Mango Health gets physicians paid for sending patients to therapy

A New Era in Healthcare: The Mango Health Model for Integrated Care

What is Mango Health?

Mango Health is a groundbreaking start-up that has revolutionized the intersection of primary care and mental health. Founded in 2023 and based in San Francisco, this innovative company aims to streamline the referral process between primary care physicians (PCPs) and therapists. The company’s AI-optimized platform not only enables therapists to expand their practice but also ensures that primary care providers are reimbursed for facilitating these crucial referrals. By leveraging new reimbursement codes, Mango Health creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits both therapists and PCPs, ultimately enhancing patient care.

Who Are the Founders of Mango Health?

Mango Health was co-founded by Jamison Mercurio and Zachary Gittelman, two visionaries with a shared passion for improving healthcare.

  • Jamison Mercurio, the CEO, is a Princeton Computer Science graduate and a former iOS and web engineer at Meta, where he worked on Messenger Video Chat and Facebook News. With extensive experience shadowing and interviewing over 160 PCPs and therapists, Jamison brings a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape to Mango Health.
  • Zachary Gittelman, the CTO, holds degrees from Michigan and Cornell in Computer Science. His background includes significant stints at multiple healthcare start-ups, such as Medly, where he integrated insurance billing platforms, and Tomorrow Health, where he built a medical supplies marketplace. Zach’s expertise in healthcare technology and his experience in scheduling automation for Mount Sinai are instrumental in the development of Mango Health’s platform.

Together, Jamison and Zachary are creating the future of primary care by bridging the gap between PCPs and mental health professionals.

What Problem Does Mango Health Address?

The mental health sector faces a paradoxical problem: despite a widespread shortage of therapists, many mental health professionals struggle to find patients and navigate the complexities of contracting with insurance companies. On the other hand, primary care physicians recognize that a significant portion of their patients—over 40%—require mental health services. However, due to high patient quotas and lack of revenue incentives, PCPs often find it impractical to track down the appropriate therapists and coordinate care for each patient.

This disconnect between the demand for mental health services and the ability to supply them efficiently creates a significant gap in patient care. Mango Health addresses this critical issue by providing a seamless solution that benefits all stakeholders involved.

How Does Mango Health Provide a Solution?

Mango Health capitalizes on recent regulatory changes that allow primary care physicians to be reimbursed for ensuring their patients receive necessary therapy. The platform takes over the entire patient journey post-referral, handling everything from scheduling and therapist matching to telehealth visits, care tracking, and insurer claim submission for both therapists and primary care practices.

For therapists, Mango Health simplifies the process of getting in-network with major insurance companies and opens up a vast source of referrals through its primary care partnerships. By streamlining administrative tasks and facilitating connections between PCPs and therapists, Mango Health enables mental health professionals to focus on what they do best—providing care to patients.

What Makes Mango Health's Team Unique?

The founders of Mango Health bring a unique blend of technical expertise and hands-on healthcare experience. Jamie’s background in user-facing growth projects at Meta and his education from Princeton provide a solid foundation in technology and innovation. Meanwhile, Zach’s extensive experience in integrating insurance billing systems and building healthcare marketplaces ensures that the platform is both technically robust and highly relevant to the needs of the healthcare industry.

Their combined experience of interviewing and shadowing over 160 primary care physicians and psychotherapists gives them a deep insight into the pain points and needs of both providers and patients. This knowledge is the driving force behind Mango Health’s mission to create a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

How Does Mango Health Unlock Primary Care as a Distribution Channel for Therapists?

Mango Health has unlocked primary care as a distribution channel for therapists by transforming the referral process. Traditionally, PCPs might refer patients to therapists but lack the time and resources to ensure follow-through. Mango Health’s platform automates and optimizes this process, ensuring that patients are matched with the right therapists quickly and efficiently.

By handling all aspects of the referral process, from scheduling to care tracking, Mango Health not only improves patient outcomes but also provides a steady stream of referrals for therapists. This system benefits primary care physicians by allowing them to offer comprehensive care without additional administrative burdens, thus enhancing their practice’s efficiency and effectiveness.

What Are the Key Benefits for Primary Care Physicians?

Primary care physicians benefit significantly from Mango Health’s platform. The AI-optimized system allows PCPs to offer an additional layer of care without the usual logistical headaches. The platform’s ability to handle scheduling, therapist matching, telehealth visits, care tracking, and insurer claim submission means that PCPs can ensure their patients receive the necessary mental health services while still focusing on their core responsibilities.

Furthermore, the new reimbursement codes leveraged by Mango Health ensure that PCPs are compensated for their role in facilitating therapy referrals. This creates a financial incentive for primary care practices to integrate mental health services into their patient care strategies, ultimately leading to better overall health outcomes.

How Does Mango Health Support Therapists?

Therapists face numerous challenges, from finding patients to dealing with insurance companies. Mango Health addresses these issues by streamlining the process of getting in-network with major insurance providers and offering a consistent source of patient referrals through primary care partnerships.

The platform’s automated processes reduce administrative burdens, allowing therapists to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork. By providing an efficient and effective way to manage their practice, Mango Health empowers therapists to grow their business and reach more patients in need of mental health services.

What Impact Has Mango Health Had Since Its Launch?

Since its launch, Mango Health has made significant strides in improving the integration of primary care and mental health services. By unlocking primary care as a distribution channel for therapists, the platform has enhanced access to mental health care for many patients who might otherwise have struggled to find the necessary services.

The company’s innovative approach has been well-received by both primary care physicians and therapists, who appreciate the streamlined referral process and the financial incentives provided by the new reimbursement codes. As a result, Mango Health is rapidly becoming a key player in the healthcare industry, driving improvements in patient care and provider efficiency.

What Does the Future Hold for Mango Health?

The future looks bright for Mango Health as it continues to expand its reach and impact. The company’s AI-optimized platform is poised to become an essential tool for primary care practices and mental health professionals alike. With ongoing advancements in healthcare technology and regulatory support for integrated care models, Mango Health is well-positioned to lead the way in transforming the healthcare landscape.

As the company grows, it will likely explore new features and services to further enhance its platform, continually striving to improve the connection between primary care and mental health services. Mango Health’s commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that it will remain at the forefront of healthcare integration, making a lasting difference in the lives of patients and providers.