdgeBit is poised to make software security the default standard in the industry.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where security threats are constantly evolving, EdgeBit provides the clarity, context, and control necessary to safeguard your software supply chain. Embrace EdgeBit, and take the first step toward securing your software by default. Your organization's future depends on it.