Malibou - the first all-in-one payroll and HR software for French SMBs

Simplifying Compliance: How Malibou Integrates Payroll and HR for French Companies

What is Malibou and How Did It Come About?

Malibou is revolutionizing the payroll and HR landscape for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in France. Launched in 2023, this all-in-one web application was designed to help French companies manage employees, run payroll, and ensure compliance seamlessly. The startup is the brainchild of co-founders Maxence Drummond and Alexandre Pernin, who bring a wealth of experience from their diverse professional backgrounds.

What Makes Payroll Management in France So Challenging?

French payroll management is notoriously complex, primarily due to the country’s intricate labor laws and regulations. France has approximately 800 different labor agreements, each with its own set of rules and compliance requirements. This complexity has traditionally left businesses with limited options: they could either rely on accountants, who provide good advice but lack integration with modern HR Information Systems (HRIS), or they could use standalone HRIS platforms that do not offer payroll services. This dichotomy created a significant gap in the market, one that Malibou aims to fill.

How Does Malibou Address These Challenges?

Malibou offers a unified solution that combines payroll and HR services into a single platform. This integration is particularly crucial given the recent opening of APIs by French payroll engines, which allows for a seamless merging of HR and payroll functionalities. By leveraging these new capabilities, Malibou provides a best-in-class HRIS tailored for local compliance, paired with expert support to help HR managers and CEOs navigate the bureaucratic complexities of French labor laws.

Who Are the Founders of Malibou?

Maxence Drummond, Co-founder and CEO of Malibou, graduated from Sciences Po in Paris. He began his career assisting French tech startups in San Francisco before joining the venture capital fund Breega in Paris. At Breega, Maxence climbed the ranks from associate to partner and eventually opened the firm’s UK office. Driven by a desire to switch from investor to entrepreneur, he co-founded Malibou to tackle the persistent challenges in the French payroll sector.

Alexandre Pernin, Co-founder and CTO, studied Mathematics and Computer Science at CentraleSupelec, followed by a second master’s degree at the Paris School of Economics. Alexandre co-founded his first startup, which was part of Y Combinator (YC), focusing on the data space. He later joined Theodo, a company akin to ThoughtWorks, where he developed various B2B tech products. Returning to YC for a second time, Alexandre now applies his technical expertise to the HR and payroll space with Malibou.

How Has Malibou Been Received Since Its Launch?

Since its launch four months ago, Malibou has already made significant strides, helping over 40 companies manage and pay hundreds of employees. This rapid adoption underscores the demand for a streamlined, all-in-one payroll and HR solution in the French market.

What Problem Does Malibou Solve?

Malibou addresses a fundamental problem faced by French businesses: the arduous task of processing payroll within a highly regulated environment. By providing a comprehensive platform that integrates payroll and HR services, Malibou eliminates the need for separate systems and manual processes, such as spreadsheets and email communication. This integration ensures that companies can manage employee records, onboard new hires, process leave requests, validate and distribute payslips, and handle payroll payments all from within the app.

What Unique Features Does Malibou Offer?

Local Compliance and Expert Support

One of Malibou’s standout features is its focus on local compliance. The platform is designed to adhere to French labor laws, which is a critical requirement for any HRIS in the country. Additionally, Malibou offers expert support to help businesses navigate the complexities of these regulations, reducing the administrative burden on HR managers and CEOs.

Comprehensive Employee Management

Malibou provides a robust set of tools for managing employee data. This includes maintaining employee repositories, facilitating the onboarding process for new hires, and managing leave requests. These features ensure that all employee-related information is centralized and easily accessible, streamlining HR operations.

Payroll Processing and Compliance Tracking

The platform simplifies payroll processing by automating many of the tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention. This includes generating payslips, calculating payroll taxes, and ensuring compliance with various labor agreements. By automating these processes, Malibou reduces the risk of errors and ensures timely payroll processing.

Direct Access for Employees

Employees also benefit from Malibou’s features, as they can access their payroll information directly through the platform. This transparency enhances employee satisfaction and reduces the workload on HR departments by minimizing the need for payroll-related inquiries.

What Is the Future of Malibou?

Malibou’s early success indicates a bright future for the startup. As it continues to grow and evolve, the platform is likely to expand its feature set and improve its integration capabilities. The founders' backgrounds and their commitment to addressing the specific needs of French SMBs position Malibou to become a leading player in the payroll and HR software market.

Potential for Market Expansion

While Malibou currently focuses on the French market, there is potential for expansion into other countries with similarly complex payroll regulations. By adapting its platform to meet the specific compliance requirements of other regions, Malibou could offer its all-in-one solution to a broader audience.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

The team behind Malibou is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. As the platform matures, users can expect regular updates and new features that enhance its functionality and usability. This commitment to innovation will help Malibou stay ahead of competitors and continue to meet the evolving needs of its users.

How Does Malibou Compare to Other Payroll and HR Solutions?

Integration and Ease of Use

One of the key differentiators for Malibou is its seamless integration of payroll and HR services. Unlike other solutions that require businesses to use multiple systems or manual processes, Malibou provides a unified platform that simplifies these tasks. This ease of use is a significant advantage for SMBs, which often lack the resources to manage multiple complex systems.

Focus on French Compliance

Another major differentiator is Malibou’s focus on French compliance. While many international payroll and HR solutions struggle to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the French market, Malibou is designed with these needs in mind. This local focus ensures that the platform can provide accurate and reliable support for French businesses.

Expert Support and Guidance

In addition to its technical capabilities, Malibou offers expert support to help businesses navigate the complexities of French labor laws. This combination of technology and expert advice is a powerful offering that sets Malibou apart from competitors that may offer only one or the other.


Malibou is poised to transform the payroll and HR landscape for French SMBs. By addressing the unique challenges of the French market with a comprehensive, integrated platform, Malibou offers a solution that simplifies payroll processing, ensures compliance, and enhances overall HR management. The expertise and dedication of its founders, coupled with the platform’s robust feature set, make Malibou a promising player in the industry. As it continues to grow and innovate, Malibou is likely to set new standards for payroll and HR software in France and beyond.