Introducing Keep: Revolutionizing Alert Management for Software Developers

Introducing Keep: Revolutionizing Alert Management for Software Developers

The Problem of Alert Overload in Engineering Teams

Engineering teams are no strangers to the constant flood of alerts generated by various tools and systems. On average, these teams have to deal with more than five different tools that trigger alerts, resulting in a deluge of notifications that often overwhelm and frustrate developers. This excessive noise makes it difficult to identify critical issues, prioritize tasks, and maintain a productive workflow. Moreover, relying on proprietary vendor alerting and monitoring products poses a significant challenge in terms of flexibility and scalability.

Enter Keep - The Open-Source Alert Management Solution

Founded in 2023 and based in the heart of San Francisco, Keep is an open-source alert management platform specifically designed for software engineers. The company aims to tackle the problem of alert overload by leveraging AI to reduce noise and generate more actionable, context-rich alerts with clear ownership and business impact. Keep's innovative approach empowers developers to regain control over their alerting systems and optimize their workflow.

The Keep Launch - Open Source Alerting CLI

As part of its mission to simplify alert management, Keep has introduced an open-source alerting CLI (Command Line Interface). This tool is compatible with all observability tools, providing developers with a unified platform for managing alerts. With a syntax similar to GitHub actions, the Keep CLI offers a simple and intuitive interface that enables engineers to define and customize alerts efficiently.

Meet the Founders - Tal Borenstein and Shahar Glazner

Keep's journey began with two visionary founders: Tal Borenstein and Shahar Glazner. Tal, a former Engineering Group Manager and now the CEO of Keep, brings extensive experience in leading software teams of SaaS products. His tech-savviness and understanding of the pain points faced by engineering teams have been instrumental in shaping Keep's vision.

Shahar Glazner, the other co-founder, is passionate about building efficient solutions. With a "less is more" philosophy and a background in long-distance running, Shahar brings a unique perspective to Keep's development process. He also shares his insights through occasional writings on, providing valuable industry perspectives and updates.

The Benefits of Keep

Simple and Intuitive Syntax

One of the standout features of Keep is its syntax, which resembles the popular GitHub actions. This familiarity makes it easy for developers to adapt to the Keep CLI quickly. With a declarative approach to alerting, engineers can manage and version their alerts in source control and service repositories seamlessly.

Enhanced Context and Insights

Keep allows developers to consolidate alerts from multiple data sources, providing a holistic view of the system. By aggregating data and providing comprehensive insights, engineers can quickly identify the root cause of issues and make informed decisions. This context-rich approach streamlines troubleshooting and reduces the time spent resolving problems.

Freedom from Vendor Lock-in

Unlike proprietary vendor alerting and monitoring products, Keep liberates engineering teams from the shackles of vendor lock-in. This freedom allows teams to switch to different observability tools without the hassle of reconfiguring their alerting systems. Keep's open-source nature ensures compatibility with various tools, enabling seamless transitions and empowering teams with greater flexibility.

How Keep Solves Common Challenges

Streamlined Alert Management

Keep simplifies alert management by centralizing the process and providing a unified interface. With the Keep CLI, engineers can define, customize, and manage alerts effortlessly, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple tools and interfaces. This streamlined workflow boosts productivity and reduces cognitive load for developers.

Scalability and Adaptability

As engineering teams grow and adopt new technologies and tools, scalability becomes a critical factor in alert management. Keep addresses this challenge by offering a flexible and adaptable solution. The open-source nature of Keep allows developers to customize and extend its functionalities according to their specific requirements. Whether it's integrating new observability tools or incorporating unique workflows, Keep provides the necessary flexibility to scale alongside the team's evolving needs.

Seamless Migration and Integration

One of the major pain points in adopting new alerting and monitoring systems is the complexity of migrating existing alerts and integrating with different tools. Keep simplifies this process by providing a standardized syntax and easy integration capabilities. Developers can effortlessly migrate their alerts from tools like Prometheus Alertmanager or Grafana Alerts to Keep's open-source alerting CLI. This ensures a smooth transition without disrupting the existing workflow or losing valuable alert configurations.

Improved Collaboration and Accountability

With Keep, alert ownership and accountability become clear and well-defined. Each alert is associated with a specific owner, ensuring that responsible team members are notified and empowered to take appropriate actions. By establishing a transparent and collaborative alert management system, Keep promotes effective teamwork and reduces the risk of alerts being overlooked or mishandled.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

Incident Response and Resolution

In high-pressure situations, prompt and accurate incident response is crucial. Keep's contextual and actionable alerts enable engineering teams to swiftly identify and address critical issues. By providing comprehensive insights and relevant information, Keep minimizes the time spent on troubleshooting and accelerates incident resolution. This proactive approach to alert management translates into improved system reliability and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Continuous Monitoring and Performance Optimization

Monitoring the performance of complex software systems is a continuous task. Keep's ability to consolidate alerts from multiple data sources allows developers to gain a holistic view of the system's health and performance. By leveraging this comprehensive monitoring capability, engineering teams can identify bottlenecks, optimize performance, and proactively address potential issues before they impact end-users. Keep's data-driven approach empowers teams to maintain optimal system performance and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Agile Development and DevOps Practices

Keep aligns seamlessly with agile development methodologies and DevOps practices. Its integration-friendly architecture enables smooth collaboration between development and operations teams. By facilitating the inclusion of alert management in the development pipeline, Keep ensures that alerts are treated as a core aspect of the software development lifecycle. This proactive approach promotes a culture of continuous improvement and helps teams deliver high-quality, reliable software at a faster pace.

Join the Keep Community

Keep's success relies on the active involvement and contributions of the developer community. As an open-source project, Keep welcomes collaboration, feedback, and contributions from developers worldwide. By joining the Keep community, developers can connect with like-minded professionals, share their experiences, and collectively drive innovation in alert management.


In the era of ever-increasing complexity and data-driven systems, effective alert management is crucial for software development teams. Keep's open-source alerting CLI provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by alert overload, vendor lock-in, and complex migration processes. By simplifying and streamlining alert management, Keep empowers developers to regain control, optimize workflows, and improve system reliability. With its simple syntax, enhanced context, and freedom from vendor dependencies, Keep is poised to revolutionize the way software engineers handle alerts and ensure smooth operations in the modern digital landscape. Join the Keep community today and be part of the future of alert management.