Lago - the open-source billing platform

Introducing Lago: The Open-Source Billing Platform Revolutionizing the Industry

The Problem - Why Traditional Billing Systems Fall Short

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, metering and billing have become major pain points for companies across various industries. Whether it's the complexity of managing numerous edge cases, constant pricing changes, or looming scalability issues, traditional billing systems have proven to be nightmares for engineers, revenue leaders, and finance teams alike.

For Engineers - The Endless Challenges of Metering and Billing

Engineers face a myriad of challenges when it comes to metering and billing. From ensuring accurate metering per second, dealing with pre-aggregation and data clean-up, and accommodating custom plans to managing scalability for future growth, the list of considerations is never-ending. The sheer volume of topics to address often leaves engineers overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with the demands of their company's billing system.

For Revenue Leaders - Unlocking Growth Potential through Pricing Iterations

For revenue leaders, pricing is a crucial lever to boost Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Studies have shown that the average startup can achieve a significant 20% increase in ARR through iterative improvements to their pricing strategies. However, many companies find themselves hindered by their metering and billing systems, which lack the flexibility and agility required to implement pricing iterations effectively. This limitation can prevent revenue leaders from fully capitalizing on growth opportunities.

For Finance Teams - Streamlining Operations and Minimizing Manual Effort

Finance teams often bear the brunt of inefficient billing systems. Clunky data reprocessing, invoicing mistakes, and tedious reporting tasks are just a few of the challenges they face on a daily basis. The manual effort required to address these issues not only consumes valuable time and resources but also introduces the anxiety of potentially missing critical details that could have been addressed more efficiently.

Lago's Innovative Solution - Composable Metering and Billing

Recognizing the pressing need for a transformative billing solution, Lago emerges as a game-changer in the industry. Lago offers an open-source billing platform backed by renowned investors such as Y Combinator and Julien Codorniou. With its focus on usage-based pricing, subscriptions, and everything in between, Lago provides a comprehensive solution to the long-standing challenges of metering and billing.

Usage Monitoring - Streamlining Data Processing for Billing

Lago's approach to usage monitoring sets it apart from traditional systems. By enabling companies to connect their data sources directly to Lago without the need for extensive pre-aggregation or data cleaning, Lago simplifies the billing process. Companies can skip the cumbersome data transformation steps and let Lago handle the rest, ensuring accurate metering and efficient usage-based pricing.

Scalable and Low-Maintenance - Reducing Engineering Overhead

One of Lago's key advantages lies in its scalable and low-maintenance nature. With an out-of-the-box billing system, Lago provides a first-class API for engineers and a user-friendly interface for business teams. This means that companies no longer have to invest significant time and resources in building their billing infrastructure from scratch. Lago takes care of subscription management, usage computations, billing cycles, dates, currencies, and more, freeing up engineers to focus on core product development.

More Control with Composability and Security

Lago's open-source nature offers a unique value proposition - the option to build on top of the platform. This allows companies to audit Lago's code and maintain complete control over their data by keeping it within their own infrastructure. The flexibility and security provided by Lago's composable architecture empower companies to customize the platform according to their specific needs while leveraging the foundation Lago provides.

How Lago Works - Effortless Metering and Billing Made Possible

Lago's approach to metering and billing streamlines the entire process, making it effortless for companies to manage their billing operations effectively.

Plug Your Data Sources into Lago

Lago simplifies data ingestion by seamlessly integrating with various data sources. Whether it's logs or event streams, Lago efficiently ingests data at scale. In most cases, minimal data pre-transformations are required, if any, allowing companies to use their data as pricing dimensions for accurate usage metering.

Define Pricing Plans

Designing the ideal pricing structure is made easy with Lago's intuitive interface. Companies can create custom pricing plans tailored to their business model, incorporating usage-based pricing, subscriptions, add-ons, and different billing and payment cycles. Lago's flexibility ensures that pricing plans are truly à la carte, catering to the unique needs of each business.

Enjoy Built-In Core Billing Features

Lago's core billing features are designed to simplify complex operations. The platform effortlessly manages hundreds of plans, facilitates upgrades and downgrades, handles prepaid credits, international pricing plans, and grandfathered plans. With Lago, companies can navigate these billing complexities with ease, ensuring a smooth customer experience and maximizing revenue potential.

Invoice Customers and Collect Payments

Lago's comprehensive billing system extends to the invoicing and payment collection process. The platform generates invoices and seamlessly integrates with companies' preferred payment processors. Lago's agnostic nature allows businesses to adapt and scale their payment gateway preferences as they grow, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for customers.

The Industry's Love Affair with Lago - Testimonials from Engineers

Lago's innovative approach and commitment to solving billing challenges have earned the admiration of engineers worldwide. Here are a few testimonials from industry professionals who have witnessed the transformative power of Lago firsthand:

Joel Taylor - Senior Billing Engineer at Github

"Big fan of Lago's work. Payments and billing create huge underrated nightmares for engineers. With their open-source approach, Lago can help solve the long tail of challenges. Lago provides a solid foundation for Billing engineers to build on and customize to their needs. The team is super reactive and experienced in the space too!"

Gabriel Klein - CTPO at Masteos / Former VP Engineering at Qonto

"Billing has millions of edge cases. But it's also a 'talent nightmare'. No CTO wants to staff their engineers on billing, and no engineers want to work on this long term. I just wish Lago existed five years ago, so that my team could build on top of their API and go back to building our core product asap."

Nicolas Dessaigne - Co-founder at Algolia / Partner at Y Combinator

"I wish Lago existed when we started Algolia. We've revamped our billing stack three times and even went through a failed implementation with Zuora. We totally underestimated the complexity of billing at the time, and our needs were too specific for closed-source vendors."

Lago Shines in the Limelight of Billing

Lago's exceptional capabilities and commitment to solving billing challenges have not gone unnoticed. The platform has gained recognition within the industry and continues to make waves as a trailblazer in the billing space.


In the ever-evolving landscape of business, efficient and scalable billing systems are essential for success. Lago, an open-source billing platform, rises to the challenge by providing composable metering and billing solutions that address the pain points faced by engineers, revenue leaders, and finance teams. With its intuitive interface, low-maintenance architecture, and comprehensive billing features, Lago empowers companies to streamline their operations, iterate on pricing strategies, and regain control over their billing processes. As evidenced by the testimonials of industry professionals, Lago has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the billing industry and enabling companies to focus on what matters most: building exceptional products and driving growth.