Powder - Sales platform for wealth advisors

Cutting-Edge AI for Wealth Advisors: How Powder Leads the Way

What is Powder and How Did It Start?

Powder is an innovative AI-driven sales platform specifically designed for wealth advisors. Established in 2023, the company is headquartered in Los Altos, California. The startup was founded by a team of six experts in the financial and technology sectors, including Kanishk Parashar, Soo Yung Cho, David Goerz, and Dominic Tully. With the backing of Group Partner Garry Tan, Powder aims to revolutionize the sales process for wealth advisors through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

The co-founders bring a wealth of experience to the table. Kanishk Parashar, the CEO, previously co-founded RCI Navigator and Coin, both of which achieved significant success. Soo Yung Cho, the CTO, has a background in computer science from Johns Hopkins and played a key role in RCI Navigator's development. David Goerz, the Chief Investment Officer, has over three decades of experience in managing portfolio strategies for institutional asset owners. Dominic Tully, Head of Sales and Operations, has a robust background in private wealth management from his tenure at Goldman Sachs and Addepar.

How Does Powder Help Wealth Advisors?

Powder provides a comprehensive AI tool that assists wealth advisors in creating personalized sales proposals for prospective clients. By utilizing large language models (LLMs), Powder automates several manual tasks that traditionally consume significant time and resources. The platform excels in understanding documents and conversations, enabling it to produce detailed analyses that build trust with clients quickly.

The key features of Powder include:

  1. Document Parsing: Powder’s brokerage, tax, and estate document parser is both fast and accurate, allowing advisors to quickly make sense of complex financial documents.
  2. Meeting Notetaker: This feature captures personalized insights during client meetings, ensuring that no critical information is overlooked.
  3. Portfolio Analysis Tool: This tool optimizes portfolio returns, assesses risk, and minimizes fees, providing a comprehensive analysis that advisors can present to their clients.

By automating these tasks, Powder saves wealth advisors hours of work and helps them create pinpoint proposals that enhance their ability to win new business.

What Problems Does Powder Address?

Wealth advisors face numerous challenges in their sales processes. The traditional approach is often lengthy and lacks transparency, leaving prospective clients uncertain about the value provided. Additionally, manual operations make it difficult for advisors to scale their services effectively.

Powder addresses these issues by automating the extraction and analysis of prospect portfolio data. This automation allows advisors to:

  • Save Time: By reducing the time spent on manual data processing, advisors can focus more on client engagement.
  • Enhance Presentations: Powder creates visually appealing presentations that clearly outline the benefits for prospective clients, making it easier for advisors to communicate their value.
  • Demonstrate Value: The platform’s advanced analytics showcase better investment returns, reduced risk, and lower fees, helping advisors stand out from the competition.

How Does Powder’s Technology Work?

Powder leverages generative AI to extract valuable information from documents and conversations. This AI-driven approach ensures that the data is processed accurately and efficiently, providing wealth advisors with detailed insights that would otherwise require significant manual effort.

The platform’s AI capabilities include:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Powder uses NLP to understand and interpret the content of financial documents and conversations.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: These algorithms analyze portfolio data to identify opportunities for optimization, ensuring that clients receive the best possible advice.
  • Automated Reporting: Powder generates comprehensive reports that advisors can present to their clients, highlighting key findings and recommendations.

Who Are the Founders of Powder?

Powder was founded by a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance and technology:

  • Kanishk Parashar (CEO): Kanishk has a track record of founding successful startups, including RCI Navigator and Coin. His expertise in building and scaling technology solutions for wealth advisors is a significant asset to Powder.
  • Soo Yung Cho (CTO): Soo Yung, a computer science graduate from Johns Hopkins, was a founding team member of RCI Navigator. His technical skills and experience in developing AI-driven solutions are crucial to Powder’s success.
  • David Goerz (Chief Investment Officer): With 33 years of experience managing portfolio strategies, David brings invaluable insights into the needs and challenges faced by institutional asset owners.
  • Dominic Tully (Head of Sales and Operations): Dominic’s background in private wealth management and his experience at Addepar and Goldman Sachs make him well-suited to lead Powder’s sales and operations efforts.

How Does Powder Benefit Wealth Advisors?

Powder offers several benefits to wealth advisors, helping them streamline their sales processes and enhance client engagement:

  • Increased Efficiency: By automating time-consuming tasks, Powder allows advisors to focus on building relationships with clients and prospects.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The platform’s AI-driven analysis ensures that all data is processed accurately, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Improved Client Presentations: Powder generates visually appealing presentations that clearly communicate the value of the advisor’s services, helping to win over prospects more effectively.
  • Scalability: With Powder, wealth advisors can handle more clients without compromising on the quality of service, enabling them to grow their business.

What is the Future of Powder?

As Powder continues to develop its platform, the company aims to further enhance its AI capabilities and expand its features. The team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that wealth advisors have access to the best tools available.

The startup’s vision includes:

  • Continued Innovation: Powder will keep innovating its AI algorithms to provide even more accurate and insightful analyses.
  • Expansion of Features: The company plans to introduce new features that address additional aspects of the wealth management process, further streamlining the advisor’s workflow.
  • Broader Market Reach: Powder aims to expand its market reach, making its platform available to a wider range of wealth advisors and financial institutions.


Powder is poised to transform the wealth advisory industry with its AI-driven sales platform. By automating key aspects of the sales process, Powder helps advisors save time, enhance their presentations, and demonstrate their value to prospective clients more effectively. With a strong team of experienced founders and a commitment to innovation, Powder is set to become an indispensable tool for wealth advisors looking to future-proof their firms and win new business.