Holo-Light - business-ready industrial metaverse solution

Unleashing the Power of XR: Holo-Light Revolutionizes Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Enterprise

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize workflows, enhance collaboration, and unlock new possibilities. One company at the forefront of this technological revolution is Holo-Light, a Bavarian-based startup that is unleashing the full potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the enterprise market. By bridging the gap between the virtual and real world, Holo-Light is empowering organizations to seamlessly create, build, and operate in the digital space. In this article, we will explore Holo-Light's unique offerings, their impact on various industries, and the driving force behind their success.

What Does Holo-Light Do?

When it comes to revolutionizing the XR space, Holo-Light is a prominent player. The company provides a comprehensive "business-ready industrial metaverse solution" through their innovative Software Development Kit (SDK). This groundbreaking SDK serves as the backbone of Holo-Light's offerings, enabling the rendering of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) projects. What sets Holo-Light apart is their utilization of cloud technology, allowing these rendered projects to be easily shared and collaborated on.

With a proven track record and a portfolio boasting over 100 organizations, including renowned industry giants like BMW, T-Mobile, and P&G, Holo-Light has undoubtedly established itself as a trusted and reliable partner in the XR landscape. By delivering cutting-edge solutions and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, Holo-Light continues to shape the future of AR and VR experiences.

XR Solutions for Business Needs

In response to the ever-growing demand for XR solutions that can be tailored to specific business needs, Holo-Light offers a diverse range of offerings designed to address scalable use cases and business models. Whether organizations opt to adopt Holo-Light's complete product line or seamlessly integrate their solutions with existing workflows, Holo-Light ensures the availability of the necessary tools, core technology, and ecosystem to unlock the full potential of XR.

One of the key solutions offered by Holo-Light is their Augmented Reality Engineering Space. This dynamic and powerful tool streamlines and optimizes engineering workflows and collaboration. By leveraging this solution, users gain the ability to visualize, interact with, and collaborate on complex 3D CAD data in augmented and virtual reality. Bringing digital models into the physical world empowers teams to make more informed decisions and significantly accelerates the concept evaluation process.

To deliver immersive XR experiences of the highest quality, Holo-Light provides a cross-platform XR Streaming SDK. This innovative software development kit enables developers to create interactive and high-fidelity experiences by offloading the resource-intensive rendering process to the cloud or local servers. By harnessing the power of cloud computing, organizations can seamlessly deliver realistic XR experiences to their users, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Going beyond individual XR solutions, Holo-Light presents an enterprise-grade Industrial Metaverse, which serves as a centralized hub for hosting, streaming, and scaling XR applications. With its infinite compute capabilities and intelligent orchestration via the cloud, the Industrial Metaverse provides organizations with the means to efficiently manage their XR applications on a global scale. This comprehensive solution propels businesses to revolutionize their operations and enhance customer experiences by unlocking new realms of possibility.

Through their dedication to providing scalable XR solutions, Holo-Light continues to be a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to leverage the power of AR and VR. Their offerings empower organizations to optimize workflows, drive collaboration, and transform the way they operate in an increasingly digital world. By embracing Holo-Light's XR solutions, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and navigate the evolving landscape of immersive technologies.

Holo-Light's Impressive Track Record

Holo-Light's success is underlined by their impressive track record. With over 100 enterprise customers in more than 120 countries, the company has established a strong global presence. Their solutions have been embraced by a diverse range of industries, and their case studies demonstrate the real-world impact of their technology. Let's explore some notable examples:

BMW Accelerates Concept Evaluations: Car manufacturer BMW utilizes Holo-Light's AR 3S solution at its Munich headquarters to expedite concept evaluations. By leveraging AR technology, BMW has been able to reduce evaluation timelines by up to twelve months, from individual vehicle sections to complex production stages. This significant time-saving enables faster innovation and brings products to market more efficiently.

Enhatch Elevates Surgery with XR Streaming: Enhatch, an innovative healthcare technology company, integrated Holo-Light's ISAR SDK into its Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem. By harnessing the power and speed of XR streaming, Enhatch provides surgeons with mobile AR devices to visualize complex 3D surgical data. This integration streamlines workflows, enhances surgical precision, and improves patient care outcomes.

