Entangl - Automating Engineering Design

From Frustration to Innovation: The Story of Entangl's Founders

What is Entangl and How Did It Begin?

Entangl is a groundbreaking start-up founded in 2024 by aerospace engineers Shapol M and Antanas Zilinskas. Based in San Francisco and supported by group partner Tom Blomfield, Entangl aims to revolutionize the engineering design process by automating the detection of design errors across engineering projects. The founders, having extensive experience in aerospace engineering, recognized the significant issues that arise from cross-team design reviews and sought to create a solution that could save time, reduce costs, and enhance safety in engineering.

What Problems Do Engineering Teams Face During Design Reviews?

Engineering teams often face the daunting task of cross-team design reviews, which are meant to catch errors early and ensure the integrity of the design process. However, these reviews can be incredibly time-consuming, often requiring weeks of preparation. Despite these efforts, costly errors still manage to slip through, leading to manufacturing defects or operational failures. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that engineers typically work in silos, making decisions without a full understanding of how their choices impact the broader system. A notable example of this is the NASA Space Shuttle Disaster, where a change in the O-ring material had catastrophic consequences.

How Does Entangl’s Platform Address These Issues?

Entangl’s platform addresses these challenges by autonomously identifying design problems across engineering projects. The platform scans knowledge bases such as GitHub, Google Drive, and OneDrive, detecting changes as they occur and assessing their potential impact on the overall system. It then suggests targeted solutions to the appropriate engineers and provides daily insights and reviews. This proactive approach helps prevent expensive problems early in the process, saving significant time and resources. For instance, poor engineering practices have cost companies like Boeing over $100 billion. By utilizing Entangl’s platform, each engineer can save up to two months of work annually, making engineering processes not only faster but also safer.

Who Are the Active Founders Behind Entangl?

Shapol M, the Co-founder and CEO of Entangl, has a rich background in aerospace engineering. He co-founded and led the Karman Space Programme at his university, successfully launching one of the most powerful British reusable rockets. Under his leadership, the program became the best-sponsored in Europe. Shapol holds a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London.

Antanas Zilinskas, the Co-founder and President of Entangl, has also made significant contributions to aerospace engineering. He led the engineering of a 25km reusable student rocket and co-founded an AI research lab focused on humanoids, trajectory predictions, and flight readiness monitoring for rockets. Antanas has research experience from Tokyo Tech, where he simulated aerotrains using artificial neural networks (ANNs).

Why Did the Founders Create Their Own Engineering Design Software?

The frustration with existing engineering design software was a significant driving force behind the creation of Entangl. Shapol and Antanas, who previously led a reusable rocket program and oversaw the launch of four missions, found the available software inadequate for their needs. They believed that the industry required a more efficient and reliable solution, prompting them to develop their own platform. Their firsthand experience with the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional design reviews highlighted the necessity for a tool that could automate error detection and provide actionable insights.

What Specific Problems Does Entangl’s Platform Solve?

Entangl’s platform tackles several critical issues in engineering design:

  • Error Detection: By autonomously identifying design problems, the platform ensures that potential errors are caught early, preventing them from escalating into costly and dangerous issues.
  • Time Savings: The platform saves engineers approximately two months of work each year by automating the error detection process and reducing the need for prolonged design reviews.
  • System Integration Awareness: By analyzing changes across various knowledge bases, the platform helps engineers understand how their decisions impact the broader system, promoting better integration and collaboration.
  • Cost Reduction: Preventing errors early in the design process can save companies significant amounts of money, as demonstrated by the substantial losses incurred by Boeing due to poor engineering practices.

How Does Entangl Make Engineering Safer and Quicker?

Entangl’s platform enhances both the safety and speed of engineering projects by providing a continuous stream of insights and reviews. This proactive approach ensures that potential issues are addressed promptly, reducing the risk of failures during manufacturing or operation. By automating the error detection process, engineers can focus on more critical tasks, improving overall efficiency. Additionally, the platform’s ability to suggest targeted solutions helps streamline the problem-solving process, enabling faster resolution of issues.

What Opportunities Does Entangl Present for the Engineering Industry?

Entangl offers significant opportunities for the engineering industry, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency. By automating error detection, the platform can help organizations reduce delays and avoid costly mistakes, ultimately leading to more successful projects. The time savings provided by Entangl can also allow engineers to take on more innovative and complex projects, driving further advancements in the field. Moreover, the enhanced safety features of the platform can help prevent catastrophic failures, protecting both lives and investments.

How Has Entangl’s Platform Been Received by the Industry?

While Entangl is a relatively new start-up, founded in 2024, it has already garnered attention and support within the engineering community. The platform’s potential to transform the design review process and improve safety and efficiency has been recognized by industry professionals. The support from group partner Tom Blomfield further underscores the promise of Entangl’s technology. As the platform continues to evolve and gain traction, it is poised to make a significant impact on the engineering industry.

What is the Future Vision for Entangl?

The future vision for Entangl involves expanding its platform to cover a broader range of engineering disciplines and applications. The founders aim to continuously improve the platform’s capabilities, incorporating more advanced AI and machine learning techniques to enhance its error detection and solution suggestion features. By building a comprehensive and versatile tool, Entangl hopes to become an indispensable resource for engineers worldwide, revolutionizing the way design reviews are conducted and ensuring the safety and success of engineering projects.

Entangl’s journey is just beginning, but with its innovative approach to automating engineering design and the strong leadership of its founders, it is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals. As the platform grows and adapts to the needs of the engineering community, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of engineering design.