Poozle - An open source Plaid for Ticketing SAAS tools

Introducing Poozle - The Open Source Plaid for Ticketing SAAS Tools

In a world where data is the lifeblood of businesses, seamless integration between various SAAS tools has become essential for success. However, building and maintaining these integrations can be a complex and time-consuming process, diverting valuable resources from core business tasks. Poozle, a revolutionary startup founded in 2023, aims to change that with its open-source Unified API platform.

Meet the Visionary Founders Behind Poozle

Poozle's incredible journey is the brainchild of three exceptional and visionary founders, each bringing unique skills and expertise to the company's core:

Harshith Mullapudi - The Tech Maverick

Meet Harshith Mullapudi, a dynamic entrepreneur, software developer, and machine learning engineer. With an insatiable passion for learning and a knack for unraveling the potential of new technologies, Harshith is the driving force behind Poozle's technical prowess and innovation. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation makes him the techy guru the team can rely on to create groundbreaking solutions.

Manik Aggarwal - The Integration Maestro

Next on the team is Manik Aggarwal, a seasoned Senior Product Manager with a remarkable background in data science and integrations. Having played a pivotal role in organizations like Velocity and American Express, Manik's experience in building and maintaining integrations serves as the backbone of Poozle's mission. His deep understanding of the intricacies of integrating disparate systems empowers Poozle to excel in simplifying complex integration challenges.

Manoj K - The Enigmatic Expert

Though information about Manoj K is limited, one thing is certain – his expertise is nothing short of invaluable to the Poozle team. As the mystery expert behind the scenes, Manoj K's contributions remain shrouded in intrigue, leaving us with an irresistible curiosity about the unique skills he brings to the table.

The Genesis of Poozle - A Plaid for Ticketing SAAS Tools

Poozle's remarkable journey took flight with the groundbreaking launch of its Plaid for ticketing SAAS tools. At its core, Poozle offers an open-source Unified API platform, designed to effortlessly serve data in a standardized format from a myriad of task management and help-desk platforms. By seamlessly connecting to over 50 ticketing systems, including heavyweights like Jira, Asana, Zendesk, and Intercom, through a single API, Poozle introduces a new era of simplified and accelerated integrations for businesses of all sizes.

At the heart of this groundbreaking platform lies the vision to eliminate complexities and challenges that businesses face while integrating diverse SAAS tools. Poozle's Unified API serves as the key to unlock a seamless flow of data, fostering an environment of interoperability and cohesion in the ever-evolving world of digital business.

The Challenge - Complexities of Integrations for B2B Companies

Integrating customer data from ticketing systems is a paramount necessity for B2B companies striving to enhance customer retention and fuel business growth. Yet, this seemingly straightforward goal poses a series of intricate challenges, each demanding ingenious solutions to ensure smooth operations. The landscape of integration hurdles includes the following:

Varying Approval Process: The Roadblocks to Harmony

The arduous journey begins with the differing approval processes across various data sources when adding new OAuth apps. This disparity often results in unwarranted delays and increased complexity, deterring businesses from implementing integrations seamlessly.

Difficult OAuth Management: The Ongoing Struggle

Despite the progressive strides in technology, 2023 witnesses the persistent challenge of managing OAuth authentication. This ongoing struggle further complicates the integration process, necessitating thoughtful solutions to empower businesses with secure and reliable data access.

Fragmented Data Across SaaS Apps: Piecing Together the Puzzle

In the vast landscape of SAAS tools, each platform introduces its own unique data schemas and pagination methods. This fragmentation demands additional time and effort from developers to harmonize data structures, amplifying the intricacies of integration.

Real-time Webhook Support: Navigating the Speed Lanes

In the pursuit of real-time information, companies increasingly seek support through webhooks. However, this quest for speed necessitates additional costs and development time to effectively handle multiple platforms and their respective transformations, further intensifying the integration journey.

Unpredictable Integration Timeline: Balancing Priorities Amidst Uncertainty

Perhaps the most perplexing challenge that B2B companies encounter is the unpredictability of integration timelines. As new prospects demand swift integration of specific tools, businesses often find themselves scrambling to fulfill these requests, jeopardizing their carefully laid-out roadmaps and strategic priorities.

Yet, amidst these complexities, Poozle emerges as the harbinger of a seamless and harmonious integration experience, offering practical solutions and empowering businesses to navigate the integration landscape with confidence.

