Fluently - AI-powered speaking coach for calls

Achieve English Fluency with Fluently: A New Era of Language Learning

What is Fluently?

Fluently is an innovative app designed to help non-native professionals improve their English proficiency through instant feedback after Zoom calls. Founded in 2023 by Yurii Rebryk and Stanislav Beliaev, this AI-powered speaking coach utilizes advanced machine learning (ML) and the power of M1 chips for local processing to provide real-time insights on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Fluently's mission is to offer a more efficient and convenient way for non-native speakers to enhance their communication skills, ultimately boosting their confidence and performance in English-speaking environments.

Why is Fluently Needed?

English Level Hits a Plateau

For many non-native speakers, reaching a certain level of English proficiency is relatively straightforward. However, progressing beyond this point can be challenging. Traditional methods often fail to address the nuances and specific needs of advanced learners, leaving them struggling to express themselves clearly and confidently. Fluently addresses this gap by offering tailored feedback on actual spoken interactions, helping users break through their language barriers.

Learning Requires a Lot of Time and Effort

Non-native professionals typically lead busy lives, balancing work and personal commitments. Traditional language improvement methods often demand significant time and effort, which may not fit into their schedules. Fluently offers a solution by integrating learning into daily activities, providing feedback after each call without requiring additional time investment. This approach ensures continuous improvement without disrupting the user's routine.

A Lack of Feedback

One of the most significant challenges non-native speakers face is the lack of targeted feedback. Colleagues and tutors may not always provide the specific insights needed to make meaningful improvements. Fluently bridges this gap by delivering actionable feedback after each call, allowing users to identify and work on their weaknesses effectively. This personalized approach fosters a more supportive learning environment, encouraging users to refine their skills consistently.

How Does Fluently Work?

Learn on the Go

Fluently operates in the background during calls, analyzing the user's speech and providing instant feedback once the call concludes. The app supports various meeting platforms, ensuring seamless integration into the user's workflow without the need for additional software or bots joining the calls. This unobtrusive approach allows users to focus on their conversations while Fluently handles the analysis.

Personalized Insights

Fluently's advanced algorithms offer personalized insights based on the user's real-life speech. By identifying specific areas for improvement, such as pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary, the app provides tailored feedback that addresses the user's unique needs. This level of personalization ensures that users receive the most relevant and practical guidance, enhancing their learning experience.

Actionable Feedback

After each call, users receive detailed feedback highlighting areas that need attention. Fluently's actionable feedback helps users practice pronunciation, improve fluency, and expand their active vocabulary. This continuous loop of practice and feedback enables users to make consistent progress, gradually building their confidence and competence in English communication.

Who Benefits from Fluently?

Non-Native Professionals

Fluently is designed for non-native professionals who aim to achieve fluency in English and communicate with clarity and confidence. By offering immediate, personalized feedback, Fluently helps users overcome language barriers, enhance their communication skills, and advance their careers. The app's focus on real-life interactions makes it an invaluable tool for professionals seeking to improve their English in a practical, context-relevant manner.

International Companies

Fluently also benefits international companies looking to boost communication efficiency within their teams. By providing insights into employees' English proficiency based on real-life calls, Fluently helps companies identify areas where additional support may be needed. This data-driven approach allows companies to tailor their language training programs more effectively, ensuring that employees receive the right level of support to improve their communication skills. Additionally, by helping employees enhance their English proficiency, Fluently contributes to a more cohesive and productive work environment.

Who are the Founders of Fluently?

Yurii Rebryk

Yurii Rebryk is the co-founder and CEO of Fluently. With a background in machine learning research, Yurii has previously interned at prestigious companies such as Google, Nvidia, Lyft, and Amazon. He has also founded and grown a deep tech startup from a small team of two to a robust company with 50 employees. This startup developed state-of-the-art face and voice swap technologies that operate on mobile devices in real-time. Yurii's extensive experience in ML and his passion for solving real-world problems make him a driving force behind Fluently's innovative approach.

Stanislav Beliaev

Stanislav Beliaev, co-founder and CTO of Fluently, shares a similar background with Yurii. He has also interned at Google and Nvidia, focusing on ML research. Together, Yurii and Stanislav founded and grew a deep tech startup that specialized in real-time face and voice swap technologies for mobile devices. Stanislav's technical expertise and experience in running ML on edge devices are instrumental in developing Fluently's cutting-edge features. As non-native speakers themselves, Yurii and Stanislav deeply understand the challenges faced by their target audience, driving their commitment to creating an effective and user-friendly solution.

What Makes Fluently Stand Out?

Leveraging Advanced Technology

Fluently's use of advanced ML algorithms and the processing power of M1 chips sets it apart from traditional language learning tools. By running ML models locally, Fluently ensures fast and accurate analysis of users' speech, providing real-time feedback without compromising privacy or performance. This technological edge allows Fluently to deliver a seamless and efficient user experience, making language learning more accessible and effective.

Addressing Real-Life Needs

Fluently's focus on real-life interactions makes it a practical tool for non-native professionals. Unlike traditional language learning methods that often rely on artificial scenarios and exercises, Fluently analyzes users' actual conversations, providing feedback that is directly applicable to their daily communication needs. This real-world relevance enhances the app's effectiveness, helping users make meaningful improvements in their English proficiency.

Founders with Personal Experience

The founders' personal experience as non-native speakers adds a unique perspective to Fluently's development. Yurii and Stanislav's firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by non-native professionals informs the app's design and features, ensuring that it addresses the specific needs of its target audience. This empathetic approach, combined with their technical expertise, results in a powerful and user-centric language learning tool.

How is Fluently Shaping the Future of Language Learning?

Continuous Improvement

Fluently's approach to language learning emphasizes continuous improvement through regular practice and feedback. By providing instant insights after each call, the app encourages users to refine their skills consistently, leading to steady progress over time. This focus on ongoing development helps users build a strong foundation in English communication, enabling them to achieve their language goals more effectively.

Enhancing Professional Growth

By helping non-native professionals improve their English proficiency, Fluently contributes to their overall professional growth. Enhanced communication skills can lead to better job performance, increased confidence, and more significant career opportunities. Fluently's impact extends beyond language learning, supporting users in their personal and professional development.

Fostering Global Collaboration

Fluently's ability to improve communication efficiency within international companies fosters a more collaborative and productive work environment. By providing employees with the tools to enhance their English skills, Fluently helps bridge language gaps, facilitating smoother interactions and teamwork. This improved communication contributes to a more inclusive and effective workplace, benefiting both employees and organizations.

What is the Future of Fluently?

As Fluently continues to grow and evolve, its founders remain committed to refining and expanding the app's capabilities. Future developments may include support for additional languages, enhanced feedback features, and integration with more communication platforms. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and user needs, Fluently aims to become the go-to solution for language learning and communication improvement in professional settings.