Obento Health - Shopify for healthcare providers

Unlocking the Future of Healthcare Commerce: Obento Health

In a world where healthcare and consumer wellness are converging more than ever, two industry veterans, Naxin Wang and Rodrigo Gutierrez, have joined forces to create Obento Health. This innovative startup is on a mission to revolutionize the way healthcare providers engage with their patients while tapping into the lucrative world of eCommerce. Join us as we delve deep into the world of Obento Health, exploring its founders, its groundbreaking patient engagement platform, and the untapped potential of eCommerce in healthcare.

Who Are the Visionaries Behind Obento Health?

Naxin Wang: From Google to Healthcare Pioneer

Naxin Wang, co-founder of Obento Health, brings a wealth of experience from the tech giant Google and its subsidiary, Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences). At Google, Naxin honed his skills as a product manager, focusing on the development of cutting-edge healthcare software. He played a pivotal role in the world of clinical research and health data interoperability, gaining insights that would later shape his journey towards Obento Health. Naxin describes Obento Health as the "Shopify for healthcare providers," a platform that bridges the gap between healthcare and eCommerce.

Rodrigo Gutierrez: Engineering Expertise Meets Consumer Wellness

Rodrigo Gutierrez, the other co-founder, brings his engineering prowess to the Obento Health team. Rodrigo's track record includes a stint as the Director of Engineering at Strava, where he was responsible for steering hiring and engineering efforts across the company's product development teams. His engineering prowess extends beyond Strava, with product contributions for notable industry players like Electronic Arts. Rodrigo's transition to Obento Health demonstrates his commitment to creating products that positively impact millions.

What Sets Obento Health Apart?

The Intersection of Healthcare and Consumer Wellness

Obento Health's founders, Naxin and Rodrigo, possess a combined 15 years of experience at the intersection of healthcare and consumer wellness. Naxin's tenure as a product manager at Verily exposed him to the intricacies of healthcare software development, while Rodrigo's leadership at Strava underlines his expertise in building products for consumer wellness. Both founders are intimately familiar with the consumer journey and the importance of healthcare recommendations, having made their own share of product choices based on personal health and wellness recommendations.

Obento Health - A Shopify for Healthcare Providers

Obento Health is more than just a startup; it's a transformative platform designed to empower healthcare providers and enrich the patient experience. The company's core mission revolves around creating a comprehensive destination for health-related products, backed by clinical expertise and evidence-based recommendations. Leveraging the power of AI, Obento Health assists healthcare providers in curating and recommending wellness products tailored to individual patient needs.

Seizing the Overlooked Opportunity of eCommerce in Healthcare

In an era where consumers actively seek involvement in their healthcare decisions, Obento Health stands as a catalyst for change. Patients are increasingly taking charge of their health by researching health-related products and making out-of-pocket purchases. Obento Health recognizes the potential for healthcare providers to play a more significant role in this landscape, offering patients access to valuable information and products aligned with their treatment goals.

This symbiotic relationship isn't just beneficial for patients; it also presents a golden opportunity for healthcare providers to bolster their revenue streams. In the dermatology field, retail sales alone can account for up to 15 percent of a practice's total revenue. Obento Health is determined to bring eCommerce to all specialties, enhancing the patient experience and creating ancillary revenue channels, starting with physical therapy practices.

How Obento Health Empowers Physical Therapists

Obento Health's Tailored Approach to Physical Therapy

Physical therapists (PTs) frequently find themselves fielding patient inquiries about exercise equipment and recovery products. PTs genuinely want to assist their patients in making the right choices and using these products effectively to aid their recovery. Obento Health steps in to facilitate this process by harnessing the power of AI to create customized, branded storefronts for providers. In doing so, they streamline the entire eCommerce experience, allowing healthcare providers to focus their energy on patient care.

Leveraging AI for Custom-Branded Storefronts

One of Obento Health's standout features is its utilization of artificial intelligence. This technology enables them to craft tailored storefronts that reflect the unique branding and ethos of each healthcare provider. These storefronts become curated spaces where patients can explore recommended products confidently, knowing that each item aligns with their specific needs and treatment goals.

Curated Products Based on Evidence

The backbone of Obento Health's platform is its commitment to evidence-based recommendations. Unlike generic online marketplaces, Obento Health relies on clinical expertise to curate a selection of products that are proven to be effective. This focus on evidence ensures that patients receive products that genuinely contribute to their wellness journey, increasing trust and satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations for Providers

In addition to creating custom-branded storefronts and offering curated products, Obento Health takes care of all the logistical complexities of running an eCommerce operation. This includes everything from inventory management to payment processing, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate their efforts on delivering exceptional patient care.

Conclusion: Obento Health - Bridging the Healthcare and eCommerce Divide

Obento Health is at the forefront of transforming how healthcare providers engage with their patients and seize the untapped potential of eCommerce in the healthcare sector. Naxin Wang and Rodrigo Gutierrez, with their extensive experience in both healthcare and consumer wellness, have created a platform that empowers providers to curate and recommend wellness products based on clinical expertise and evidence.

As we journey through the evolving landscape of healthcare, Obento Health stands as a beacon of innovation. Their mission to create tailored, evidence-based online storefronts for healthcare providers, starting with physical therapy practices, promises to revolutionize the patient experience while boosting revenue opportunities for providers. Obento Health is not just a startup; it's a visionary bridge connecting the realms of healthcare and eCommerce, poised to reshape the future of patient engagement.

Stay tuned as Obento Health continues to make waves in the healthcare industry, propelling us closer to a future where healthcare decisions are not just informed but also empowering for patients and providers alike.