The Poozle Solution - Empowering Companies with Simplicity

In the fast-paced world of modern businesses, seamless integrations have become the lifeblood of success. Recognizing the challenges faced by companies seeking to connect their ticketing systems effortlessly, Poozle steps in as a beacon of simplicity and efficiency. The Poozle platform offers a comprehensive solution that tackles integration complexities head-on, enabling businesses to focus on delivering value to their customers.

Poozle Link: Streamlining Integration with User-Centric Design

At the core of Poozle's solution lies the ingenious "Poozle Link." This remarkable drop-in component revolutionizes the integration process by empowering users to authorize integrations directly within the company's app. Gone are the days of cumbersome authorization processes; Poozle Link simplifies it all, elevating the user experience to unprecedented levels. With seamless authorization, businesses can swiftly connect their ticketing systems and unlock the full potential of their customer data.

Unified API: Unleashing the Power of Harmonized Data

Poozle's crowning jewel is its Unified API, a sophisticated data engine that orchestrates the extraction, normalization, enrichment, and synchronization of data for customers. This unparalleled API offers common data models, webhooks, and access to raw ticketing data, providing a holistic and standardized approach to integrations. By harmonizing data from diverse sources, Poozle ensures that businesses can effortlessly make sense of their customer information, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

The Unified API not only simplifies the integration process but also empowers companies to deliver value to their end-users efficiently. With a streamlined flow of data, businesses can focus on innovating and enhancing their products, confident in the knowledge that Poozle's Unified API has their back.

The Poozle Experience - Integrate in a Day

Time is of the essence for businesses aiming to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Understanding this urgency, Poozle is committed to delivering a seamless integration experience that minimizes time-to-value. With the Poozle platform at their disposal, companies can now integrate with major ticketing platforms in a matter of days, defying the conventional norms that demanded months of toil.

By harnessing the power of the Unified API, businesses can streamline their workflows, automate processes, and extract meaningful insights from their customer data, all within a remarkably short timeframe. Poozle's prowess in accelerating integrations allows companies to maintain their focus on crucial business tasks, thereby ensuring they deliver exceptional products and services to their customers, all while remaining ahead of the competition.

Modern Developer Tooling - Unlocking New Frontiers

As the tech landscape evolves, so do the demands of developers seeking efficient and modern tools. Poozle understands this dynamic and takes the commitment to simplicity a step further by providing cutting-edge developer tooling, including the groundbreaking feature - Webhooks.

Webhooks are the missing piece of the puzzle in many native integrations, but not with Poozle. The platform's innovative inclusion of Webhooks enables companies to access real-time information from a diverse array of ticketing platforms, all without grappling with the complexities that often plague individual integrations.

With Webhooks in their arsenal, businesses can tap into the pulse of their customer data, receiving instant updates and triggers from various sources. This newfound efficiency ensures businesses can respond promptly to critical events, provide timely support, and stay in tune with the dynamic needs of their customers.

Poozle's API Documentation - A Comprehensive Guide

For developers and businesses keen to explore the full potential of Poozle's Unified API, a treasure trove of knowledge awaits them in the form of a detailed API Documentation. This comprehensive resource serves as the compass that guides developers on their integration journey, unlocking the myriad possibilities that Poozle's platform offers.

Inside the API Documentation, developers will discover in-depth insights into how Poozle's Unified API operates, along with best practices and guidelines to harness its full potential. Armed with this knowledge, businesses can maximize the value of Poozle's platform, streamline their integration processes, and embark on a path of data-driven success.

Poozle's commitment to empowering businesses is evident in the meticulous and informative API Documentation, reflecting the company's dedication to providing a seamless and rewarding integration experience for its users.

With the Poozle Solution, the Poozle Experience, Modern Developer Tooling, and an in-depth API Documentation, Poozle stands tall as the ultimate ally for businesses seeking simplicity, efficiency, and success in their integration journey. Stay tuned as we delve into real-world success stories and testimonials from businesses that have transformed their integration landscape with Poozle.


In conclusion, Poozle's innovative Unified API platform is set to revolutionize the way businesses integrate with ticketing systems. By providing a seamless, standardized solution, Poozle enables companies to concentrate on their core competencies while effortlessly accessing customer data from various SAAS tools. With visionary founders and a commitment to simplicity, Poozle is poised to become a game-changer in the world of B2B integrations.

Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, Poozle offers the tools you need to unlock the true potential of your customer data. Experience the power of Poozle's Unified API and take your business to new heights. Get started today and discover the simplicity of seamless integrations with Poozle.