Elythea - ML platform to predict and prevent pregnancy complications

Revolutionizing Maternal Care: Elythea's AI-Powered Solution to Prevent Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, but it also comes with inherent risks that can lead to severe complications for both mothers and their babies. Over the years, medical advancements have made significant strides in improving maternal care. However, there's still a pressing need to identify and address pregnancy complications earlier to ensure safe deliveries and healthy outcomes. This is where Elythea, a groundbreaking startup founded in 2022, enters the scene with its innovative machine learning platform designed to predict and prevent pregnancy complications. In this article, we delve into the story behind Elythea, the challenges it aims to tackle, and how its cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize maternal care.

Unveiling Elythea

Can technology rewrite the narrative of maternal health?

Elythea, headquartered in San Francisco, was founded by two visionary individuals, Reetam Ganguli and Rishik Lad. With a team size of just two, Elythea is on a mission to leverage the power of machine learning to transform maternal care. Their platform is designed to predict and prevent life-threatening obstetric complications that can arise during pregnancy.

The Urgent Need for Early Intervention

Why are current approaches falling short?

Current statistics paint a stark picture: over 80% of maternal mortalities could have been prevented with earlier intervention. Shockingly, doctors miss more than 50% of moms who have life-threatening complications, often waiting until labor to initiate manual risk assessments. By that point, critical opportunities for intervention have been missed. Elythea recognizes that the key to addressing this issue lies in catching complications as early as the first prenatal visit.

Elythea's Groundbreaking Solution

How can artificial intelligence save lives?

Elythea's proprietary machine learning models are at the heart of their solution. These models are capable of analyzing relevant demographic and clinical risk factors automatically. By doing so, they identify high-risk patients and provide evidence-based interventions. The significance of this lies in providing doctors with the invaluable window of time – ranging from weeks to months – to intervene and prevent complications before they manifest.

The Compelling Results

Can AI outperform human judgment?

Elythea's impact cannot be overstated. Global clinical studies conducted by the startup have demonstrated that their machine learning models are capable of catching 2-3 times more complications than clinical judgment, and that too, a staggering 10 times sooner. The ability to identify complications at such an early stage is a game-changer, potentially saving countless lives and reducing the financial burden on healthcare providers and insurers.

Disrupting the Status Quo

What are the financial implications of pregnancy complications?

Pregnancy complications don't just take a toll on health; they also have significant financial ramifications. Each complication can cost healthcare providers thousands of dollars per case, while payers, on average, shell out around $20,000, with some cases reaching up to $75,000. With these staggering numbers in mind, it becomes evident that Elythea's approach not only enhances patient outcomes but also has the potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs.

Hemorrhage – A Silent Threat

How is Elythea addressing the #1 killer of moms during labor?

Hemorrhage, characterized by excessive bleeding, stands as the leading cause of maternal mortality during labor. Astonishingly, only 22% of hemorrhaging cases are identified as high risk by doctors. Elythea's platform steps in to change this narrative, catching 2-3 times more hemorrhaging patients as early as their very first prenatal visit. This early identification and intervention have the power to rewrite the grim statistics surrounding maternal mortality.

The Founders' Journey

Who are the minds behind Elythea?

Elythea's journey began with two remarkable individuals – Reetam Ganguli and Rishik Lad. Reetam, the founder and CEO, has an impressive background that includes founding Junior Medical Academy and Survivor Central. His commitment to improving healthcare and education is evident through his 10+ medical publications and his decision to leave medical school to dedicate himself to Elythea. Rishik, the Founder and CTO, brings a wealth of technical expertise, having studied computer science at Dartmouth and published papers in healthcare AI and natural language processing.

A Collaboration Years in the Making

How did the founders' paths intertwine?

The story of Elythea's founders, Reetam and Rishik, is a testament to the power of long-standing collaborations. Their journey began in middle school, and over the years, they embarked on various projects and initiatives together. Their shared passion for making a tangible impact on healthcare laid the foundation for Elythea's inception.

A Personal Quest for Change

What inspired Elythea's visionary founder?

Reetam's drive to transform maternal care emerged from a deep exploration of obstetric medicine. Through interviews with over 80 obstetric providers, he identified postpartum hemorrhage and hypertensive complications as critical areas of concern. Armed with this insight and his background in medical education, Reetam was determined to create a solution that could make a lasting difference.

Expertise that Drives Innovation

How do Elythea's founders contribute to their vision?

Reetam and Rishik's diverse backgrounds are foundational to Elythea's success. Reetam's comprehensive medical knowledge and dedication to education, combined with Rishik's expertise in computer science and artificial intelligence, create a dynamic duo capable of spearheading a groundbreaking startup. Their collaborative spirit and shared commitment to innovation have driven Elythea to where it stands today.

A Future Redefined by Elythea

What lies ahead for maternal care?

As Elythea continues to evolve and refine its platform, the future of maternal care holds promise like never before. With its ability to catch complications early, provide evidence-based interventions, and drastically reduce pregnancy-related mortalities, Elythea has the potential to reshape the landscape of healthcare for expecting mothers. By bridging the gap between technology and medicine, Elythea sets a precedent for how innovation can lead to safer, healthier pregnancies.


Elythea's journey is one of determination, innovation, and unwavering commitment to improving maternal care. With its AI-powered platform, Elythea aims to shift the paradigm of pregnancy complications from reactive to proactive. By identifying risks earlier and providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to intervene, Elythea stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of maternal health. As this startup continues to write its story, it holds the potential to create a future where pregnancy complications are no longer a silent threat, but a challenge that can be met head-on and conquered.