Konstructly - The Modern Operating System for Construction

Konstructly: Streamlining Construction Processes with Innovative Software Solutions

What is Konstructly and How Did It Start?

Konstructly is a groundbreaking software platform designed to revolutionize the construction industry by integrating payment processes directly with work approvals. Founded in 2023 and based in London, United Kingdom, Konstructly is spearheaded by a dedicated team of six individuals, led by Group Partner Brad Flora. The startup aims to address one of the most significant inefficiencies in the construction industry: the disconnect between the production teams on-site and the back-office teams responsible for finances and project management.

The inspiration for Konstructly stemmed from the experiences of its active founders, particularly Stefan Vukcevic, who previously operated a construction labor marketplace. Stefan's firsthand experience with the inefficiencies and frictions in managing invoicing and payments between subcontractors and contractors highlighted the need for a more integrated and transparent system. Thus, Konstructly was born with a mission to digitize and streamline these processes, ultimately preventing overspend and enhancing productivity in construction projects.

What Problem Does Konstructly Solve?

The construction industry has long struggled with the issue of overspending, primarily due to the disconnect between those managing the build on-site (Production) and those handling the project's finances (Commercial). This gap results in inefficiencies, miscommunications, and costly delays. Quantity surveyors, for instance, often spend a significant portion of their time processing subcontractor invoices without having the necessary data on hand, leading to mistakes and oversight.

Furthermore, the lack of visibility and accountability means that many issues are not addressed until the end of the project, causing further delays and increased costs. Subcontractors, operating under less scrutiny, may also exhibit reduced productivity and higher instances of rework. Konstructly addresses these problems by providing a single app that connects all stakeholders, entities, and workflows, thereby increasing visibility, saving time, and incentivizing productivity.

How Does Konstructly Work?

Konstructly’s innovative platform digitizes subcontractor invoicing and payment approvals, linking them directly to the respective quality checks, trade handovers, and live progress updates. Here’s a detailed look at how the system operates:

  1. Subcontractors Log Progress: Site teams log their progress, which is then approved and quality-checked by the general contractor’s (GC) site team. This progress is also accepted by the next trade, creating a seamless handover process.
  2. Auto-Filled Applications: The logged progress automatically fills subcontractor applications, significantly reducing the time their commercial team spends on manual data entry.
  3. Review and Amend: The GC’s commercial team reviews and amends the applications as necessary through a user-friendly interface, which displays all relevant production data (progress, QA, handover acceptance).
  4. Enhanced Control and Visibility: This streamlined process allows for quicker valuation and approval of subcontractor work, giving GCs more control and visibility over the project.
  5. Incentivizing Productivity: By making it easier to identify inadequacies and withhold payments until tasks are completed properly, Konstructly incentivizes subcontractors to improve their productivity and build quality.

Who Are the Founders of Konstructly?

Konstructly is driven by three passionate and experienced founders: Stefan Vukcevic, John Hesler, and Dima Mikhailovich.

  • Stefan Vukcevic: Formerly part of Revolut, Stefan transitioned to the construction industry with a mission to elevate its productivity and efficiency to levels seen in other sectors like IT and professional services. His vision and hands-on experience in the industry have been pivotal in shaping Konstructly.
  • John Hesler: With a career in construction that began at the age of 16, John has climbed the industry ladder and amassed a wealth of knowledge. His deep understanding of the construction spectrum fuels his commitment to revolutionizing the industry through Konstructly.
  • Dima Mikhailovich: Boasting a background with institutions like MIPT, Bostongene, Revolut, and JPMorgan Chase, Dima brings a blend of technical expertise and managerial acumen to Konstructly. His unique perspective as both a developer and product manager ensures the platform is both technically robust and user-friendly.

What Sets Konstructly Apart from Other Solutions?

Konstructly stands out in the construction software market due to its unique approach of tying payments directly to work approvals. This method ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and accountable, significantly reducing the risk of overspend and delays. Unlike traditional systems that operate with unlinked and separate processes, Konstructly offers a cohesive and integrated platform that enhances visibility and efficiency.

The platform’s ability to capture and document trade handovers, quality checks, and live progress updates provides unparalleled transparency and control over construction projects. This comprehensive visibility not only streamlines manual processes but also incentivizes subcontractors to maintain high standards of productivity and build quality, knowing that their payments are directly tied to their performance.

How Did the Konstructly Team Identify the Industry’s Pain Points?

The genesis of Konstructly can be traced back to Stefan Vukcevic’s experience in running a construction labor marketplace. In this role, Stefan managed the invoicing and payment processes between subcontractors and contractors, which involved handling various document formats and managing communication between multiple stakeholders.

Stefan’s frustration with the inefficiency and lack of visibility in these processes highlighted the need for a more streamlined and integrated system. This realization, combined with the collective industry expertise of the Konstructly team, led to the development of a platform that addresses the core pain points in construction project management.

What Impact Has Konstructly Had on the Construction Industry So Far?

Since its launch, Konstructly has made significant strides in transforming the construction industry. By digitizing and integrating payment processes with work approvals, the platform has helped numerous general contractors and subcontractors save time, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

The enhanced visibility and control provided by Konstructly have allowed project managers to make more informed decisions, reducing the risk of overspend and delays. Subcontractors, motivated by the direct link between their performance and payments, have shown increased accountability and efficiency, leading to higher-quality builds and more timely project completions.

What Are the Future Plans for Konstructly?

Konstructly’s vision extends beyond its current offerings. The team is continuously working on expanding the platform’s capabilities and features to address more aspects of construction project management. Future updates may include enhanced data analytics, predictive insights, and additional integrations with other construction software tools.

The company also aims to grow its user base by reaching out to more general contractors and subcontractors globally, promoting the benefits of a more connected and efficient construction industry. By fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, Konstructly seeks to drive a broader industry shift towards higher productivity and reduced waste.

How Can Contractors and Subcontractors Get Started with Konstructly?

For contractors and subcontractors interested in leveraging Konstructly’s innovative platform, getting started is straightforward. The company offers comprehensive onboarding and training to ensure that all users can fully utilize the platform’s features. By visiting Konstructly’s website, potential users can schedule a demo, learn more about the platform’s capabilities, and start their journey towards more efficient and productive construction project management.

In conclusion, Konstructly represents a significant advancement in the construction industry, providing a modern operating system that bridges the gap between production and commercial teams. With its unique approach to integrating payments with work approvals, Konstructly is set to revolutionize the way construction projects are managed, driving efficiency, accountability, and productivity across the industry.