Guac - Ending grocery food waste with AI

Revolutionizing Grocery Retail: Guac's AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

In a world striving for sustainability and efficiency, the grocery industry stands at the crossroads of innovation. The traditional approach to inventory management has proven ineffective, leading to massive food waste and lost revenue. In response to this pressing issue, Guac emerges as a beacon of hope, armed with AI-powered demand forecasting capabilities. But what exactly is Guac, and how does it plan to tackle this monumental challenge? Join us as we delve into the story of Guac and explore the intricacies of its groundbreaking solution.

Who Are the Visionaries Behind Guac?

Before we embark on our journey to understand Guac's mission, let's meet the brilliant minds who set this innovative startup in motion:

Euro Wang - Co-Founder & CEO

Euro Wang is the driving force behind Guac. With a relentless passion for addressing food insecurity and waste through technology, Euro brings the vision and leadership required to make Guac a success.

Jack Solomon - Co-Founder & CTO

Jack Solomon, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Guac, is an accomplished machine learning engineer. He has dedicated his expertise to revolutionize the grocery retail landscape by making it more efficient and sustainable.

Guac's Grand Entrance: A Solution to Grocery Food Waste

In the year 2023, Guac made a resounding entry into the world of grocery retail. With its flagship product, Guac aimed to put an end to the colossal problem of food waste and stockouts. How does this AI-powered solution work, and what impact does it promise to deliver?

The Predicament: Why Predicting Demand Is a Herculean Task

Why is predicting demand so challenging for grocery retailers?

The answer lies in the multifaceted nature of factors that influence consumer behavior. From weather patterns and road closures to the outcomes of sports events, numerous variables come into play, making traditional methods like regression models and Excel formulas inadequate.

The repercussions of this challenge are staggering. Grocery retailers in Europe and the United States alone suffer a combined loss of $188 billion annually due to food waste and empty shelves. Moreover, this wastage contributes significantly to our planet's burden, adding 15 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Guac's Panacea: An Industry-Leading Algorithm

How does Guac rise to the occasion?

The answer lies in its industry-leading algorithm, a game-changer that predicts order quantities for each item, every day, and at each store location. Guac's track record is impressive, boasting an average forecast error (MAE) of just 0.95 units for its current customers. This translates to a remarkable 38% reduction in food waste.

The Unconventional Approach: Beyond Machine Learning

Why is Guac's approach unconventional?

Unlike conventional machine learning models, Guac recognizes that grocery demand is deeply influenced by real-world events that algorithms alone can't fathom. To bridge this gap, Guac integrates more than 230 external variables into its forecasting. These variables capture the nuances of consumer behavior like never before.

For instance, Guac discovered an intriguing correlation between sports betting odds and beer sales. When a sports match is predicted to be close, more people tune in to watch, leading to increased beer sales. This kind of insight is invaluable for retailers looking to optimize their inventory.

Tailored Solutions: Customization for Every Store Location

Why is customization vital for Guac's success?

Not all grocery stores are created equal. Stores located just a few miles apart can exhibit vastly different customer behaviors. Guac understands this and tailors its predictions to suit the unique characteristics of each store location.

Inventory Ordering Magic: Turning Predictions into Reality

How does Guac translate its hyper-accurate predictions into actionable results?

This is where the real magic happens. Guac transforms its predictions into precise inventory order quantities, considering a multitude of factors such as minimum order quantities, promotions, loss estimates, shelf life, supplier lead times, and more.

Integration at Its Best: Modular Integration

How does Guac ensure seamless integration into existing systems?

Guac's approach to integration is modular and adaptable. It seamlessly integrates its ordering recommendations into a retailer's existing inventory ordering software and workflow. Whether inventory ordering occurs at the headquarters or store level, Guac molds itself to fit within the retailer's system, eliminating the need for disruptive system changes.

A Glimpse into Guac's Impact

As Guac strides forward on its mission to revolutionize grocery retail, it's essential to acknowledge the profound impact it has already made and will continue to make in the industry.

Reducing Food Waste

Guac's core mission is to reduce food waste, and it's doing so remarkably. With a 38% reduction in food waste for its current customers, Guac is not just talking about change; it's making it happen.

Increasing Availability

By accurately predicting demand, Guac ensures that grocery retailers don't run out of stock. This translates to better availability for consumers, improving their shopping experience and enhancing a retailer's reputation.

Sustainability at Its Core

In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability, Guac stands as a champion in the battle against greenhouse gas emissions. By preventing tons of food from going to landfills, Guac contributes significantly to reducing the carbon footprint of the grocery industry.

Empowering Retailers

Guac's modular integration approach empowers retailers to enhance their inventory management without the hassle of overhauling their existing systems. This level of adaptability ensures that retailers can leverage Guac's capabilities seamlessly.

The Future Beckons: Guac's Vision

What does the future hold for Guac? As this dynamic startup continues to make waves in the grocery retail industry, its vision extends far beyond its current accomplishments.

Expanding Reach

Guac aims to extend its reach, helping grocery retailers around the globe optimize their operations and reduce food waste. The potential impact on both profits and the environment is immense.

Innovation Unleashed

The world of AI and machine learning is ever-evolving. Guac intends to stay at the forefront of innovation, continuously improving its forecasting algorithms and expanding its range of predictive variables.

Sustainability as a Way of Life

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, Guac envisions a future where sustainability becomes a way of life for grocery retailers. By reducing food waste and its associated carbon footprint, Guac hopes to be a driving force behind this transformation.


In a world where food waste and stockouts have become the norm in the grocery retail industry, Guac emerges as a beacon of hope. With its AI-powered demand forecasting capabilities, this San Francisco-based startup is poised to revolutionize the way grocery retailers operate. By accurately predicting demand, reducing food waste, and enhancing availability, Guac not only benefits retailers but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. As Guac looks toward the future, its vision of a greener, more efficient grocery retail industry appears closer than ever before.