Hire PHP Developers in Dallas, TX

Hire the Best PHP Developers in Dallas, TX


The Dallas, TX, area is home to some of the best PHP developers in the country. From freelancers to agencies, if you need help with custom web development, e-commerce integrations or web applications (apps), we've got you covered!

How to Hire the Best PHP Developers in Dallas, TX

Any company that needs to hire an employee, from a small business to a Fortune 100 corporation, needs to look at the whole job market. Hiring the best PHP developer in Dallas, TX and ignoring other options is like giving up on your search for a new car because you find one that works well and fits your budget.

The key to hiring the right person is evaluating all of your options and making sure you are choosing the best fit. In some cases this means hiring someone who can work remotely or who has flexible hours because they have family responsibilities outside of work. When making these kinds of decisions we highly recommend doing extensive research before selecting someone so that it doesn’t become difficult later on down the road when things go wrong (which they will).

Finding PHP Developers in Dallas, TX

If you're looking for a PHP coder for hire in Dallas, TX, you've come to the right place. We have a team of expert PHP developers who can help you with your project.

You can find these great PHP developers on oDesk, eLance, Guru, scriptlance and Upwork. These sites list thousands of talented professionals who are ready to work 24/7!

Our PHP developers are among some of the best in Dallas, TX and will be happy to work with you on your next project!

Do you need a freelancer or an agency?

In the world of web development, there are two main types of companies: freelancers and agencies. When looking for a PHP developer in Dallas, TX, you need to decide which type will be best for your company.

  • Freelancers are cheaper but they don't offer as much experience or resources as agencies do.
  • Agencies can be more expensive than freelancers but they have more employees who specialize in different areas of web development such as programming languages like PHP or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). They also tend to have clients with bigger budgets so their developers get better opportunities for professional growth.
  • Freelancers may seem more flexible at first glance because most can work from home without being bound by an office schedule; however, this freedom comes at a price: accountability is often lacking since there's no one watching over them like an agency would do if it hired someone full-time instead of just contracting their services out on an hourly basis through Upwork or Wework."

If you’re looking for PHP developers, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for PHP developers, you’ve come to the right place. We know how competitive Austin, San Antonio and Houston can be when it comes to finding top talent.

Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we pride ourselves on being a good fit for every client we work with. You won’t find nicer or more down to earth people than those at Powerhouse Programming!

How to hire PHP developers in Dallas, TX

There are three main ways to hire PHP developers in Dallas, TX:

  • Hire a freelance developer.
  • Hire an agency.
  • Hire a freelancer

Upwork and Elance

Upwork and Elance are two of the most popular freelancing platforms for hiring PHP developers. Upwork is an American company that connects businesses with freelancers and Elance is a website owned by Freelancer.com, which provides similar services to Upwork. Both sites are great places to find freelance PHP developers.


Guru is a freelance marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers. As one of the largest global platforms for remote work, Guru has over 1 million developers, designers and digital professionals on its platform. It's a great place to find PHP developers in Dallas because it offers access to top-notch talent at competitive rates.

If you're looking for PHP developer in Dallas or anywhere else in Texas, Guru can help you connect with experienced professionals who are available when you need them most.


Scriptlance is a freelance marketplace for programmers. It's an outsourcing site, so you can hire individual developers to complete specific tasks and tasks that are part of larger projects.

Scriptlance has a rating system that allows you to see how well each developer has done in previous projects, as well as their skills and experience levels.

It also has a reputation system where users can rate each other after they've worked together (this is helpful if you've worked with multiple freelancers on your project).

The community forum provides another way for you to interact with the developers on Scriptlance—you can ask questions about their work and get answers from fellow users or even the developer themselves! There's also an integrated support ticket system where issues are addressed quickly between users who have used it before—which means less time spent waiting around for someone else when something goes wrong!

The best PHP developers are one click away!

The best PHP developers are one click away!

Hiring the right person for your project can be difficult, especially if you're not sure what to look for.

Let's start with what makes a good PHP developer:

  • An understanding of programming languages and software development tools. Since PHP is a scripting language, it's important that your candidate knows how to use them efficiently. This includes being able to write code in HTML and CSS as well; front-end web design skills are highly valued by employers looking for talented developers who can create functional designs while also keeping performance in mind. They should also have knowledge of implementing databases like MySQL or MariaDB so they can develop applications that run smoothly even under heavy traffic conditions without breaking down completely due to server overloads (which means less downtime).
  • Good communication skills because communicating well with teammates is essential when working on projects together; being able to collaborate effectively means faster turnaround times which will help reduce costs overall too!
  • Experience working with various programming languages such as C++/C#/.NET Framework


To sum it up, if you’re looking for PHP developers in Dallas, TX then Hiretop is the place to turn to. We have a team of full-stack developers who can help with custom web development, e-commerce integrations, web applications (apps), or even hire one dedicated developer. Our clients love us! In fact, we have a 100% satisfaction rate. Read what our customers say about us here.