Quantic - Next generation data for Sales teams.

Timing is Everything: How Quantic is Reshaping Sales Intelligence

In the bustling tech hub of San Francisco, a new startup was born in 2023. Named Quantic, this innovative company was founded by two driven entrepreneurs, Grant Margerum and Garrett, who aimed to revolutionize the sales industry. With a small but dedicated team of just two individuals, they embarked on a mission to transform how salespeople approach their work, particularly focusing on the ever-challenging aspects of timing and data accuracy.

Grant Margerum brought a wealth of experience to the table, having studied Computer Science and worked at Salesforce for four years. His roles there included two years as a developer and another two as a pre-sales engineer. Following his tenure at Salesforce, Grant joined Northbeam as its first employee and Head of Sales, where he impressively scaled the business from $200,000 to $10 million in just 15 months. His co-founder, Garrett, equally committed to the mission, joined forces with Grant to create a groundbreaking platform that would significantly ease the burden of sales prospecting.

What Problem Does Quantic Address?

Sales prospecting is notoriously difficult and time-consuming. Sales representatives often find themselves overwhelmed by the need to consistently build a robust pipeline of potential clients. The challenges they face include:

  • Identifying which accounts to target.
  • Determining which leads are qualified and ready to buy.
  • Finding an effective entry point for engagement.
  • Locating the right contacts within an organization.
  • Crafting personalized and engaging messages for each prospect.
  • Managing their limited time efficiently.

Moreover, existing tools in the market are frequently cumbersome, filled with irrelevant data, and fail to provide the insights necessary for effective sales outreach. Reps are forced to navigate between multiple tools, wasting valuable time that could be spent selling. This inefficiency in the sales process often leads to missed opportunities and a lower overall success rate.

How Does Quantic Solve These Challenges?

Quantic was designed to address these very pain points by leveraging next-generation data to streamline the sales process. At its core, Quantic provides sales representatives with fresh, relevant, and personalized data that is reliable and actionable. This enables reps to:

Identify Hot Accounts and Contacts: By using advanced algorithms, Quantic helps reps pinpoint which accounts are most likely to convert, ensuring that their efforts are focused on high-potential leads.

Send Relevant Messages with Context: Quantic’s platform provides detailed insights and context about each lead, allowing reps to craft personalized messages that resonate with the prospect’s current needs and circumstances.

Reach Out at the Right Time: Timing is critical in sales, and Quantic’s data-driven approach ensures that reps engage with prospects when they are most likely to be receptive.

Why is Timing Crucial in Sales?

The three T’s in sales—Territory, Talent, and Timing—are all critical to success, but timing is often the hardest to get right. Reaching out to a prospect at the wrong time can result in missed opportunities, while timely engagement can significantly increase the chances of closing a deal. Quantic’s platform excels in this area by providing real-time data and insights that help reps identify the optimal moments to engage with their prospects.

What Makes Quantic’s Data Superior?

Quantic’s data is meticulously curated to ensure its relevance and accuracy. Unlike many existing tools that provide generic and often outdated information, Quantic’s platform offers:

Fresh/Relevant Data: Continuous updates ensure that the information is always current, providing sales reps with the most up-to-date insights.

Personalized Data: Tailored to each sales rep’s specific needs and territory, the data helps in crafting personalized outreach strategies.

Reliable Data: With a focus on accuracy, Quantic’s data reduces the risk of engaging with leads based on incorrect or misleading information.

How Does Quantic Enhance Sales Efficiency?

By eliminating the need for reps to manually sift through vast amounts of data and navigate between multiple tools, Quantic allows them to focus on what they do best: selling. The platform automates much of the research and data analysis process, presenting reps with actionable insights and opportunities directly within their workflow. This not only saves time but also enhances the effectiveness of their sales strategies.

Can Quantic Provide Real-World Examples?

One of Quantic’s early customers provides a compelling case study. This company, which sells physical security products, needed to identify buying signals such as crime in specific areas, businesses moving offices, or opening new stores. Using Quantic, they were able to:

Find Relevant Buying Signals: In their first week, the company found an article announcing a new office development in their area.

Identify the Right Contact: Quantic helped them pinpoint the key decision-maker at the new office.

Craft a Contextual Message: Armed with the relevant article and data, they reached out with a personalized message.

Schedule a Demo: Their timely and relevant outreach led to an immediate demo being scheduled, significantly speeding up their sales process.

What is the Future Vision for Quantic?

Grant and Garrett’s vision for Quantic extends beyond simply providing better data. They aim to fundamentally change the way sales reps work by creating a seamless, integrated platform that automates the most time-consuming aspects of the job. Their ultimate goal is to empower sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals, rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Who is Supporting Quantic?

Quantic’s journey is supported by Group Partner Harj Taggar, a well-respected figure in the tech industry. His guidance and expertise have been invaluable in helping the startup navigate the challenges of launching a new product and scaling it in a competitive market.

How Can Sales Teams Benefit from Quantic?

Sales teams looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness can greatly benefit from Quantic’s innovative approach. By integrating Quantic into their workflows, they can expect:

Increased Pipeline Accuracy: More accurate identification of potential leads means a more robust and qualified pipeline.

Improved Messaging: Contextual insights allow for more personalized and effective communication with prospects.

Enhanced Timing: Real-time data helps reps engage with leads at the optimal time, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Time Savings: Automation of research and data analysis frees up reps to spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.

What Sets Quantic Apart from Competitors?

Quantic stands out in a crowded market due to its unique combination of fresh, personalized, and reliable data. The platform’s ability to provide timely insights and actionable opportunities is unmatched, making it an indispensable tool for modern sales teams. Additionally, the founders’ deep understanding of the sales process, gained from their own extensive experience, ensures that Quantic is built to address the real-world challenges faced by sales reps.

Conclusion: Why Choose Quantic?

In a world where sales success hinges on timing and data accuracy, Quantic offers a revolutionary solution that empowers sales reps to perform at their best. By providing fresh, personalized, and reliable data, Quantic helps reps identify the right accounts, craft relevant messages, and reach out at the perfect time. For sales teams looking to gain a competitive edge and streamline their processes, Quantic is the next-generation data platform that can make a significant difference.