Fairway Health - AI Co-Pilot for Health Insurers to Authorize Treatment Faster

Fairway Health: Revolutionizing Health Insurance with AI-powered Treatment Authorization

In the complex world of healthcare, obtaining prior authorization for treatments can be a time-consuming and burdensome process. This often leads to delays in patients receiving necessary care and adds significant administrative costs to the healthcare industry. Fairway Health, a New York-based start-up founded in 2022, aims to address these challenges by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline and expedite the treatment authorization process for health insurers. In this article, we will explore how Fairway Health's innovative AI-assistant is transforming the landscape of health insurance, making it faster, more efficient, and patient-centric.

Meet the Visionary Founders

Fairway Health was established by a talented and diverse team of three individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Moses Im: Pioneering Healthcare Innovator

Moses Im, the CEO of Fairway Health, is a former MD candidate from Thomas Jefferson Medical School. With a background in molecular biology from Princeton University, Moses has a deep understanding of medical research and patient outcomes. His previous work on surgical vs. transcatheter aortic valve replacement and Parkinson's Disease has honed his analytical skills and sparked his passion for improving healthcare access and efficiency.

Joseph Chen: Bridging the Gap Between Health and Technology

Joseph Chen, the CPO of Fairway Health, has dedicated his career to the intersection of health, machine learning, and software development. His research experience at prestigious institutions such as Deepmind, Columbia, and Synbio Technologies has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and healthcare. Joseph's previous work at Pillpack demonstrates his commitment to ensuring patient safety through innovative software solutions.

Grace W: Tech Expertise and Domain Knowledge

As the CTO of Fairway Health, Grace W brings a wealth of technical expertise to the team. Her previous roles at Asana, AWS, and MDClone have given her a deep understanding of authentication/authorization, IoT device data monitoring, and healthcare data analysis. Grace's research in machine learning, specifically in computer vision and natural language processing, has equipped her with the skills necessary to optimize pre-trained language models like GPT, making her a vital asset to Fairway Health's technical development.

Revolutionizing the Prior Authorization Process

Understanding Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization is a critical process in which healthcare providers must obtain approval from a patient's health insurance plan before delivering a specific treatment or medication. However, the existing manual and inefficient nature of this process often results in significant delays, ranging from 2-14 days and, in some cases, even longer. This delay prevents patients from receiving timely treatments, adversely impacting their health outcomes.

The Manual Challenges of Prior Authorization

One of the major obstacles in the prior authorization process is the cumbersome nature of patient documents. These documents, often faxed and spanning 70-100+ pages, create a significant administrative burden for health insurance companies. The sheer volume of paperwork requires additional headcount and resources to manually check the documents against medical necessity criteria, leading to substantial costs and inefficiencies.

Fairway Health's AI-powered Solution

Leveraging LLMs for Efficient Analysis

Fairway Health has developed an innovative solution that harnesses the power of Language Models (LLMs) to analyze and process complex medical records rapidly. By employing LLMs, Fairway Health's AI-assistant can effectively evaluate patient eligibility for treatments by interpreting extensive medical documents and associated criteria.

Streamlining Medical Eligibility Determination

Fairway Health's AI-assistant streamlines the medical eligibility determination process by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Data Ingestion and Analysis

The AI-assistant begins by ingesting patient documents and criteria provided by health insurance plans. These documents can be in the form of complex medical records, including diagnoses, lab results, treatment histories, and more. Fairway Health's AI system is trained to handle messy, unstructured data, making it capable of processing lengthy documents of 70+ pages with ease.

Step 2: Language Model Analysis

Once the data is ingested, Fairway Health's AI-assistant utilizes Language Models (LLMs) to analyze and interpret the medical records. LLMs are trained on a vast amount of textual data and possess the ability to understand context, extract relevant information, and make informed decisions based on the input.

The AI-assistant breaks down the medical records into individual sub-criteria and evaluates each criterion against the medical necessity guidelines provided by the insurance plan. By doing so, it can assess whether a patient is eligible for a particular treatment or medication.

Step 3: Approval/ Denial Decision with Justification

Based on the analysis performed by the AI-assistant, it generates an approval or denial decision for each treatment authorization request. Importantly, the system also provides a detailed justification for its decision, highlighting the specific context within the medical document that influenced the outcome. This feature allows health insurance professionals to easily review and understand the reasoning behind the AI-assistant's determination.

Benefits of Fairway Health's AI-assistant

Speed and Efficiency

The implementation of Fairway Health's AI-assistant significantly accelerates the prior authorization process. By automating the analysis of complex medical records, the AI-assistant can provide eligibility decisions within a fraction of the time it takes for manual review. This allows patients to receive timely treatments, enhancing their overall healthcare experience.

Cost Reduction

The manual processing of prior authorization requests is resource-intensive for health insurance companies, requiring substantial manpower and time. By automating the process, Fairway Health's AI-assistant reduces the need for manual labor and streamlines operations, leading to significant cost savings for insurers. The healthcare industry as a whole is projected to save billions of dollars annually by eliminating administrative inefficiencies associated with prior authorization.

Improved Accuracy and Consistency

Human errors and inconsistencies in manual reviews can lead to incorrect decisions and discrepancies in treatment authorizations. Fairway Health's AI-assistant, on the other hand, employs sophisticated algorithms that consistently analyze medical records and criteria, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring a higher level of accuracy and consistency in decision-making. This contributes to improved patient outcomes and a fairer evaluation process.

Enhanced Collaboration

Fairway Health's AI-assistant is designed to facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers and insurance professionals. The system provides a transparent and easily accessible platform for communication, enabling healthcare providers to submit authorization requests, ask questions, and provide additional context when necessary. This collaborative approach fosters efficient and effective communication, promoting better understanding and alignment between all stakeholders involved in the authorization process.

Future Potential and Expansion

Scaling and Integration

As Fairway Health continues to refine and enhance its AI-assistant, there is significant potential for scaling its operations and expanding its reach. By collaborating with more health insurance companies, the AI-assistant can process a larger volume of authorization requests, providing benefits to a broader range of patients and healthcare providers.

Additionally, Fairway Health can explore integration opportunities with electronic health record (EHR) systems to streamline the data ingestion process further. Integration with EHR platforms would allow seamlesstransfer of patient information, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chances of errors or omissions.

Continual Improvement and Adaptation

Fairway Health recognizes the dynamic nature of healthcare and the evolving needs of health insurance companies. To stay ahead of the curve, the company is committed to continuous improvement and adaptation of its AI-assistant. This involves refining the algorithms, expanding the capabilities of the LLMs, and incorporating feedback from healthcare professionals to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and relevance of the system.

Ethical Considerations and Patient Privacy

Fairway Health places utmost importance on patient privacy and adheres to strict data protection regulations. The company ensures that all patient data is anonymized and securely stored, with access limited to authorized personnel. By prioritizing ethical considerations and maintaining the confidentiality of patient information, Fairway Health establishes trust with both healthcare providers and patients.


Fairway Health is revolutionizing the prior authorization process in health insurance through its AI-assistant. By leveraging advanced machine learning techniques and natural language processing, the company enables health insurers to analyze complex medical records quickly and make informed decisions on treatment authorizations. The benefits are multifold, including faster processing times, cost reduction, improved accuracy, enhanced collaboration, and ultimately, better patient care.

As Fairway Health continues to expand its reach and refine its AI-assistant, the company aims to drive further advancements in the healthcare industry, making prior authorization more efficient, patient-centric, and cost-effective. With its visionary founders and dedicated team, Fairway Health is well-positioned to lead the charge in transforming the landscape of health insurance and positively impacting the lives of patients worldwide.