Maia - AI relationship app that keeps couples together

From AI to Love: The Story Behind Maia, the Relationship-Saving App

What is Maia?

Maia is a cutting-edge AI relationship app designed to help couples strengthen and maintain their relationships. Founded in 2023 by Claire Wiley and Ralph Ma, Maia blends the latest in artificial intelligence with relationship science to offer daily activities, personalized advice, proactive insights, quizzes, and games. The app aims to revolutionize relationship support by providing an engaging and highly personalized experience for couples, making relationship care more accessible and effective than ever before.

How Did Maia Come to Be?

The inception of Maia is a story of personal passion and professional expertise. Claire Wiley, one of the co-founders, grew up in multicultural households as an immigrant, which gave her a unique perspective on relationships and cultural dynamics. During her MBA, she launched a couples coaching program, driven by her deep interest in love and therapy. Her background in tech and infrastructure private equity further equipped her with the skills necessary to build and scale innovative solutions.

Ralph Ma, the other co-founder, brought a wealth of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence to the table. He previously worked on significant machine learning projects at Stanford and contributed to the development of Google Maps/Research. More recently, he was instrumental in building the machine learning platform at insitro, which powered hundreds of drug discovery models. Ralph's transition to working on Maia represents a shift from chemical to emotional chemistry, applying his technical expertise to help couples build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

What Problem Does Maia Solve?

Relationships are fundamental to human happiness and well-being, yet traditional support systems often fall short in addressing the complexities of modern relationships. Traditional couples therapy can be expensive, inaccessible, and stigmatized, deterring many couples from seeking help. Moreover, many existing couple apps provide static, one-size-fits-all content that lacks the personalization needed to address individual relationship dynamics.

Statistics reveal that couples, on average, endure six years of unhappiness before seeking professional help, often leading to a breakdown of the relationship. Divorce rates exceed 50%, highlighting the urgent need for more accessible and effective relationship support. Maia addresses this critical gap by offering a proactive, personalized approach to relationship care, helping couples navigate challenges and build stronger bonds.

How Does Maia Transform Relationships?

Maia reimagines relationship care by integrating AI coaching, expert guidance, and informal chat interactions into a seamless, engaging experience for couples. The app provides a variety of features designed to enhance relationships, including:

  1. Daily Activities: Maia offers daily activities that encourage couples to connect on a deeper level. These activities are tailored to each couple's unique dynamics, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  2. Personalized Advice: The app delivers personalized advice based on individual relationship needs and dynamics. This advice is informed by relationship science and tailored to help couples navigate their specific challenges.
  3. Proactive Insights: Maia provides proactive insights to help couples identify and address potential issues before they escalate. This preventive approach promotes healthier, more resilient relationships.
  4. Quizzes and Games: To keep the experience engaging, Maia includes fun quizzes and games that help couples learn more about each other and strengthen their bond in an enjoyable way.

By integrating these elements, Maia offers a comprehensive roadmap to a happier, healthier relationship, making personal growth and wellness accessible and enjoyable for every couple.

What Do Experts Say About Maia?

Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, PhD, LMFT, a relationship expert collaborating with Maia, emphasizes the app's unique ability to provide psychoeducation about relationships. According to Dr. Cohen, Maia normalizes the experiences and challenges couples face, prompting users to reflect on their lived experiences, values, and goals. This reflective approach encourages a greater level of self-awareness and personal growth.

Dr. Cohen highlights that engaging with Maia feels like chatting with a friend who not only understands human connections deeply but also brings a touch of sass and humor. She praises Maia's ability to approach users from a place of curiosity, present valuable tips and resources, and engage with users with a profound appreciation for the human bond. Her endorsement underscores the app's effectiveness and the quality of its guidance.

What Do Users Say About Maia?

Users like K. have found Maia to be an invaluable tool for relationship support. K. shares that Maia has been instrumental in helping them grow their thoughts and navigate emotional states without the bias often present in traditional therapy platforms. K. appreciates the lack of opinions and bias in Maia's advice, allowing them to truly absorb the guidance provided.

K.'s testimonial highlights Maia's unique value proposition: a personalized, unbiased approach to relationship support that feels more like a trusted friend than a traditional therapist. This user feedback underscores the app's effectiveness in providing meaningful and actionable relationship advice.

What is the Story Behind Maia?

The mission behind Maia is deeply personal for its founders, Claire and Ralph. Both grew up in first-generation divorced households and have experienced the ups and downs of their own relationships. Their personal experiences highlighted the universal need for a proactive approach to relationship health, one that goes beyond traditional therapy and static content.

By combining their expertise in AI and psychology, Claire and Ralph built Maia to address this need. They envisioned a tool that could provide personalized, actionable advice and support to couples everywhere, helping them build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Maia represents the culmination of their shared vision and commitment to improving relationship care.

How Can Couples Benefit from Maia?

Couples using Maia can benefit from a wide range of features designed to enhance their relationships. The app's daily activities encourage couples to connect on a deeper level, fostering intimacy and understanding. Personalized advice helps couples navigate their unique challenges, while proactive insights provide early warnings of potential issues, allowing couples to address them before they escalate.

Maia's quizzes and games add an element of fun to the experience, making it easier for couples to engage with the app and each other. This combination of features ensures that Maia provides a holistic approach to relationship care, addressing both the emotional and practical aspects of maintaining a healthy relationship.

What Makes Maia Different from Other Relationship Apps?

Maia stands out from other relationship apps due to its dynamic and personalized approach. While many apps offer static content that fails to address individual relationship dynamics, Maia uses AI to tailor its advice and activities to each couple's unique needs. This personalized approach ensures that the support provided is relevant and effective.

Additionally, Maia's integration of AI coaching, expert guidance, and informal chat interactions creates a seamless and engaging user experience. The app's ability to provide proactive insights and fun, interactive content further distinguishes it from traditional relationship support tools.

What is the Vision for Maia’s Future?

Claire and Ralph envision Maia as a transformative tool that can revolutionize relationship care. Their goal is to make personalized relationship coaching accessible to everyone, empowering couples to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. As Maia continues to evolve, the founders plan to incorporate more advanced AI features and expand the range of activities and advice offered.

Future developments may include enhanced AI capabilities that provide even more personalized and actionable insights, as well as new content and features designed to address a broader range of relationship challenges. By continually improving and expanding Maia, Claire and Ralph aim to ensure that the app remains at the forefront of relationship support technology.

How to Get Started with Maia?

Couples interested in transforming their relationship with Maia can easily get started by downloading the app from their preferred app store. The user-friendly interface and engaging features make it simple for couples to begin their journey toward a happier, healthier relationship.

Once downloaded, couples can start exploring the app's various features, from daily activities and personalized advice to quizzes and games. By consistently engaging with Maia, couples can build a stronger foundation for their relationship and navigate challenges more effectively.


Maia is more than just an app; it’s a movement toward healthier, more fulfilling relationships. With the combined expertise of Claire Wiley and Ralph Ma, and the support of relationship experts like Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, Maia offers a unique and powerful tool for couples everywhere. By blending AI and relationship science, Maia provides a personalized and engaging experience that helps couples stay together and thrive.

In a world where traditional relationship support systems often fall short, Maia stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation. It offers couples a proactive, personalized approach to relationship care, making it easier to build and maintain strong, healthy relationships. For couples looking to enhance their connection, resolve conflicts, and enjoy a more fulfilling partnership, Maia is the perfect companion on their journey.