Pledge Health - Automated patient billing for independent healthcare clinics

Pledge Health: Streamlining Patient Billing for Independent Healthcare Clinics

In today's healthcare landscape, independent clinics face numerous challenges when it comes to patient billing. The traditional method of waiting for insurance companies to process claims often results in delayed payments and inefficiencies. However, Pledge Health, a promising startup founded in 2022, aims to revolutionize the billing process for independent healthcare clinics through automation. By estimating insurance coverage and facilitating upfront payments, Pledge Health enables clinics to improve their revenue cycles and enhance patient satisfaction. This article explores the innovative solutions offered by Pledge Health and the potential benefits it brings to the healthcare industry.

The Problem: The Shifting Landscape of Healthcare Billing

As insurance reimbursements decline and patients bear a larger share of healthcare costs, independent clinics face the challenge of charging patients upfront for their care. However, the manual process of estimating patients' payments after insurance coverage is often fraught with errors, high costs, and time-consuming administrative tasks. This outdated approach not only strains clinic resources but also hampers revenue collection. For instance, consider the case of Dr. Emily, who spends over 20 cents to collect each dollar from patients, with only 50% of the patient's responsibility being collected at the time of the visit. This issue is not isolated; it affects over 200,000 clinic owners across the United States who collectively struggle to collect $47 billion in patient payments annually.

The Solution: Automating Patient Billing with Pledge Health

Pledge Health offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by independent clinics. By automating cost estimation and billing processes, clinics can collect payments from patients at the time of service, eliminating the need to wait for insurance companies. Pledge Health achieves this by employing the following key features:

Verification of Patient Insurance Benefits: Prior to a patient's appointment, Pledge Health automatically verifies their insurance benefits. This step ensures that the cost estimation process is accurate and reliable, setting the foundation for a seamless billing experience.

Personalized Cost Estimates: By leveraging a combination of patient insurance benefits, predicted services for the visit, and contracted prices, Pledge Health generates personalized out-of-pocket cost estimates. This empowers patients with the knowledge of their financial responsibilities, promoting transparency and reducing billing surprises.

Clear Communication and Convenient Payments: Pledge Health facilitates effective communication between clinics and patients by sending clear cost estimates and final bills via email and text messages. Patients are also provided with the option to schedule payments, enhancing convenience and minimizing the chances of delayed or missed payments.

Results with Pledge Health: Transforming the Billing Process

Clinics that have embraced Pledge Health have witnessed remarkable improvements in their operations and financial outcomes. The implementation of Pledge Health's automated system has led to the following results:

Reduced Time Spent on Collecting Patient Responsibility: By automating the billing workflow, clinics can streamline their administrative tasks, resulting in a 75% reduction in the time spent on collecting patient responsibility. This allows healthcare professionals to allocate their time and resources more efficiently, focusing on delivering quality care to their patients.

Increased Collections: Pledge Health's system has shown to increase collections by an average of 17%. With patients being charged upfront for their services, clinics experience improved cash flow, reduced outstanding balances, and enhanced financial stability.

High Patient Satisfaction: Pledge Health's patient-centric approach ensures that individuals are well-informed about their financial responsibilities from the outset. This transparency contributes to patient satisfaction rates exceeding 90%. By minimizing billing surprises and offering convenient payment options, Pledge Health enhances the overall patient experience and strengthens the relationship between clinics and their clientele.

The Dynamic Duo Behind Pledge Health

The driving force behind Pledge Health's success is its talented team. Co-founded by Shreya Jagarlamudi and Andrew Tang, Pledge Health brings together a unique blend of expertise in healthcare technology and software engineering.

Shreya Jagarlamudi: As a software engineer at Microsoft, Shreya has honed her skills in developing healthcare and machine learning applications. Her experience in designing robust software solutions that cater to the specific needs of the healthcare industry has been instrumental in shaping Pledge Health's platform. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by independent clinics, Shreya has played a pivotal role in creating an intuitive and user-friendly system that meets the demands of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Andrew Tang: With a background as a founding engineer at CancerIQ, Andrew possesses invaluable experience in building integrations with electronic health record (EHR) systems. This expertise is critical to automating billing workflows at Pledge Health, as seamless integration with existing clinic systems is essential for a smooth transition and efficient operation. Andrew's technical acumen and ability to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology have been pivotal in the development of Pledge Health's groundbreaking solution.

Together, Shreya and Andrew form a formidable team dedicated to revolutionizing the patient billing process for independent clinics. Their shared vision, complementing skill sets, and unwavering commitment to improving healthcare operations have propelled Pledge Health to the forefront of the industry.

The Future of Pledge Health and the Impact on Healthcare

Pledge Health's innovative approach to automated patient billing has already begun transforming the operations of independent healthcare clinics. However, the impact of this startup extends far beyond revenue collection and administrative efficiency. By empowering clinics to charge patients upfront and communicate transparently about costs, Pledge Health fosters a sense of financial responsibility and accountability in patients. This, in turn, encourages individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare, promoting cost-consciousness and reducing the burden of medical debt.

Furthermore, Pledge Health's platform sets the stage for future advancements in healthcare technology. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, the system can continuously learn from data patterns and refine cost estimations. This iterative process has the potential to improve accuracy, enhance predictions, and optimize the overall billing experience for both clinics and patients.

As Pledge Health expands its reach and gains traction in the healthcare industry, its impact will extend beyond independent clinics. Larger healthcare organizations and hospital systems could also benefit from the streamlined billing processes and improved patient satisfaction brought about by Pledge Health's automated platform. By addressing the challenges faced by independent clinics, Pledge Health sets a new standard for efficiency and patient-centeredness in healthcare billing.


Pledge Health's innovative approach to automated patient billing fills a crucial gap in the healthcare industry. By automating cost estimation, verification of insurance benefits, and facilitating upfront payments, Pledge Health empowers independent clinics to streamline their revenue cycles and improve patient satisfaction. Through the dedication and expertise of its founders, Shreya Jagarlamudi and Andrew Tang, Pledge Health has emerged as a leader in revolutionizing the billing process for healthcare providers.

With impressive results, including reduced time spent on collecting patient responsibility, increased collections, and high patient satisfaction rates, Pledge Health's impact extends beyond financial outcomes. It fosters transparency, accountability, and cost-consciousness in patients, while also driving advancements in healthcare technology.

As Pledge Health continues to grow and expand its reach, it has the potential to reshape the way patient billing is conducted across the healthcare landscape. By embracing automation, transparency, and patient-centricity, Pledge Health paves the way for a more efficient, equitable, and patient-centered healthcare system.