Linc - Email Copilot for Shippers, Carriers and Brokers

Linc - Revolutionizing Logistics Data Management with Intelligent Automation

In today's fast-paced logistics industry, managing and integrating data efficiently is a critical challenge faced by shippers, carriers, and brokers. Linc, an innovative startup founded in 2023, is addressing this issue with its cutting-edge technology powered by LLMs (Language Model-based Machine Learning). Linc's intelligent email copilot is designed to automate custom data integrations for logistics businesses, starting with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for logistics vendors. This article explores how Linc is transforming logistics data communications by streamlining manual processes, simplifying data entry, and offering cost-effective solutions for the industry's needs.

Who are the Visionaries Behind Linc?

Linc was brought to life by a team of three passionate individuals with a shared interest in artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions:

Shrey Sambhwani - Automating logistics data integrations @ Linc AI. Shrey's deep understanding of AI and the supply chain economy has been the driving force behind Linc's vision.

Rahul Prakash - Solving hard problems @ Linc AI. Rahul's expertise in algorithms, data, and machine learning has contributed significantly to Linc's technical prowess.

Harshavardhan Srijay - Building Linc AI. Harsha's focus on AI and decision-making has played a pivotal role in developing Linc's intuitive systems.

Addressing the Overwhelming Data Challenge in the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry operates within a dynamic ecosystem, constantly exchanging crucial information through emails, documents, and spreadsheets. However, this high volume of data poses a significant challenge for logistics vendors, including shippers, carriers, and brokers. Each day, they grapple with the burden of manually entering data into their transport management systems (TMS) to ensure seamless operations and streamlined workflows.

The workflow between multiple vendors involved in the logistics process adds another layer of complexity. Coordinating with various stakeholders requires careful data recording, auditing, tracking, and reporting. Unfortunately, manual data entry and handling pose numerous inefficiencies, leading to potential errors and delays in critical tasks. These inefficiencies not only impact productivity but also increase the risk of miscommunication and logistical bottlenecks.

In response to these challenges, the logistics industry has explored existing solutions for document understanding. However, these solutions come with their own set of limitations. Some require extensive templating, making them cumbersome and time-consuming to implement. On the other hand, the more sophisticated EDI/API integrations promise seamless data integration, but they come at a high cost and require significant time and resources to set up.

Even when companies opt for virtual assistants to alleviate the data entry burden, they face new challenges, such as unreliability, difficulties in training these assistants to accurately interpret diverse data formats, and a constant struggle to combat high employee turnover rates. It becomes evident that the logistics industry urgently needs a comprehensive and innovative solution to overcome these obstacles and optimize data management processes.

Introducing Linc - A Pioneering Solution with the Intelligent Email Copilot

Recognizing the pressing need for a game-changing solution, Linc has come up with a groundbreaking innovation - the Intelligent Email Copilot for logistics. Linc's cutting-edge technology aims to revolutionize data integration, communication, and management within the logistics industry, creating a seamless and efficient ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Linc's Intelligent Email Copilot acts as an indispensable assistant, residing right within the user's email inbox. Its primary purpose is to bridge the gap between inbound emails and documents, ensuring seamless synchronization with the TMS records. This level of integration allows for real-time updates and provides logistics vendors with accurate, up-to-date information at their fingertips.

One of Linc's key differentiators lies in its advanced algorithms that enable template-free data extraction from a myriad of documents. Whether it's invoices, bills of lading, or rate confirmations, Linc's Intelligent Email Copilot can accurately interpret and extract essential information without the need for rigid templates or manual configurations. This flexibility saves valuable time, resources, and efforts for logistics companies, elevating their productivity and data management capabilities.

Moreover, Linc's commitment to accuracy sets it apart from traditional solutions. With a consistent 95% field-level accuracy across various document types and raw text, logistics vendors can trust Linc's automation to deliver reliable results every time. This high level of accuracy not only streamlines operations but also reduces the risk of errors and minimizes the need for manual intervention.

By removing the burden of tedious and error-prone manual data entry, Linc empowers logistics vendors with enhanced operational efficiency, better resource allocation, and increased focus on strategic decision-making. With Linc's Intelligent Email Copilot handling the data integration and communication, logistics companies can allocate their valuable workforce to more critical tasks, thereby optimizing their overall performance and customer satisfaction.

How Easy is it to Get Started with Linc?

Implementing Linc's intelligent email copilot is incredibly user-friendly. Users can simply download the Chrome extension provided by Linc and let the powerful AI models take care of the data transformation process. By minimizing the heavy lifting required in data integration, Linc accelerates the setup process and allows logistics companies to start benefiting from its automation rapidly.

Linc's Founding Story and Inspiration

Linc's founders, Shrey, Rahul, and Harsha, have a remarkable background in robotics research and previously worked together on an indoor localization startup. Their journey to building Linc began when they presented their product idea to over 250 logistics companies. These companies collectively faced challenges related to data management and integrations, which motivated the trio to pivot their focus towards addressing these industry pain points.

Having gained valuable experience in AI tools from renowned organizations like Google, Northrop Grumman, and hedge funds, the founders embarked on this new venture with the shared mission of revolutionizing logistics data communications.

The Advantages of Linc's Intelligent Email Copilot

Linc offers several key advantages over traditional solutions for logistics data management:

Cost-effectiveness: Unlike expensive EDI/API integrations, Linc provides a budget-friendly alternative, making it accessible to logistics vendors of all sizes.

Time-saving: Linc's streamlined automation significantly reduces the time spent on manual data entry, enabling logistics teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

Accuracy and Reliability: The advanced algorithms ensure a 95% field-level accuracy, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing overall data reliability.

Seamless Integration: Linc's Chrome extension makes integration effortless, eliminating the need for complex setup processes.

Enhanced Productivity: By freeing up resources from manual data entry, Linc empowers logistics companies to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Real-World Success Stories

Linc's intelligent email copilot has already garnered impressive success stories in the logistics industry. Several logistics vendors have adopted Linc's solution, benefiting from improved data management, streamlined workflows, and increased overall productivity.

One such success story involves a mid-sized logistics company that was previously bogged down by manual data entry tasks. After implementing Linc's intelligent email copilot, the company reported a 70% reduction in data entry time and an increase in data accuracy. This freed up their team to focus on strategic planning and customer service, leading to higher client satisfaction and improved business performance.

Linc's Commitment to Data Security and Privacy

With data being a critical aspect of the logistics industry, Linc understands the importance of data security and privacy. The company employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols to ensure that all data is protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, Linc complies with relevant data protection regulations to guarantee the utmost privacy for its users.


In a world where logistics operations are constantly evolving, Linc stands out as an innovative startup that brings the power of AI-driven automation to logistics data management. By developing an intelligent email copilot, Linc has created a game-changing solution for the industry's long-standing problem of manual data entry and inefficient data integrations.

Through the dedication of its founders and the technical expertise of its team, Linc is poised to shape the future of logistics data communications, empowering businesses with enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved accuracy. As the startup continues to grow and expand its reach, the logistics industry can look forward to a more streamlined, efficient, and data-driven future powered by Linc.