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Ledgy: Revolutionizing Equity Management for Global Teams

In today's fast-paced business landscape, managing equity can be a complex and time-consuming process for companies with international teams. From compliance issues to data management challenges, it's essential for organizations to find a solution that simplifies equity management while fostering employee and investor engagement. Ledgy, a groundbreaking startup established in 2021, has emerged as a leader in providing fast and simple equity solutions for companies of all sizes. With a focus on automation, transparency, and compliance, Ledgy is transforming the way businesses handle equity. In this article, we'll explore how Ledgy's platform revolutionizes equity management, its key features, and why it's the go-to choice for companies seeking seamless equity solutions.

Streamlined Equity Workflows

Automation: Unlocking the Power of Efficiency

Discover how Ledgy's automation capabilities optimize equity workflows, enabling companies to handle large volumes of data with maximum accuracy.

One of the most significant challenges companies face when managing equity is the sheer volume of data involved. From issuing stock options to tracking vesting schedules, the manual handling of this data can be prone to errors and time-consuming. Ledgy addresses this issue head-on by providing seamless automation of equity workflows. By leveraging its innovative platform, companies can streamline the entire equity management process, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of inaccuracies.

Ledgy's automation capabilities empower companies to handle large volumes of data with maximum accuracy. Whether it's issuing equity grants, managing vesting schedules, or calculating tax implications, Ledgy simplifies these complex processes. With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, Ledgy takes the pain out of equity workflows, allowing companies to focus on their core business objectives.

Transparency Across the Organization

Fostering Collaboration and Alignment

Learn how Ledgy's intuitive visuals and detailed data empower companies to communicate about equity transparently across their organization.

Clear and effective communication about equity is essential for fostering alignment and collaboration within an organization. Ledgy recognizes this crucial aspect and provides a platform that enables companies to achieve transparency in equity management. By leveraging intuitive visuals and detailed data, Ledgy empowers companies to communicate effectively about equity across teams and stakeholders.

Ledgy's user-friendly interface transforms complex equity data into easily understandable visuals, eliminating confusion and promoting clarity. From executive management to employees, Ledgy ensures that everyone has access to accurate and up-to-date equity information. By establishing a single source of truth, Ledgy enables seamless collaboration, empowering teams to work together towards common goals.

Compliance Made Easy

Navigating Complexities with Confidence

Discover how Ledgy takes care of compliance, ensuring companies stay audit-ready and on top of equity across teams, functions, and territories.

Navigating the regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance can be a significant burden for companies managing equity. Ledgy simplifies this process by taking care of compliance concerns, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations. Ledgy's comprehensive compliance features ensure that companies stay audit-ready and can confidently manage equity across teams, functions, and territories.

Ledgy's platform incorporates the latest regulatory requirements, making compliance a seamless part of equity management. From maintaining accurate records to generating audit reports, Ledgy's compliance tools provide companies with peace of mind. By automating compliance-related tasks, Ledgy reduces the risk of errors and ensures that companies can adapt to changing regulations effortlessly.

Ledgy's Value Proposition

Unlocking the Power of Ledgy: How It Benefits Your Company

Explore Ledgy's key applications and understand why industry leaders and investors are embracing this revolutionary equity management platform.

Ledgy offers a range of applications that empower companies to streamline their equity management processes and drive success. Let's delve into some of the key applications of Ledgy and hear from industry leaders who have experienced the transformative power of the platform.

Equity Plan Automation

Managing equity plans efficiently is a top priority for companies looking to save time and reduce administrative burdens. Ledgy's Equity Plan Automation feature streamlines equity workflows, enabling companies to handle the entire process seamlessly. By automating tasks such as grant issuance, vesting schedule management, and tax calculations, Ledgy frees up valuable time for HR and compensation teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

According to Fabian Wesemann and Julian Teicke, Co-founders of Wefox, "From the moment we were introduced to Ledgy, we could see that this was something Wefox would need if we were going to build a sustainable company where everyone has a fair share of our success. The ease of use for our compensation and benefits team, as well as senior stakeholders, massively reduces the time we spend on equity in a week."

