Kraftful - AI Co-Pilot for Product Builders

Unlocking User Insights at Scale: Kraftful's AI Co-Pilot for Product Builders

Introducing Kraftful's Vision

In the bustling tech hub of San Francisco, a dynamic start-up is making waves with its revolutionary approach to product development. Say hello to Kraftful, an AI co-pilot that empowers product builders to listen, understand, and act on user feedback at an unprecedented scale. Founded by the visionary Yana Welinder, Kraftful is poised to reshape the way product teams harness user insights to create products that resonate.

Unveiling the Heart of Kraftful's User-Centric Philosophy

At the very core of every exceptional product lies a profound understanding of its users – a truth that Yana Welinder, the visionary founder of Kraftful, wholeheartedly embraced. Embarking on a mission to reshape the very fabric of product development, Yana's journey began with a resolute acknowledgment of the pivotal role user insights play in creating solutions that truly resonate. It was this foundational principle that gave birth to Kraftful's AI co-pilot, a revolutionary tool poised to elevate the art of crafting user-centered products to unprecedented heights.

With unwavering determination, Yana Welinder recognized that listening to users transcends mere necessity; it is, in fact, a transformative advantage. The philosophy that underpins Kraftful's innovative approach centers on the profound impact of user feedback. This understanding not only informs the product development process but also propels it into uncharted territories of innovation and success. By placing user insights at the forefront, Kraftful seeks to empower product builders to transcend conventional limitations and pioneer solutions that effortlessly align with user needs.

The birth of Kraftful's AI co-pilot wasn't merely an outcome of technological prowess; it was the culmination of a deep-seated commitment to addressing the unmet needs of product teams. The drive to craft solutions that genuinely cater to users' requirements led Yana Welinder to envision a tool that goes beyond conventional methodologies. Kraftful's AI co-pilot is the embodiment of this visionary approach, poised to revolutionize the very essence of product development by placing user-centricity at its heart.

Before the emergence of Kraftful, Yana Welinder, like countless other product leaders, grappled with the intricate challenges that often beset product teams – the formidable task of efficiently and effectively gathering insights from a diverse range of sources. The landscape of user feedback is vast, spanning user interviews, app store reviews, support tickets, sales calls, and beyond. However, sifting through this vast sea of feedback proved to be a complex and labor-intensive endeavor.

The challenges Yana faced weren't limited to mere collection; they extended to the arduous process of manual parsing and interpretation. The influx of feedback in various formats and contexts posed a real challenge, leading to a significant drain on resources. The sheer volume of data demanded hours of meticulous effort to distill actionable insights, diverting valuable time and attention away from the actual process of product refinement.

However, the struggle wasn't limited to quantity alone. The diverse nature of user feedback made it difficult to pinpoint recurring issues across different user groups. This inability to swiftly recognize patterns hindered the integration of invaluable insights into the product development lifecycle. The consequence was a disconnect between the wealth of user feedback and its practical application in creating better products.

Yana Welinder's journey with these challenges prompted her to envision a transformative solution that could alleviate the predicament faced by product teams. The vision was clear – a solution that not only streamlined the process of gathering feedback but also harnessed technology to unravel meaningful patterns from the data deluge. The result of this vision was Kraftful's AI co-pilot, a tool engineered to navigate the labyrinth of user insights and transform them into actionable steps for product refinement.

Crafting the Kraftful Solution

With a clear understanding of the obstacles hindering effective user feedback utilization, Kraftful set out to engineer a solution that would transform the landscape. The journey began with the launch of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in beta earlier this year, garnering attention from industry giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Netflix, and more. The MVP allowed users to create comprehensive feedback repositories on, analyzing a staggering 13 million pieces of user feedback. The result? A monumental saving of 100,000 hours that would have otherwise been spent laboriously sifting through interviews, app reviews, and support tickets.

Unveiling the Comprehensive Solution

Now, Kraftful is thrilled to unveil an even more comprehensive and robust solution, one that addresses the needs of modern product builders in an ever-evolving digital landscape. This solution is a culmination of Kraftful's unwavering dedication to enhancing user feedback integration and leveraging cutting-edge technology for the greater good of product development.

Can Kraftful Bridge the Feedback Gap?

The innovative suite of features offered by Kraftful's AI co-pilot promises to be a game-changer for product teams seeking to bridge the feedback gap and transform insights into action.

Connecting Insights from Multifarious Sources: Kraftful's capabilities extend to a wide array of sources, including app stores, Zendesk, Intercom, and over 30 other platforms. This comprehensive approach ensures that no valuable piece of feedback goes unnoticed.

Actionable Summaries for Informed Decisions: The power of data lies in its interpretation. Kraftful distills vast volumes of feedback into actionable summaries that offer immediate insights, enabling informed decision-making.

Effortless Sharing and Collaboration: The importance of team collaboration cannot be overstated. With Kraftful, product teams can receive weekly insights in their mailbox and seamlessly share them with colleagues via Slack, fostering a culture of shared understanding and collective growth.

Real-Time Sync for Unwavering Vigilance: In the fast-paced world of product development, every moment counts. Kraftful's automatic syncing feature ensures that new feedback is incorporated into daily, weekly, and monthly summaries without a hitch.

Deepening Insights through Interaction: Kraftful's AI co-pilot is not just an observer; it's a conversationalist. Engage in follow-up conversations to delve deeper into user insights and unearth hidden gems that could shape the future of your product.

Efficiency in Action with AI-Generated User Stories: Crafting user stories can be a time-consuming task. Kraftful streamlines this process by generating AI-written user stories complete with acceptance criteria. These stories can then be seamlessly integrated into Jira, Linear, Trello, or your preferred project tracking tool.

A Glimpse into the Future

As Kraftful continues to evolve and refine its offerings, the potential for reshaping the product development landscape is immense. The ability to listen to millions in minutes empowers product builders to be more responsive, more attuned to user needs, and ultimately more successful in their endeavors. With Yana Welinder's visionary leadership and the collaborative efforts of Kraftful's dedicated team, the future of product development looks promisingly user-centric.

Join the Kraftful Journey

In a world where user feedback fuels innovation, Kraftful stands as a guiding light for product builders seeking to amplify their impact. The journey from identifying pain points to crafting solutions has been meticulously orchestrated to simplify the lives of product teams, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – building products that people want.

Whether you're a start-up navigating uncharted waters or an established enterprise aiming to stay ahead of the curve, Kraftful's AI co-pilot offers a compelling proposition. Join hands with Kraftful and embark on a journey where user insights are not just gathered but celebrated, where innovation is not just a buzzword but a way of life.

In the heart of San Francisco, where innovation thrives, Kraftful is redefining the art of product building. With a visionary founder, a dedicated team, and a commitment to empowering product builders, Kraftful's AI co-pilot is set to soar to new heights, bringing user-centricity to the forefront of product development.


In conclusion, Kraftful's journey from inception to its current standing as a pioneering AI co-pilot for product builders is a testament to the power of vision, innovation, and dedication. Yana Welinder's determination to revolutionize the way user feedback is harnessed has led to the creation of a comprehensive solution that empowers product teams with actionable insights, efficient collaboration, and AI-driven efficiency. As Kraftful continues to make strides in reshaping the product development landscape, it invites product builders from all corners to partake in a transformational journey where user-centricity reigns supreme.