OpenSight: Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI Automation

As businesses scale, one of the most significant challenges is managing customer support efficiently. With an increasing number of queries pouring in every day, customer support teams often struggle to keep up with the volume of requests, leading to longer wait times and frustrated customers. OpenSight is a customer support automation tool that promises to revolutionize the way companies handle customer support. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of OpenSight and how it can help fast-growing companies scale their support function.

What is OpenSight?

OpenSight is an AI-powered solution that automates customer support questions and actions. It offers accurate answers and resolution paths, resolving over 70% of inbound customer inquiries. The tool uses the latest advancements in LLMs (Large Language Models) to provide precise answers to customer queries while automating actions based on the right conditions. OpenSight's proprietary algorithm uses statistical modeling to adjust answer relevancy and filter out irrelevant or case-specific content to ensure vetted and up-to-date answers.

The Challenge of Scaling Customer Support for B2C SaaS and Fintech Companies

As businesses grow, managing customer support becomes increasingly complex. Companies are often forced to invest heavily in customer support teams to handle the growing volume of queries. This can be a significant financial burden, especially for fast-growing companies. In addition, customers often experience long wait times and delays in getting their queries resolved. This can lead to frustrated customers and a negative impact on the company's reputation.

The Future of Customer Support: OpenSight's Comprehensive Solution

OpenSight offers an automated solution to resolve customer queries quickly and accurately. The tool uses an Automatic Answering Bot that learns from FAQ, past agent responses, and agent actions to 2-3x your current chatbot's containment to 70 - 90%. The tool provides precise answers to the question asked, and more than just a simple embeddings search fed into GPT. OpenSight's algorithm ensures answer relevancy and filters out irrelevant or case-specific content to ensure vetted and up-to-date answers. In addition, the tool promptly performs the actions that customers request when the right conditions are met.

OpenSight's Agent Assist feature is another valuable tool that allows agents to draft answers and perform lengthy yet repetitive actions with a single click, saving up to 80% of handle time. The tool surfaces the relevant customer data at the right time to give agents confidence without cluttering their workspace with unnecessary details.

How OpenSight Works

OpenSight works in three simple steps. First, the team at OpenSight conducts an initial call to understand your needs. They support multiple languages and integrations, including Zendesk, Intercom, Front, and more. Second, the company signs a data-sharing agreement to analyze your support data and present you with an automatability report with real backtest results using their bot and a tailored solution set. Finally, the company provides a 3-month pilot where they will be your consultant, customizing integrations and features just for you and making sure they deliver on the promise, without any engineering lift from your end. Once the pilot is successful, an official rollout with their solution set begins, which will then become completely self-served.

Meet the Founders

OpenSight was founded in 2022 by three driven individuals who share a passion for using AI to solve real-world problems. Here's a closer look at the founders behind the company.

Ruoni Wang, CEO

Ruoni Wang is the CEO and driving force behind OpenSight. She is a creative technologist with a background in building AI-powered experiences. Prior to founding OpenSight, Ruoni built several AI/ML applications at Meta AI and is a patent author in Natural Language Processing. Her expertise in the field is evident in the sophisticated AI algorithms used in OpenSight's customer support automation tool. In her spare time, Ruoni enjoys cooking, dancing, and traveling.

Jeff Huang, CTO

Jeff Huang is the CTO of OpenSight, responsible for leading the development of the company's technology platform. He brings extensive experience in software development and has held key technical roles at several prominent companies. Prior to joining OpenSight, Jeff was the CTO at Lunaris Trading, where he led the development of the company's trading platform. He was also a Volatility Strategies and Arbitrage Team Lead at Akuna Capital. Jeff's technical expertise and leadership are essential to the success of OpenSight.

Victoria Wan, COO

Victoria Wan is the COO of OpenSight and is responsible for the company's business operations. She has a background in strategic finance and marketing for startups and public companies. Before joining OpenSight, Victoria was the first marketing hire at Pry Financials YC W21, which was later acquired by Brex. Her expertise in business strategy and operations is key to OpenSight's success.

Together, the founders of OpenSight bring a wealth of expertise in AI, software development, business operations, and marketing. Their diverse skill set and passion for using AI to solve real-world problems make them a formidable team that is sure to make a significant impact in the world of customer support automation.

The Future of OpenSight

OpenSight has already made significant strides in the world of customer support automation, and the company's future looks bright. With the ability to automate up to 70% of customer inquiries, OpenSight offers a powerful tool for companies looking to scale up their support functions quickly.

Moving forward, OpenSight plans to expand its offerings and continue to refine its AI algorithms to provide even more accurate and efficient customer support automation. The company is also looking to expand its customer base and work with companies in a range of industries.

If you're looking for a customer support automation tool that can help you scale up your support function quickly and efficiently, OpenSight is definitely worth considering. With its sophisticated AI algorithms, expert team, and commitment to customer success, OpenSight is poised to become a major player in the world of customer support automation.


OpenSight is a promising startup that offers a practical solution to one of the most pressing challenges facing fast-growing companies today: customer support. With its AI-powered customer support automation tool, OpenSight aims to help companies save time and money by automating the resolution of over 70% of inbound customer inquiries.

The company's proprietary algorithm uses statistical modeling to adjust answer relevancy and filter out irrelevant or case-specific content to ensure vetted and up-to-date answers. OpenSight's solution is not just limited to providing text-based responses, but it can also automate actions, thus resolving even the hard and time-consuming customer questions and requests.

The company's founders, Ruoni Wang, Jeff Huang, and Victoria Wan, have a wealth of experience in the tech industry, having worked for well-known companies such as Meta AI, Akuna Capital, and Pry Financials. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise in creative technology, natural language processing, and strategic finance make them a formidable team capable of driving OpenSight's growth and success.

OpenSight's initial consultation, followed by a three-month pilot, ensures that the company understands the client's specific needs and delivers on its promise. The fact that OpenSight requires no engineering lift from the client's end makes it a hassle-free and cost-effective solution.

Overall, OpenSight has a lot to offer to companies looking to improve their customer support function while reducing operational costs. With its innovative AI-powered solution, experienced team, and customer-centric approach, OpenSight is well-positioned to become a game-changer in the customer support automation space.