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees through equity participation is vital for building a strong and motivated workforce. Ledgy's platform provides intuitive dashboards that bring equity to life for the entire team. By offering employees a transparent view of their equity holdings, Ledgy fosters a sense of ownership and aligns incentives across the organization.

Sebastian Schilling, VP Finance and Internal Operations of Taxfix, emphasizes the positive impact of Ledgy's employee engagement features: "Whenever someone gets offboarded, there are no arguments about how much is vested; it's very clear. People no longer ask questions about how much their VSOP is worth because they can log in and check that themselves."


Ensuring compliance with regulations and preparing for future events like an IPO are critical milestones for growing companies. Ledgy's compliance tools simplify these processes, making it easy for companies to stay error-free, get IPO-ready, and expand their operations globally with confidence. By automating compliance-related tasks and maintaining accurate records, Ledgy reduces the administrative burden associated with equity management.

John Fraser, Finance Director of Peak, attests to the transformative power of Ledgy's compliance features: "Ledgy has knocked days – not hours, days – off the process of creating a new share option award. That really adds up when you think about what we've already achieved and how much further we still have to go. Compared to what we had before, it's night and day."

Cap Table Management

Accurate and intuitive cap table management is crucial for companies seeking to maximize the strategic value of their equity. Ledgy's Cap Table Management feature allows companies to turn their cap table into a strategic asset, providing accurate and up-to-date information. By leveraging Ledgy's user-friendly interface, companies can make informed decisions and effectively manage investor relations.

Ledgy's Commitment to Excellence

Your Trusted Partner in Equity Management

Discover why Ledgy stands out with its commitment to customer success, unrivaled customizability, and enterprise-ready security.

Choosing the right equity management platform is a critical decision for any company. Ledgy distinguishes itself by offering an exceptional user experience, unparalleled customizability, and enterprise-grade security. Let's explore why Ledgy should be your trusted partner in equity management.

Software that Works for People

Ledgy's focus on usability ensures that users can effortlessly understand and manage equity intuitively. By delivering the best software experience without compromising usability, Ledgy sets itself apart in the market. With Ledgy, companies can onboard and empower their teams quickly, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Equity Managed Your Way

Every company has unique equity management needs, and Ledgy understands this. Ledgy's platform provides unmatched customizability, allowing companies to tailor their equity management processes according to their specific requirements. From managing equity across teams and jurisdictions to accommodating complex ownership structures, Ledgy gives companies the flexibility and control they need to succeed.

Integrate & Automate Easily

Managing vast amounts of data related to equity can be challenging without the right tools. Ledgy takes the pain out of equity processes by offering seamless integration and automation capabilities. By centralizing data, visualizing insights, and tracking essential information, Ledgy simplifies the management of equity-related tasks, freeing up valuable time for companies to focus on strategic initiatives.

A Team That's There for You

Ledgy is committed to the success of its customers. From software to sales, Ledgy's dedicated team is always ready to support and guide companies through their equity management journey. With their expertise and passion for empowering companies globally, Ledgy ensures that customers receive the best possible experience and achieve their equity management goals.

Enterprise-Ready Security with Swiss Precision

Protecting sensitive data is of utmost importance when managing equity. Ledgy understands this critical need and ensures that your company's data is safeguarded with enterprise-grade security measures. Regularly audited by expert, independent third parties, Ledgy's platform complies with SOC 2 Type 1 standards. With TLS 1.3 encryption, multi-factor authentication, and strict access controls, Ledgy provides the highest level of security to its customers.


Ledgy is transforming the way companies manage equity for international teams. With its focus on automation, transparency, and compliance, Ledgy's platform simplifies equity workflows, engages employees, and ensures compliance across teams and jurisdictions. By offering unparalleled customizability, seamless integration, and enterprise-grade security, Ledgy empowers companies to take control of their equity management and achieve their business objectives. As companies strive to align incentives, foster collaboration, and drive success, Ledgy stands out as the go-to choice for fast and simple equity solutions. Embrace Ledgy today and unlock the full potential of your equity management journey.