Bilfinger Makes Faster Decisions in Plant Design: Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance, an industry leader in industrial plant design, leverages AR to seamlessly integrate customers and stakeholders into the design process. By visualizing designs in augmented reality, Bilfinger avoids costly mistakes early on and enables faster decision-making. This application of Holo-Light's technology streamlines collaboration and minimizes project delays.

Danfoss Simplifies Product Training: Global engineering company Danfoss Climate Solutions utilizes Holo-Light's solutions to enhance product training experiences. Through augmented reality, Danfoss maximizes internal stakeholder engagement and improves customer satisfaction. By providing immersive product demonstrations and interactive training modules, Danfoss empowers its workforce and ensures their customers receive the highest level of support.

The Driving Force Behind Holo-Light: Innovation and Industry Understanding

Holo-Light owes its remarkable success to its unwavering commitment to innovation and its deep understanding of industry needs. By attentively listening to the demands of the market, Holo-Light has been able to develop unique AR/VR technology that stands out as highly innovative and precisely tailored for scalability and various business models. Since its inception in 2015, Holo-Light has assembled a team of passionate developers and experienced business experts who synergistically combine their expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

What truly sets Holo-Light apart is its relentless pursuit of innovation. With eight years of XR market experience under their belt, the company has emerged as a global leader in the AR/VR tech space. By staying ahead of emerging trends and continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Holo-Light has consistently delivered groundbreaking solutions that meet the evolving needs of enterprises across diverse industries. This forward-thinking approach has propelled Holo-Light to the forefront of the XR revolution, earning them the trust and admiration of their clients and peers alike.

The Holo-Light team operates on a foundation of passion and expertise. Their dedicated developers possess an innate drive to push the limits of technology, constantly seeking to create immersive experiences that exceed expectations. Combined with the deep industry knowledge of their business experts, Holo-Light is able to bridge the gap between technological innovation and real-world applications, ensuring that their solutions are not only cutting-edge but also practical and valuable for businesses.

Investors and Future Development: Fueling Holo-Light's Growth

Holo-Light's meteoric rise and market traction have not gone unnoticed, attracting significant support from investors who recognize the immense potential of the company. Backed by $12.3 million in Series A funding, Holo-Light has proven its capacity to revolutionize the XR landscape across various industries. This investment not only serves as a testament to the value and viability of Holo-Light's solutions but also provides a solid foundation for the company's future development and growth.

In addition to securing substantial funding, Holo-Light's partnerships and involvement in European Union projects further underscore their significance in driving technological advancements. These collaborations enable Holo-Light to access cutting-edge resources and expertise, fostering an environment of continuous learning and innovation. By participating in EU projects, Holo-Light demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of XR technology and making a lasting impact on the industry.

The support from investors not only serves as a financial endorsement but also underscores the confidence placed in Holo-Light's team, technology, and joint vision. Investors recognize the immense value that Holo-Light brings to the XR landscape, and their financial backing solidifies Holo-Light's position as a leading force in the industry. With this strong foundation, Holo-Light is poised for future development and growth, fueling their ability to bring even more groundbreaking XR solutions to the market.

As Holo-Light continues its journey of innovation and expansion, the company remains committed to delivering exceptional XR solutions and revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the digital age. With the support of investors and their unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Holo-Light is well-positioned to shape the future of AR and VR technologies, unlocking new realms of possibility and transforming industries worldwide.


Holo-Light is transforming the way businesses operate in the digital age by harnessing the power of XR. Through their comprehensive XR solutions, Holo-Light empowers organizations to optimize engineering workflows, boost XR applications, and scale their use cases. With a strong track record, impressive case studies, and a dedicated team of experts, Holo-Light is leading the charge in bridging the gap between the virtual and real world. As they continue to innovate and evolve, Holo-Light's impact on the enterprise market is set to grow, unlocking new possibilities and revolutionizing industries worldwide.