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Most Demanded Programming Languages in Ukraine vs. USA 2023

As the bedrock of modern technology, programming languages are perpetually evolving, mirroring the rapid pace of technological progress and responding to emergent requirements. They serve as instrumental drivers in the relentless forward march of digitization across diverse sectors worldwide. In this context, this article endeavors to cast a spotlight on the current trends and demands for programming languages in two technologically advanced nations - Ukraine and the USA. With a focus on these pivotal markets, we aim to provide an insightful exploration of the dynamic and influential terrain of programming languages that continue to shape the future of technology.

JavaScript/TypeScript: A New Era in Programming

The dynamic world of programming languages witnesses a new era, powered by JavaScript and its statically-typed counterpart, TypeScript. Commanding a remarkable position in the market, these languages distinguish themselves through their adaptability, potent ecosystems, and far-reaching applications, collectively constituting a third of the global market. Importantly, the strides made by these languages extend beyond the mere migration of projects from JavaScript to TypeScript, with JavaScript itself experiencing a phenomenal surge in usage.

In the technological hubs of Ukraine and the USA, the potency of these languages is quite evident. In Ukraine, JavaScript reigns supreme as the language of choice for a myriad of commercial endeavors. Concurrently, TypeScript is gaining significant traction for backend and full-stack development in both nations, illustrating its burgeoning influence.

In the USA, the continued dominance of JavaScript in the programming sphere is an enduring testament to its utility and adaptability. This preference for JavaScript is not a transient phenomenon but rather a steadfast trend, underscoring the language's enduring relevance in the American tech industry.

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Python: The Dark Horse

Python has manifested exceptional resilience and versatility in the dynamic realm of programming languages. After a period of relative inertia, it has redefined its trajectory, reclaiming its stature as one of the most sought-after programming languages.

Characterized by its intuitive syntax and versatile applications, Python caters to a broad spectrum of requirements. Python's capabilities extend far and wide from web development to data analytics and machine learning. This versatility has catapulted it to the third rank in the popularity charts in Ukraine, demonstrating its revived appeal.

Moreover, Python's dominance in the realm of data analysis is unparalleled. Retaining its undisputed position at the forefront in both Ukraine and the USA, Python continues to set the standard in this critical tech field. Therefore, Python's compelling narrative is a testament to its adaptability, functionality, and relevance in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Java: A Declining Trend

Java, with its long-standing legacy in backend development, has demonstrated its resilience in the face of a dynamic programming landscape. Despite experiencing a shift in its popularity over the past half-decade, it continues to uphold a substantial foothold in the coding community.

In the Ukrainian context, Java's popularity has been superseded by rising stars such as JavaScript and Python, reflecting the country's shifting preference towards these dynamic and versatile languages. Nonetheless, Java's robust presence is still notable, a testament to its robust foundations and extensive capabilities.

On the other side of the globe, the USA echoes a similar trend. While Java's popularity has seen a downturn, the programming landscape has witnessed an escalating inclination towards languages like Python and JavaScript/TypeScript. These languages, with their diverse use cases and thriving developer communities, have captured the attention of the American tech sector.

Yet, amidst this evolving landscape, Java's enduring relevance and application in intricate backend development projects underscore its resilient character, continually adapting to the waves of change in the global programming arena.

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The Emergence of Salesforce Apex

The annual programming language survey in Ukraine has unveiled a new contender rising in its ranks - Salesforce Apex. Overcoming the traditionally popular language, 1C, Apex has marked its territory in the nation's dynamic tech industry.

This unexpected ascension underlines an essential shift in the industry's orientation. Companies are increasingly adopting niche-specific languages like Salesforce Apex to precisely tailored to their unique business needs. Rather than opting for more general-purpose languages, organizations are recognizing the value of a language designed to interact seamlessly with the Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Apex's growth not only reflects its intrinsic strength as a powerful and intuitive language but also indicates the expanding influence of Salesforce in the business landscape of Ukraine. This trend emphasizes how the selection of programming languages is not merely about their coding capabilities, but also about the evolving industry-specific demands they cater to.

A Glimpse into Other Languages

The survey also touched upon other languages such as C#, PHP, Go, Dart, Kotlin, Swift, and R. Each of these languages has its unique standing. For instance, C# and TypeScript are close competitors, while Go's popularity in commercial projects has slightly decreased. Meanwhile, Dart's popularity growth has slowed.

On the mobile development front, the balance of power between Android's Kotlin and iOS's Swift has shifted towards Kotlin. Additionally, Flutter has overtaken React Native in the cross-platform mobile application segment in Ukraine. In the USA, Swift and Kotlin are neck-to-neck, catering to a vast mobile development industry.

The Rise of Personal Preferences and Self-Learning

The survey also pointed towards significant shifts in developers' personal preferences and learning paths. In Ukraine, the transition from JavaScript to TypeScript has become more prominent. Python has emerged as the top alternative for 1C developers and database programming. On the learning front, Go, Python, and Rust are the most popular choices among those who plan to learn a new programming language.

In the USA, Python and JavaScript are often the first languages for beginners due to their syntax and broad applicability. The trend of learning independently or with the help of colleagues is quite popular in both Ukraine and the USA, supplemented by professional instructors and courses.


In the pulsating rhythm of digital innovation, programming languages are not merely tools, they're fluid variables. Their popularity ebbs and flows, mirroring the evolving technological landscape, the shifting demands of various industries, and the preferences of developers who master these digital dialects. In this ever-changing panorama, budding and seasoned developers must stay agile, ready to ride the tide of change, and continually refine their skills.

Similarly, businesses scouting for the right talent or charting the course for new tech ventures should keep an eagle eye on these trends. Understanding the shifts in programming languages is crucial in aligning business strategies with market realities. For instance, in Ukraine, the rise of Salesforce Apex underscores the growing relevance of niche-specific languages in the tech space. On the other hand, in the USA, Python's robust growth reflects its versatility and ever-increasing applications in data analysis and beyond.

However, it's crucial to remember that while tracking global trends and market demands is essential, it shouldn't overshadow the specific needs of a project or a role. The winning strategy is finding the sweet spot between market demand, proficiency in the language, and how well it caters to particular requirements.

As seen in the diverging trajectories of programming languages in Ukraine and the USA - JavaScript/TypeScript's significant market share in both nations, Python's resurgence in Ukraine and dominance in the USA, Java's gentle decline, and the niche emergence of Salesforce Apex - each language has its unique path and potential. The dance of programming languages is a dynamic one, and keeping in tune with its rhythm can unlock a world of opportunities.

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