Just Words - Infrastructure & LLMs for content ranking

Just Words: The Future of AI-Driven Content Optimization

What is Just Words and What Do They Offer?

Just Words, founded in 2024, is a cutting-edge start-up based in San Francisco. With a team size of two, the company is under the guidance of group partner Michael Seibel. The start-up's core mission is to provide large companies with the necessary infrastructure and large language models (LLMs) to manage, translate, and optimize content across various platforms such as emails, push notifications, websites, and apps. The founders have a proven track record, having developed similar software at Twitter and Pinterest, which resulted in a remarkable 20% increase in user growth.

Who Are the Active Founders of Just Words?

Neha Mittal, the CEO and Co-founder of Just Words, is a prominent figure in the tech industry. She has held significant roles, including Head of Product for Retention & Growth at Pinterest and Twitter. Additionally, she co-founded CityStructure and was the founding engineer at Sensorflow. Neha's extensive experience also includes product and engineering roles at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Goldman Sachs. Her expertise and leadership are crucial to the innovative solutions Just Words offers.

How Does Just Words Boost User Growth?

Just Words utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize product copy for large companies. This optimization covers various aspects such as landing page titles and notifications. The traditional method of trying new titles for websites every few days is replaced by Just Words' objective evaluation of copies based on performance. The system fine-tunes future copies based on insights from experiments, significantly enhancing user engagement and growth. This approach was first observed to be effective at Twitter, where internal tools were developed to increase experimentation velocity on copy. The same issues were identified at Reddit and Pinterest, leading to the realization that there is substantial evidence for this method across the industry.

What Problem is Just Words Addressing?

Just Words addresses several key challenges faced by companies in managing product copy:

  1. Effort and Efficiency: Creating effective copy for landing pages and email subjects is time-consuming. Scientifically measuring which copy resonates best with users is also labor-intensive. Copies are often hard-coded, making any small change a lengthy project requiring redeployment of the app.
  2. Copy Repository: Companies lack a centralized repository for copy changes, losing track of past experiments and insights. Without a holistic view, product teams make changes based on intuition rather than data, hindering the fine-tuning of future iterations.
  3. Context-Based Optimization: Companies typically test one copy change at a time for all users or rotate copies randomly. Ideally, they should present the best copy to different users based on their specific contexts.

How Does Just Words Provide a Solution?

Just Words offers a comprehensive solution through continuous experimentation and fine-tuning of copies:

  1. No-Code A/B Testing: Performance testing of various copy variations can be done with a single click, streamlining the process.
  2. Copy Versioning: Similar to GitHub for code, Just Words provides a history and performance tracking system for copies across product features.
  3. Copy Fine-Tuning: Tailored insights help refine the next iterations of copy, ensuring continuous improvement.
  4. Personalized Copy Rotation: Different variations are dynamically rotated across users, optimizing engagement based on individual contexts.

How Did Just Words Get Started?

The inception of Just Words is rooted in the founders' experiences at Twitter. While leading Growth at Twitter, they realized the significant impact of copy changes. For instance, a simple tweak in a push notification from "Elon tweeted" to "Elon just tweeted" resulted in gaining 800K additional users. Despite the clear benefits, the process of picking, testing, approving, and shipping each change was lengthy and inefficient, taking up to six months. Recognizing the potential for automation and systematic learning, they began developing internal tools that led to a 20% increase in user growth. Similar challenges were encountered at Pinterest, reinforcing their belief in the approach and prompting them to leave their jobs to establish Just Words.

What is Just Words' Long-Term Vision?

The long-term vision of Just Words is to revolutionize the way companies interact with their users through content. In a future dominated by AI, content will no longer be a one-way communication but a dialogue between companies and users. Businesses will need robust infrastructure to manage and test countless copy variations across products and user segments. Just Words aims to be at the forefront of this transformation, providing the essential copy-ranking infrastructure that will become indispensable for business survival in an AI-powered world.

How Does Just Words' Technology Work?

The technology behind Just Words is designed to simplify and enhance content optimization:

  1. No-Code A/B Testing: This feature allows companies to test multiple copy variations effortlessly, significantly speeding up the experimentation process.
  2. Copy Versioning: By maintaining a comprehensive history of copy changes, companies can track performance and make data-driven decisions for future iterations.
  3. Copy Fine-Tuning: Tailored insights are provided to refine copies, ensuring they resonate better with the target audience.
  4. Personalized Copy Rotation: Different copy variations are dynamically presented to users based on their context, optimizing engagement and conversion rates.

Why is Just Words Essential for Large Companies?

In today's competitive landscape, effective communication is crucial for user retention and growth. Just Words offers a scientific approach to optimizing product copy, which is vital for large companies looking to maximize their user engagement and growth. By automating and streamlining the process of copy creation, testing, and optimization, Just Words enables companies to focus on their core business while ensuring their content is always performing at its best.

How Has Just Words Demonstrated Its Effectiveness?

The effectiveness of Just Words' approach is demonstrated by the substantial user growth achieved at Twitter and Pinterest. The internal tools developed by the founders led to a 20% increase in user growth, validating the concept and its implementation. This success story is a testament to the potential impact Just Words can have on any company's user engagement and growth metrics.

What Sets Just Words Apart from Competitors?

Just Words stands out from competitors due to its unique combination of infrastructure and LLMs specifically designed for content optimization. The founders' extensive experience in growth roles at major tech companies like Twitter and Pinterest gives them a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this space. Their innovative solutions, backed by proven results, position Just Words as a leader in the field of content optimization for large enterprises.